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Author has written 21 stories for Pokémon, and Bleach.

Name: Dan

All i do is write Pokemon stories, thats it, if I'm interested in other animes and write down stories from other anime, i would probly do it.

Mostly i write about Pokemon that has to do with shipping.

NOTICE!!: When R&R please don't criticize me on review but to do that on message or email, because i don't like it when people reads the negative stuff, they're just assume all this stuff like "Dude I'm not reading his story, it sucks like ass" or any other hateful stuff. So please, not in public where everyone can see it, i don't mind about correcting grammars or punctuation or that the character is OOC, but please, no insults and anything further, Thank you! :)

My favorite shipping:

Pokeshipping: Ash and Misty has been on adventures for quite a long time, they deserve each other. I bet ya they always thought about each other when they're seperate. Suprisingly they never confess to each other. There are ALOT of hints in the Pokemon series, so eventually they'll get their wishes soon. Alot of common romance for them.

Contestshipping: Even though they're rivals, they also have lots of hints, especially when Drew cheered May up by having a contest battle in Kanto after Kanto Grand Festival, not to mention Drew always give her roses. There are moments for them and it's really cute, one has to confess to the other later on. They're realy cute together overall.

Ikarishipping: Yeahh! Paul forgot's her name, but why would Dawn be so mad about it? Not to mentioned when Dawn was lost on the maze, theres a jealousy from Paul, and gets annoyed of Ash and Brock when they tell them have they seen Dawn. There are some hints, not really accurate, but it's getting there. Remember, opposite attracts.

Questshipping: There are only 3 episodes of Jimmy and Marina, but Marina shows that she likes Jimmy, although Jimmy knows it too but being stubborn about it. Also, if you watch the japanese ending of the legend of thunder, Jimmy shows a "score!" movement when Marina said she'll give him her number when talking on the Pokegear.

JohtoFestaShipping: Khoury and Lyra huh? It's something new and i probably think they should be a good couple, there wasn't alot of hints between them, but since they're going to travel together, maybe things will be better for them on their adventures to Johto, hopefully we'll get to see them soon. They'll understand each others soon.

Any other shippings I do not like, unless you tell me a good explanation of why i should like other shippings.

Out of all the shipping, which one do I like from least to best, and why?

Pokeshipping: Ash and Misty knows alot about each other, but i think that this should be the least. When 2 people meet (a guy and a girl) and become friends, they know more about each other, they feel more comfortable, and maybe later on, they like each other, but doesn't tell them that. That is really common for a guy and a girl to do. Eventually they'll see you more then a friend, thats when you become couples. From childhood to growing up, there will be times that they have feelings toward each other. The point is that this is common, and can happen to alot of people when they were little until they're growing up, and its probably happening now somewhere in our world. Ash and Misty did started arguing because of the bike, that's also something, when you hate someone, the way you hate them means that you like them, same goes for us, it's kindergarden stuff.

JohtoFestaShipping: It's Lyra and Khoury if you guys didn't notice. There are only 5 episodes of them and there were not alot of hints, but they can be couples. I choose this as the 2nd least because they do seem to get along better then Ash and Misty. This tells you that when 2 people meet, they want to stick with you forever, like Lyra and Khoury. Unlike Misty and Ash, Lyra is more open-minded then Misty and Khoury is smarter then Ash. They both also decided to set off an adventure to Johto together. Lyra asks Khoury if he wants to travel with her, this is like saying that a girl wants to eat lunch with a specific guy during school. Khoury also thanks Lyra because of her, he got his Tododile envolved and she was happy because of that. That also tells you that when a guy thanks you because of something, it would make a girl smile and feels alot better about themselves.

Questshipping: This one is about Jimmy and Marina, this is a 100 accurate that they do like each other. Marina is straightforeward that she likes Jimmy, and Jimmy got excited when Marina gave him her number. This is my choice and its my 3rd least (or 3rd best) choice, even though theres only 3 episodes of them. This is also part of our society here, sometimes girls can be straightforeward and guys can be stubborn. When a girl tells a guy they like them, they get all stiff and being stubborn that he doesn't like her back, but deep inside they do. Guys don't show girls their feeling, and that is true, if a girl gives a guy her number, they'll walk far away from her and says, "YES!" and that's common for guys. Girls mostly likes guys because of who they really are, and thats what love really is. Eventually the guys will confess, making the girl really happy once and for all.

Contestshipping: May and Drew, one of the most known shipping ever besides the others. I rank this 2nd place because this is something I mostly love about from these 2. In the beginning they hate each other, but starting to develope little by little, they also even give each other hints. This is something you don't see everyday. A guy and a girl meets and they don't get along, they fight, they argue, they get mad toward each other. They hate each other, but later on, they want to know more about them, so litle by little they get somewhat friendlier. They still have their arguing times, but at the same time they're getting along also. After all those, there will be times when they will talk about their past, and start to develop feelings toward each other, just like May and Drew. This is one of the best way to be with someone, from arguing, to have feelings to each other.

Ikarishipping: It's all about Dawn and Paul. I really think that they should be good couples because opposite attracts. I find this as really cute couples. I choose this shipping as the best shipping ever because it reminds me of my ex girlfriend and me. I was a dark cold-hearted person and my ex girfriend was a light kind-hearted person. We met and talk, but i never ever said her name until 3 months later after hanging out with her several times. She got tired and started to cry because i never said her name, i said stuff like "woman" or "chick" or "miss". I eventually say her name "Nezzy" and she smiled and hugged me really tight. Little by little i became brighter and brighter because of her. She then asked me out and I accept, and we dated for 13 months, we broke up cause she has to move to another state, so let me tell you this people, just because you're a cold-hearted jerk, doesn't mean anyone cannot change you, eventually there will be someone that will change your life. My life was changed because of her, and i thank her. That is why i chose this number 1. Paul and Dawn forever!

What else do i do in life besides writing?

Well, I do other things as well, I'm a swimmer, although I don't join any swimming sports in school, i want to become a marine biologist. I'm also a drummer, but I'm not in a band yet, because I'm probly not ready yet. I do play video games, mostly Pokemon (of course), Megaman, Zelda, and alot more. I watch anime besides Pokemon, such as Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, Inuyasha, Death Note, and Hayate no Gotoku.

What are you really?

Well, l am 75 Vietnamese and 25 White (Dutch). I am a punk type person, i mostly listen to rock and metal, i listen to some hiphop, but the old school ones, from the 90s to 2007. I'm really friendly and understandable, so if you want to know more about me, I'm more then happy to tell you. I'm whitewash, so I don't get along with asian people that much, so yeah, its a bummer, i made more white, mexicans, blacks, and pacific islanders then asians. If you wanna know more, add me on myspace. Myspace.com/its_me_danimals

Why did you join Fanfiction?

I join because after reading several fanfictions from ppl, i realized that i should write stories too. The only problem is that I'm bad at grammar and that i might write a lil too short or too long. I'm not good at writing by the rules, but I'm good at writing by heart. I kinda do and don't like writing, it depends on my mood. Review me people, and i'll review you back, please tell me how you think about it, i love to see people's opinion positively.

Well thats all for now. Thanks for taking some time to read this, hope you all have a nice life, remember, live your life to the fullest! :D

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