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Hiyo folks of FanFiction. Nikkou-tan has arrived!

Nice to meet all of you. I've been writing for really about since I was four but those were quite horrendous blurbs of imagination. Lately I've been posting my stuff on the web since other's fanficition has really inspired me and though I usually do original fics there's been a couple of rabid fanfic bunnies that wouldn't leave me be till I push them on paper so I decided, what the hay! I got an account so I let other's see it too. I don't mind harsh reviews, as long as their constructive, as I plan to do the same to others (plan being the word here. I admit sometimes, I'm a big softie o-o).

Um, more about me, well, I'm 20 years old and live in the States. I love writing (duh), reading, singing, dancing, and practically every other form of creative expression. My favorite color is pink, favorite animals are cats, favorite food is pizza and spaghetti (can't outgrow the classics). I'm a Leo born in the Year of the Water Rooster which I think is very cool. My maturity is quite like a yo-yo; I go from silly to solmen in a heartbeat. I'm also a huge otaku; my favorite manga/animes being: Mahou Sensei Negima, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, CardCaptor Sakura, Mahou Shojou Lyrical Nanoha, Yotsuba&!, Ayashi no Ceres, Serial Experiments Lain, Alice 19th, Princess Tutu, Alice 19th, Ojamajo Doremi, Tsukihime ( Melty Blood), Mai the Psychic Girl, and the Mai Franchise (HiME, Otome, Destiny).

O.o That was a lot, but there's room for more too so don't hesitate to recommend some good anime. Anyways I'm also big into reading - if only books didn't cost so much and the library weren't so far away - though my main genre of interest is fantasy. (It suits my large imagination). Right now my favorites are: Harry Potter, The Tortall Series, The Kate Daniels series, In a Blue Velvet Dress, and others that I'm sure will pop into my head as soon as I finish writing this (don't you hate when that happens -_-;)

Favorite Shows include: The George Lopez Show, Everybody Hates Chris, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the Spectacular Spider-Man, Batman Beyond, etc.

Favorite Ships: Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Harry/OC, Harry/Luna, Kate/Curran, Nanoha/Yunno, Negi/Nodoka, Negi/Yue,

And I guess I'll leave it at that, hope I you like my stories here, for more you can check out my freewebs.

Note: From this point forward there will be a 2 - 3 week break between my udpates. I'm sorry if this seems to be a long pause but as I'm closer to graduating I'm also getting a larger workload. However, I am going to finish Blood of Mine and Tangled in Fate, latter has been fully outlined already. Furthermore, you might see One-Shots from the TiF-universe.

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