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New here on Fanfiction.net, good to be here and join the community!

Biography: I have been writing fanfics awile now, I think I started in my junior year of high school, way back in 2000, 2001ish. I started with Beast Wars(my first works were embarrassing), then moved on to Power Rangers, as I was a longtime fan of the older series up to the S.P.D season. After that I have attempted a few Dragon Ball Z stories, none of which I really posted anywhere, most of them were stuck in my mind or saved as written ideas.

Over the coarse of 2011 I wrote a series of Dragonball Z stories in the form of arcs or "sagas", starting with the "Tlama Saga" and ending with the "Ten Demon Kings Saga" I hoped to create a trilogy which could be considered a worthy sequel to Dragonball GT and to Dragonball Z in general. I am happy with how the Transcendsion trilogy turned out.

My interests:

-Magic The Gathering: I played this game alot, but I short of stopped after the Time Spiral Block, which I enjoyed a lot. It is hard to keep up with the game in terms of tournament play, when the newest set comes out and phases out the older sets in the more popular formats. I think I enjoyed playing extended tournaments the most.

-DC and Marvel Comics(for the second of these two companies, I think they have been going downhill awile now, but that is the general tread with DC and Marvel)

Image and other companies have some good things worth reading as well, such as the Hellboy series.

-Stargate SG1 and Atlantis I enjoyed, but I absolutely think the newest series, Universe was awful. The writing is poor, the stories are not interesting, and its very much like a soap opera, rather than a fun action adventure Science Fiction series. I did not like Battlestar Galactica, but even that series was more exciting than Universe(which is saying something).

-Death Gate cycle: My favorite series of novels so far, and I have read alot trust me..

-Pirates of the Caribbean and Lord of the Rings: Loved all three LOTR movies, and I love the first three pirates films. The newest, On Stranger Tides was ok, but it lacked some of the charm the first three had, like many of the characters from the trilogy were gone, and there was no ship to ship combat, which is my favorate part of movies that take place in that time period.

Things I dislike:

-Fan arguments that place too much importance on "canon" when it comes to anime. I notice this alot with Dragonball fans. There may or may not be an "official canon" of a series, but when it comes to each viewer and each author, canon is whatever I choose it to be. You are free to disagree, but that is how I see things.

-Reality TV: This kind of show may be cheap and easy to produce, but they have become so common now it is ridiculous. I miss the epic fantasy or sci-fi mini-series, the exciting space operas, even the low-budget fantasy series.

-Networks cancelling high-rated program blocks. Toonami back in 2000-2001 was the highest rated block of television on any channel during its timeslot. Yet around 2003 Cartoon Network decided to replace it with a block catered towards elementary age boys and girls, rather than the teen/family oriented Toonami. Made absolutely no sense. You know that saying? If it aint broken, don't fix it.

Oh and Cartoon Network? The New Thundercats(2011) was a great show, better to never confirm a series than to just let it die.

My work here on this site includes(so far) three complete Dragonball Z stories, an in-progress Dragonball Z story, a Star Wars comedy one shot, and and one Dragonball Z poem(why not). I am thinking of venturing into new territory as well.

My first three stories are part of a planned trilogy.

-Dragonball Transcendsion: Tlama Saga: Takes place about one year after Goku left with Shenron at the end of Dragonball GT. Gohan is teaching at Orange Star Highschool, Trunks is unhappy with his job as CEO of Capsule Corporation, and as always, Vegeta trains. A rival company of Capsule Corporation makes a move in an attempt at dethroning Capsule Corporation as number one, setting into motion a series of events that leads to the release of an ancient evil god.

-Dragonball Transcendsion: Krysis Saga: A year after Tlama is defeated Future/Mirai Trunks crash lands outside the Briefs Household. This is only a harbringer of coming events as the world enters a time of war, and behind the scenes, a new evil plots against the Z-Fighters.

