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hey peoples my name is lexi and i just wanted to tell you that all my stories will be about twilight because i'm addicted and i will try to right fast but i may be busy so i hope you like my stories but all of my stories will have at least one of the maxwells in them. And in Fire heart Leah, Seth, Embry, and Paul live with the Maxwell's and the school story of why there is so many is cuz that they where all rescued from some program.

the girl on my profile is my spring picture, but i turned my eyes black in the picture.

I am 18 and have 4 daughter but i'm not married, an dont have a boyfriend

my daughters names are Rose age 2, Lily age 2, Violet age 2, and Daisy age 2.

The Maxwell Family

Lexi Bella,Camrin,Ally,Cassie,Carrie,Alyssa,Alex,Aiden,Halle,Jacob,Jason,Jessie,Kara,Keith



What everyone looks like and they have eye color because of lexi and there is 3 dogs and 43 people in the family

1.Tammy- same as Victoria but blue eyes 18 year old

2.Tara- shoulder high dirty blond hair blue eyes pale skin 19 years old

3.Terry- Long curly blond hair with blue eyes and pale skin 18 years old

4.Tj- short brown hair with black eyes and pale skin 19 years old

5.Sydney- dirty blond hair up to her ears, brown eyes and pale skin 17 years old

6.Ryan- sorta messy brown and red hair blue eyes and pale skin 18 years old

7.Alyssa- long strait blond hair green eyes and pale skin 12 years old

8.Payton- shoulder high curly blond hair blue eyes and pale skin 16 years old

9.Mark- messy brown and blond hair black eyes and pale skin 19 years old

10.Nikkie- shoulder high straight brown hair brown eyes and pale skin 18 years old

11.Miranda- short spiky black hair with blond and red streaks black eyes and pale skin- nose pierced wth belly botton 18 years old

12.Mia- black hair with pink streaks black eyes and pale skin- emo 17 years old

13.Melissa- light brown hair gold eyes and pale skin 15 years old

14.Mother Lucy- long blond hair with blue eyes and pale skin 25 years old

15.Sam- long blond hair with black eyes and pale skin-emo 17 years old

16.Lily- long brown hair with blue eyes and pale skin 18 years old

17.Lindsay- shoulder high blond hair blue eyes and pale skin 18 years old

18.Macy- shoulder high light brown hair with brown eyes and pale skin 16 years old

19.Layla- long brown hair with grey eyes and pale skin 19 years old

20.Lexi- my username is the pic for her- with nose and belly button piercings 18 years old

21.Bella- long dark brown hair brown eyes and pale skin with belly button pierced 18 years old

22.Kimmy- dirty blond hair with blue eyes and pale skin 17 years old

23.Kendra- blond hair with black eyes and pale skin 18 years old

24.Keith- short brown and blond hair with blue eyes and pale skin 19 years old

25.Kara- short ear high blond hair blue eyes and pale skin 20 years old

26.Jason- short brown hair with brown eyes and pale skin 18 years old

27.Jacob- just like in new moon 18 years old

28.Halle- long curly brown hair with brown eyes and pale skin 19 years old

29.Susan- momma huskie

30.Maddie and Jacy- baby huskies

31.Camrin- brown hair Black eyes and pale skin-emo lip pierced 17 years old

32.Ally- long curly brown hair with brown eyes and pale skin 17 years old

33.Mother Cassie- long brown hair with golden eyes and pale skin 25 years old

34.Mother Carrie- layered blond hair with green eyes and pale skin 25 years old

35.Alex- curly black hair red streaks with brown eyes and pale skin 15 years old

36.Aiden- short blond hair with blue eyes and pale skin 18 years old

37.Tika- Leah Clearwaters daughter Black hair brown eyes and tan skin, can change into a wolf 18 years old

38.Sadie- shoulder high black hair blue eyes and pale skin 18 years old

39.Dani=girl- dark blue hair with blond streaks green eyes pale skin-emo 2 lip pierces 18 years old

40.Justin- messy short black hair golden eyes and pale skin 16 years old

41.Riley- shoulder high red wavy hair brown eyes and pale skin- nose piercing 18 years old

42.Nessie- long brown curly hair brown eyes and pale skin 18 years old

43. Gavin- short brown eyes blue eyes pale skin 1 year old

44.Olivia- short brown hair green eyes pale skin 4 months old

45.Piper- shoulder high brown hair brown eyes pale skin 4 years old

And if anybody has time to help me download the second chapter please help












The girls that go to Elenor high school




The girls that go to Bithal high school




Maxwell's that go to forks high school

1.Camrin 2.Aiden 3.Ally 4.Riley 5.Jason 6.Kendra 7.Keith 8.Lexi 9.Lily 10.Sam 11.Mia

12.Jacob 13.Miranda 14.Nikkie 15.Payton 16.Mark 17.Nessie 18. Sydney 19.Ryan 20.Tj

21.Terry 22.Tammy 23.Tara 24.Tika 25.Sadie 26.Alex 27.Dani 28.Justin 29.Bella

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