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My avatar over here is a picture of Rukia from my Kuchiki Salvation Trilogy:

1. Save This for Kuchiki
2. Save Me, Kuchiki
3. Saved for You, Kuchiki

Read them - I'm sure you'll like them. (Okay, I know, shameless plug and all that.) Blades of Epsilon is a follow-on story to that trilogy as well.

Just a quiet guy, roughly 30, who likes to write in his free time. I enjoy manga/anime a lot.

Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist (among the best manga of all time), Soul Eater, Blood Plus (a favorite), Hellsing, Claymore, Samurai Champloo (awesome!), Cowboy Bepop, High School of the Dead (better than I expected), Corpse Princess (aka Shikabane Hime), K-On!!!, Puella Magi Madoka Magica (an absolute masterpiece), Ga Rei Zero (really, really good), Blue Excorcist, Deadman Wonderland, Eden of the East, Fate/Zero (fantastic), Jormungand, Another, Angel Beats (ending blew me away), Durarara, Bunny Drop (aka Usagi Drop), Time of Eve, Haruhi Season 1 and the Haruhi Movie (loved it).

Not so much:
Death Note, Haruhi Season 2, C, Occult Academy, Gunslinger Girls, Kekkaishi, Inuyasha, Naruto, Blood-C (had so much potential, and just missed the mark), Guilty Crown (started off great but just went down the drain), Black Butler, Shakugan no Shana (I wanted to like it but just couldn't get into it).

I enjoy in-depth discussions on pieces, and I believe in constructive criticism. I also believe in a good laugh.

My favorite Bleach character is definitely Rukia Kuchiki. I'm not sure why, but she is. IchiRuki all the way. :) My second favorite is probably Nanao Ise, just because she's so unexplored. The same goes for Kotetsu Isane - I dabble in her as a character. And despite her focus in my trilogy, I'm not all that much of a Kotetsu Kiyone fan; if you can believe that.

Not too much else to report. I hope you enjoy my work. If you do, please leave a review and recommend them to others.

Thanks so much!

-Nathan J

UPDATE (June 11, 2012):It took over a year and a half, but Blades of Epsilon is done, folks. Thanks for all the love. :)

UPDATE (November 19, 2010): First chapter released! Here we go! Blades of Epsilon is out there - hope to hear from you soon!

Disclaimer: Bleach is property of Tite Kubo. Any custom artwork I have uploaded is taken from copyrighted materials (manga, anime, etc.) and/or derived from the original artwork of Mehiel Renders; all of which should be considered as Fair Use.

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Blades of Epsilon reviews
Excalibur. Masamune. Durendal. Even the Lightsaber. Zanpakutou that became famous because they fell into the hands of humans. But power corrupts - and Rukia, Nanao, Momo, and others discover firsthand what can happen. Action, drama, romance, tragedy and triumph - all with shades of gray for the sophisticated reader. Be prepared - this is not your grandmother's fairy tale.
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