-Dragonball Transcendsion: Ten Demon Kings Saga: The defeat of Krysis did not come without a price. Now the orginal doorway into the Demon World has been opened and the universe itself becomes a battlefield in a war older than time itself.

New Transformations:

Super Saiyan Five: The combination of the Super Saiyan Four and Super Saiyan God forms, the silver-furred, massively powerful SS5 transformation turns the Saiyan into a demigod with god ki as well as the Super Saiyan Four's amazing staying power and resilience. In appearence the Saiyan grows even larger than the previous Super Saiyan Four state, both in height and in bulk. The red fur of the SS4 turns silver, while the eyes become filled with energy. This form is only attainable if the Saiyan in question has first attained sufficient power as a Super Saiyan Four, and reaches a situation in battle where there is no hope of victory. A higher power than intervenes. After transforming into a Super Saiyan Five once, the Saiyan can access the form anytime, as long as their heart is pure.

Super Saiyan Six: The ultimate Super Saiyan. The Super Saiyan Six form is attained by a Super Saiyan Five after reaching a certain level of power, and having learned the true nature of their own existence. A Saiyan must be completely free from doubt in order to ascend to this level. In this form the skin becomes like metal, and the eyes radiant power from within. An angelic-like aura of energy surrounds a Super Saiyan Six. The silver fur of the previous form changes color to match the nature of the Saiyan. This form surpasses weaker gods in power and matches even some celestial beings. No living Saiyan has ever reached this form, whomever reaches it will be the first of his kind.

My planned stories of the legacies series, which will take place over one hundred years after Transcendsion ends:

-Dragonball: The Legacy of the Next Goku: After living over a century, Pan, last of the old Z-Fighters dies, leaving her one blood relative, Goku Jr, without a family. Grieving his loss, Goku Jr reactivates an ancient android, and together with Vegeta Jr the three steal a ship capable of space travel. But the new generation of Z-Fighters soon learn the hard way that the universe is not a friendly place.


Android 13: The very same Android from the Super Android 13 movie..sort of. Considering that that movie was an alternate universe where those three appeared instead of Cell, the main universe 13 never was awakened in my story's timeline for whatever reason. Instead, he awakes over a century after he was supposed to by Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr.

Goku Jr: Wears a blue martial art shirt and a red bandanna(Sort of like Bardock), also wears blue pants of the same color as his shirt. By the time my story takes place hes long outgrown the old remnants of GT Goku's outfit. Goku Jr has some things in common with his ancestor. He has a deep sense of justice, a hatred of killing, and a love of martial arts, however that is where the similarities end. Goku Jr is emotionally sensitive, and needs to learn the courage he will need to become a true hero.

Vegeta Jr: Wears all black, gloves, shirt, pants, everything. Like his own ancestor he has a love of battle, and also loves taunting opponents. He views Goku Jr as a brother. Unlike his friend though, Vegeta Jr has no problem with killing if he believes he has no other choice. Like the orginal Vegeta he strives for greater challenges and to test his power. He also has a deep sense of honor, and while he may seem dark at times he is fiercely loyal to his friends and to the people of Earth.

Fira: The last remnant of the old Arcosian(Frieza's race) royal family deposed long ago by the Cold family. Fira wishes the best for his people, but it remains to be seen(in the story) if he is friend or foe to our main characters. Fira is short, around four feet tall in imperial. He has orange armor covering his torso and the sides of his legs, which are black in color. He has two black horns which stick out straight on either side, and an orange tall covered in yellow bone like objects which make his tail resemble something skeletal. His face is covered in an orange facemask. He has black oval markings on his shoulders and the sides of his chest. The top of his head is red. Fira is untransformed and in his base state. It is unknown how many transformations he has. (A picture of Fira is the coverart for Legacy of the Next Goku).


As the story goes on these outfits will change...

