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I am LJ. That's pretty much all that's relevant. If anyone wants a review let me know and I will do that... except I am not good with Mary Sue fics... especially FATF Mary Sues, damn. They're race skanks and they don't even realise, each trying to be more beautiful/sexy/talented then the last. Pathetic, dudes. Anyway I'll put up more fic when I feel like it, and not before. Say hi to your mum for me ;)

Oh, and new note: To any 2 Fast 2 Furious writers posting in the Fast and the Furious section, fuck off and get your own category. No, I mean it. Sorry if you think the sequel rocks and Paul Walker is suuuuuuch an amazing actor and that Eva Mendes ho wasn't actually a man in drag, but seriously. They were two completely different movies, vaguely related in a second-cousin-I-met-at-a-wedding-once kinda way, and it's an insult to the urban family in FATF to be mixed in this new shallow bunch of wannabes. Also the sequel sucked it for drug money. And if I get sucked into reading Suki-the-wooden-faced-barbie-doll/Letty slash again I'm gonna flame, flame hard, and flame remorselessly. Y tu mama tambien, people.

My sister's bf to a 'friend': Ok, so let me get this straight... the idea of cardinal relations between two people of the same sex frightens and dismays your limited understanding and compassion to such an extent that you fear advances from any idividual in that circumstance... so basically you act like an ignorant and close minded person who's afraid they'll get fucked up the arse... just clearing that up.

Making A Mess of Things by maile reviews
COMPLETED October 4, 2004. Dom and Letty Pre--Post FATF. Caution- Contains Smut and Foul Language.
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Just a quick little fluffy story, the team plays truth or dare. Little bit of language. Have a read if you feel like it ;) I do not own any of the FATF characters herein, just the events of my little fic.
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