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Well baiii's, bout ye?

I'm Lucy =]


Northern Irish

Cabin Crew

Comparisons are easily done, once you've had a taste of perfection.

Facts about Lucy

Currently: LADS. I am so sorry about the lack of updates. I was training to be cabin crew for a certain airline (pretty sure I can't say which one lol) in Germany for six weeks and now that I am a fully qualified sky waitress, I was living in Greece! I will get around to finishing/updating my fics! Thank you x.

Location: Born, raised and currently living in the amazing United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. From the bomb-throwing country, I spend my days drinking or flying in a metal pringle can =D

Birthday: 2nd September 1992

I love: Anime! That's pretty obvious. My all-time favourite anime has to be Hetalia. I actually cannot think of one bad thing to say about this anime! I just love it =] Kingdom Hearts; I adore this game. Anime and Disney mixed? It's like heaven to me :) BEER; Lucy loves her beer. Or any alcohol related drink, really. I'm Northern Irish; we ain't fussy XD Going on holidays with friends and family.

I hate: Assignments, hangovers, people changing the gender of hetalia characters, FrUk, gettting out of bed, eating heathily, not going on holidays, people saying they are massive USUK fangirls and then pair England with other nations- don't do that!! Spending too much money on clothes and shoes.

My OTP: Why yes, I am a USUK fangirl, thanks for asking. I'm not a crazed one or anything; I'm prone to the odd squeal but apart from that I'm completely sane :) England and America are just so perfect for each other. I will never love another pairing the way I do this one :D

My Head-Canon: France/Northern Ireland. Check out my stories and you'll see why. This can technically be called FrUk cos NI is part of the UK...see? Aren't I making all the fangirls happy?? They are brilliant together and I have managed to get quite a few to support this pairing :)

A Massive Thank-you: To all of you who have reviewed, favourited or put me on alert. It's difficult to get back to all reviews but believe me, I do read each one and they always make me smile so cheers x

If you're bored watch my videos on YouTube:

Hetalia US-UK AMV [Battlefield by Jordin Sparks]

Hetlalia US-UK AMV [I got You by Leona Lewis]

Hetalia US-UK AMV [Brokenhearted by Karmin]

Hetalia US-UK AMV [Little Things by One Direction]

My reaction to the US-UK Drama CD:

My Top Ten Cutest Anime Couples:

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When Kotoko Ogura receives a scholarship for Ouran Academy, she doesn't mind that she is the only 'commoner' in her year group. But when one of her classmates mistakes her as the daughter of a very wealthy man, she agrees. Now she must pretend to live a whole different life. However that's pretty difficult when two infuriating twins want to know all about you...HikaruxOCxKaoru
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Team Player reviews
It hadn't escaped Belgium's notice that one of America's players in this years World Cup was conveniently called Jones and everyone knew nations were not allowed to play in the humans game. Even after winning her game against him, she decides, for revenge, to call up a certain British gentleman who she knows won't take the news well at all...
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