Dragonball Transcendsion Power Levels:

Tlama Saga:

Vegeta(Super Saiyan): 305,000,000

Gohan(Super Saiyan): 210,000,000

Majuub: 250,000,000

Goten(Super Saiyan): 80,000,000

Trunks(Super Saiyan): 90,000,000

Gotenks(Super Saiyan 3): 1,300,000,000

Vegeta(Super Saiyan 4): 2,300,000,000

Vegeta(Super Saiyan 4 Second Grade): 3,000,000,000

Bui(Possessed Form 1): 2,010,000,000

Bui(Possessed Form 2): 2250,000,000

Gohan(Super Saiyan 3): 1,900,000,000

Gohan(Mystic Super Saiyan 3): 7,000,000,000

Tlama(First Form): 6,000,000,000

Vegeta(Super Saiyan 5): 7,500,000,000

Tlama(Second Form): 6,500,000,000

Tlama(Third Form): 44,000,000,000

Vegeta(Full Power Super Saiyan 5): 46,000,000,000

Gohan(Enraged Mystic Super Saiyan 3): 45,000,000,000

Tlama(Unity): 50,000,000,000

Tlama(Wisdom): 55,000,000,000

Goheta(Mystic Super Saiyan 5): 105,000,000,000

Tlama(True Form): 100,000,000,000

Krysis Saga:

Kilo-001: 450,000,000

Piccolo: 450,000,000

Future Trunks(Super Saiyan 3): 300,000,000

Terra: 400,000,000

Gotenks: 310,000,000

Mega: 2,200,000,000

Tolan: 200,000,000

Tolan(Corrupted Super Saiyan): 2,500,000,000

Piccolo(Red Guardian): 48,000,000,000

Perfect Trunks: 3,000,000,000

Pisces(Split Form): 10,000,000,000

Pisces(True Form): 30,500,000,000

Perfect Trunks(Super Saiyan 3): 30,200,000,000

Perfect Trunks(Super Saiyan 4): 40,200,000,000

Pisces(Leviathan): 80,000,000,000

Leos: 44,000,000,000

Piccolo(Red Guardian, Weighted Clothing Removed): 50,000,000,000

Leos(Second Form): 51,000,000,000

Leos(Nemean Form): 56,000,000,000

Piccolo(Giant, Full Power): 55,100,000,000

Gohan(Mystic Golden Great Ape): 40,000,000,000

Hydrus: 55,000,000,000

Hydrus(Second Form): 60,000,000,000

Hydrus(Ouroboros): 100,000,000,000

Gohan(Mystic Super Saiyan Four): 110,000,000,000

Hydrus(Final Form): 110,000,000,000

Aquila: 57,000,000,000

Aquila(Second Stance): 80,000,000,000

Bardock(Super Saiyan Three): 56,500,000,000

Corvus: 60,000,000,000

Gen: 60,000,000,000

Terra(Full Power): 100,000,000,000

Krysis(First Form): 200,000,000,000

Vegeta(Super Saiyan Five): 140,000,000,000

Vegeta(Full Power Super Saiyan Five): 210,000,000,000

Goku(Super Saiyan Four): 195,000,000,000

Goku(Super Saiyan Five): 250,000,000,000

Krysis(Second Form): 255,000,000,000

Gogeta(Super Saiyan Five): 450,000,000,000

Krysis(Second Form, Super Pariahan): 445,000,000,000

Krysis(Third Form): 900,000,000,000

Bardock(Super Saiyan Four, with Azrael's power): 950,000,000,000

Perfect Trunks(Super Saiyan Five): 229,000,000,000

Krysis(Final Form): 1000,000,000,000 aka One Trillion

Ten Demon Kings Saga:

