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Hey, I'm Trish, what up? It's super awesome to meet everyone who is actually interested enough to read this :D drop me a message, let me know you were here, babes.

So...where do I start? I love writing, but wow, am I pretty bad at it, especially compared to some of my favorite authors on here. That said, I, um, write alot of poetry and I've just started in on the ffnet business, this fanfiction stuff.

I'm pretty much one of the biggest nerds you ever had the misfortune or fortune to meet, depending on your preferences. I'm SUPER into

-MARVEL. Anything. Marvelf-inganything, okay?!?!?!?!?!? Which includes:

--Johnny/Peter (my two lovelies), Tony/Steve (there is a LEGIT parallel universe which proves this, I tell you. LEGIT. Ask the Storms), Rogue/Gambit (y'all never had a better time, I guarentee, mon chere. *blows kiss*), Charles/Erik (NO, ERIK, DON'T WALK AWAY! Don't walk away from the only good thing you've ever had...), Patriot/Speed (THE UST!!!! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TENSION, GUYS!), Billy/Teddy (who are frigging canon, love you so much Marvel!!!), Hulk/Hawkeye (but only EMH verse, because than otherwise it's weird, okay?), and many other little oneshots.

-STAR TREK. Almost anything. I REALLY OBSESS over

--Kirk/Spock (hello. duh.), Chulu (because really? the reboot? Abrams was a Chulu fan, too :D), Bones/Uhura, Scotty/Uhura, Chapel/Bones, Picard/Crusher (Beverly. otherwise, it's just weird.), and the ship. I ship the ship Enterprise, because, come on, hell yes!


--DANNY/STEVEN BECAUSE THEY ARE PERFECT IN EVERY WAY AND I LOVE THEM GREATLY. oh, and Kono/Adam. And, Chin/Malia, and NEVEREVEREVEREVER Danno/Rachel, because, just, no. She jumped ship, forget her, let her DROWN. If you really can't let go, Danno, your Super-SEAL Steve will save her for you :D


Because I think, especially after the third movie, that every now and then Sam and Bumblebee need a hug from each other and a good H/C friendship fic.

-ROBIN (NIGHTWING)/FLASH. Specifically? because damn if that's not some of the cutest stuff I've ever read anywhere!!! I'm not into DC, but I am into THIS. Think Flash===Kirk and Dick===Spock, guys. It works.

- DESTIEL. Okay, no, really, screw Tumblr for doing this to me I NEVER EVEN WATCHED THE SHOW BEFORE I FOUND OUT ABOUT THEM UGH.

-STEREK Because MTV does it too and because c'mon it's so nearly canon it hurts and the actors ship themselves, guys, come ON


-Hetalia, my friends, is hilarious and has so many crack pairings that none of them are canon and yet ALL of them are because history is a screwy thing, guys.

and, hmm, there are a lot of other things, but suffice to say that I will be writing most about the above topics, yeah?

Things that are not slash that I obsess over?

KOREAN. I've got enough heart and seoul to prove it, too. I love me some Korean music and shows, as well as Japanese and Chinese...less Chinese, but still, worth mentioning. Um, Kpop stuff?

SHINee. I am a proud Shawol.
I am a Cassie. Keep the Faith *tears up*
Infinite, because I love them, right? (ooohhh...) :D
Boyfriend...hellyeah I'm a Girlfriend/Best Friend for the Jo twins!!!
Super Junior...the reason I'm in this black hole of fangirlness for Korea. ELF all the way!
C.N Blue; yeah, I just started being a Boice.
Teen Top, cept for the song No More Perfume, cuz really, Taeyang did it first and it wasn't cool then, either, sweethearts.
BIGBANG, because hello, G-Dragon, T.O.P, Daesung, Seung-Ri, and Taeyang, REALLY? How could you NOT?!?!?!
4Men--because Baby Baby is standard issue slow ballad in Korea. Win.
ZE:A!!!!! Love me some Empire boys :D
B2ST/BEAST because GiKwang still has those Dancing Shoes ;)
2NE1. Period. They are so AWESOME...they are definitely the best! and...girl BIGBANG? why, yes, thank you, I will partake of them!!
f(X)...um, girl SHINee? Why, yes, thank you, I will also partake of them!
BoA!!!This woman be rocking internationally.
2PM, whom I still love even though they're still at 1:59PM to me, cuz...
Jay Park left his besties and had to fly solo, but it's okay because he's fly enough to do so.
JYJ, my babies!!!!!!!!
Kim Hyun Joong, with his cute smile and fine self *grins dreamily*
M.I.C, who are all Rockstars.
OneWay, who have voices for frigging days. I mean, for real, these boys can blow, their voices are phenomenal.
Just started getting into new releases EI, Chocolat, and HITT, so I have to keep up with them and see how it goes.

You're still reading?

Wow. Um.

Thanks for dropping by...if you have a story you think I'd like, drop me a message and send me a link!!! I love reading new stuff, guys :D

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