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Author has written 6 stories for Hetalia - Axis Powers, Lord of the Flies, and Bartimaeus Trilogy.

"Cuando la vida se olvida, quiero quedarme aquí. Quiero seguir recordándome.

Pero, un día, moriré. Sin embargo, mis recuerdos seguirán viviendo, en el espacio, hasta desasparecerán hasta el paradiso."

– Anónimo

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Watching: The Princess and the Frog - Ron Clements & John Musker

Listening: 心窝 - Fahrenheit & S.H.E

Reading: Faust – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Speaking: Français – c’est la langue de la vérité, queridos ~

Loving: Summer and the rain and the freedom and new, disillusioning discoveries...

For future reference: I love:

My OTP (One True Pairing): Sasuke x Naruto

I almost never read Naruto fanfiction anymore and it's pretty disheartening. But then I read my weekly Naruto chapter, and I realize deep down, I am still rooting for Sasuke x Naruto. Really badly. And I know then, that I can't abandon the two. Or at least Naruto (I love Naruto very, very much).

You can be awesome like me and read free manga (updated zealously!): OneManga

Naruto: Sasuke x Naruto, Sasori x Deidara

Lord of the Flies: Jack x Ralph

Hetalia – Axis Powers: France x England, Spain x Romano, Canada x America, Russia x China

The Bartimaeus Trilogy: Nathaniel x Kitty

Ben 10: Kevin x Ben

Digimon: Takuya x Kouji

(So. There's more. But I'm either not passionate about them or I just forget to list them here. The list is more for me –like a "to-do" list– than for you.)

So I'm either reading manga, watching anime, and reading fanfiction... or out there, devouring and writing novels.

I guess I could be cool and exciting and write about Achilles x Patroclus from Homer's Iliad. Or Hippolytus x Phaedra from Euripides's Hippolytus. Or! Or! Combeferre x Enjolras from Hugo's Les Misérables! The last is a pairing that I somehow got to adore, so maybe I shall write about the two! Oh, je t'aime, Enjolras!


The Pairing War: There are some pairings I adore, but (almost) none that I hate. I'm pretty open-minded, because when you get down to it, these people aren't real ~ But! There is one pairing I despise (well, maybe two, but Kevin x Gwen is so canon it makes me cry, so I guess I shouldn't waste tons of energy hating it...): Sasuke x Sakura. It makes me grit my teeth. But! I don't hate the fans. Just the ship. So please... Can we live in peace and harmony and understanding? I fight for food, for internet access, and for food, but I prefer not to fight over imaginary people when we can all get along .

Hey ~ Check out my older username: Ténèbres d’Éden

My Review/Story Policy: Please review. I don't do it often, but it brightens someone's day (and non-constructive flames can kill someone's day: please don't flame needlessly). But this isn't a pleas for reviews. I just wanted to say that if you review my story, I will do my best to check out your stories. So please leave your username when reviewing :) (So it's a bribe, but I AM trying to review more and brighten more people's day...)

I will also do my best to put links of other great stories related to the fanfiction I write. I.e. For a France x England fanfiction, I shall strive to put in a link for another awesome FrUk story. Yay. Because I know that once you've read a great story (well, hopefully mine will be good), you'll just want to read more!

And (for now at least) I only write one-shots. Because I have no time to write multi-chaptered stories. Yes.

Because I like talking to strangers (or thin air, depending on who actually reads my stories), I will also put a defense/reason for my preferred couple inside my story. So you can read my awesome fanfiction and then complain about my pairing. Hopefully not, though ~

Random Advice to Gain More Reviews (Because Reviews are Like Cocaine, Apparently):

(By no means follow them if it doesn't suit you... I don't. Then again, I'm not doing this for reviews only. This is merely a "how-to" to get more reviews, based off my experience here. I thought it would be fun to post.)

1. Write in a very popular fandom. (Hint: Harry Potter!)

2. Write about a very popular, very canon (or canon-esque) pairing. (I.e. Harry x Ginny... I do not like this pairing.)

3. Write multi-chaptered fanfictions.

3. Better yet, write multi-chaptered fanfictions that never end (like a soap opera... but the chapters can't be pointless). Therefore, you will always have chapters and therefore reviews.

Seriously, if your story gains momentum, you not only get returning reviewers for each chapter but new ones!

4. Your chapter should be short-esque, because people don't have big attention spans.

5. Cliffhangers.

6. I hope you know how to write. SMOG. Spelling. Mechanics. Overuse. Grammar. (Ha, I got this from an SAT workbook that I read for fun. Yes, for FUN.)

7. Plot and character development!

So that's the guide, from least important to most important (really, there was no order). Now go write and change the world!

"You fight like a boy."

– Jinx (Teen Titans)

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Always reviews
A life without blood, guns, and wars. A life without England might mean peace, but France just can’t bring himself to envision it. / France x England / / One-shot /
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