Dabura(True Power): 260,000,000,000

Gohan(Mystic Super Saiyan Four): 150,000,000,000

Gohan(Super Saiyan Five): 300,000,000,000

Vegeta(Full Power Super Saiyan Five): 310,000,000,000

Goku(Full Power Super Saiyan Five): 340,000,000,000

Trunks(Super Saiyan Two): 180,000,000

Goten(Millennium Training): 100,000,000

Goten(Super Saiyan, Millenium Training): 10,000,000,000

Goten(Super Saiyan Three): 100,000,000,000

Zaragoth: 305,000,000,000

Millenium Gotenks: 400,000,000,000

Zaragoth(Merged with Demoncycle): 320,000,000,000

Vanterus: 100,000,000,000

Vanterus(Powered Up): 330,000,000,000

Malistar(First Form): 400,000,000,000

Malistar(Demon Form): 610,000,000,000

Goten(Super Saiyan Four): 250,000,000,000

Hadeon: 600,000,000,000

Hadeon(Second Form): 900,000,000,000

Elidan: 500,000,000,000

Perfect Trunks: 50,000,000,000

Perfect Trunks(Super Saiyan Four): 400,000,000,000

Perfect Trunks(Super Saiyan Five): 1,000,000,000,000

Sakne(Mummy Form): 300,000,000,000

Sakne(Pharoah Form): 500,000,000,000

Sakne(Jackal Form): 1100,000,000,000

Goten(Super Saiyan Four): 250,000,000,000

Gohan(Super Saiyan Five Enraged): 950,000,000,000

Goku(Super Saiyan Five Enraged): 1250,000,000,000

Super Majuub: 300,000,000,000

Super Majuub(Super Buu possessed): 500,000,000,000

Super Buu(Full Power): 750,000,000,000

Janemba(Second Form): 760,000,000,000

Janemba(Third Form): 1200,000,000,000

Gogeta(Super Saiyan Five): 1700,000,000,000,000

Nouva Shenron: 400,000,000,000,000

Ece Shenron: 380,000,000,000,000

Sapphira(First Form): 395,000,000,000,000

Sapphira(Second Form): 1300,000,000,000

Ultimo Shenron: 1600,000,000,000,000

Dragonball Transcendsion Voice Actors:

Tlama Saga:

Bulma: Tiffany Vollmer
Chi-Chi: Cynthia Cranz
Pan: Elise Baughman
Tlama Saga:
Vegeta: Chris Sabat
Majuub: Sean Michael Teague
Gohan: Kyle Hebert
Goten: Robert Mccollum
Trunks: Eric Vale
Adult Gotenks: Robert Mccollum & Eric Vale
Bui: Eric Stuart
Tlama: Michael McConnohie
Kohryu: Michael McConnohie
Goheta: Chris Sabat & Kyle Hebert
Piccolo: Chris Sabat
Bardock: Sonny Strait

Krysis Saga:

Gen: Eric Stuart
Kilo, Mega, & Terra: Chris Cason
Tolan: Eric Vale
Pisces: Steve Staley
Leos: Paul St. Peter
Hydrus: Brian Dobson
Aquila: Richard Epcar
Corvus: Colleen Clinkenbeard
Krysis: Crispin Freeman
Goku: Sean Schemmel
Gogeta: Sean Schemmel & Chris Sabat

Ten Demon Kings Saga:

Azrael: David Warner
Nouva Shenron: John Burgmeier
Dabura: Rick Robertson
Zaragoth: Richard Epcar
Vanterus: Jason Liebrecht
Malistar: Tom Fahn
Haideon: Michael Ironside

Elidan: Matthew Yang King

Sakne: Robin Atkin Downes

Janemba: Dee Bradley Baker

Sapphira: Emmanuelle Chriqui

Ultimo Shenron: Chris Sabat


Vegeta: "Hell's Bells" By Bruce Falconer
Piccolo: "Namekian Warrior" By Bruce Falconer
Super Saiyan Five Theme: "Howl" by Positively Dark
Gohan: "Mystic Gohan Unleashed" by Bruce Falconer, remixed by Halusatwin
Future Trunks: "Trunks Appears" by Bruce Falconer

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Elidan: "Rust Color" from Star Ocean 3

Azrael: "Power of Darkness" by Two Steps from Hell

Ultimo Shenron: YS: Origins - Termination

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