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Im really sorry about the lack of PTB updates but RL sucks big time at the moment and really it is unavoidable that Ive had to put anything I actually enjoy doing on hold for now. That said, I can see a little flicker of light at the end of the tunnel, and dare I say, there will be an update at the end of May?!... (if not you have permission to smash your 'Is it Fiday yet?' mugs over my head :P)

Im a student but I dont study English, nor do I claim to be any good at it, I study Biochemistry at Uni and Im a complete geek. I also swear like a sailor so you have been warned. :P I just like to read books and fanfiction/Twi-porn :). And while I was going out of my mind waiting for the fics Im currently reading to update I had what I thought was a smart idea of writing my own instead of starting to read a whole load more on top of the current ones. Turns out its pretty damn time consuming.

Anyway my first attempt at FanFic is purely for fun and is called 'Place to be'.

I got the inspiration for it from my lovely bf, who I force to sing most of the songs featured in this fic to me, and the Nick Drake song 'Place to be'. I love this song and the whole BellaXEdward situation is summed up pretty well in the last lines of it. "Now I'm weaker than the palest blue,Oh, so weak in this need for you". So music is quite a prominent feature in the first few chapters anyway. All lyrics are in italics and I don't own any of them sadly. I'll make playlists up for each of the chapters as I go along on my youtube account, my names TheLulujones on there if you want to find me. All outfits for Bella and Edward are posted on my profile (I'm currently obsessed with Polyvore) as well as links to pics of what I imagine their Park benches look like, apartments etc. Anything you might like a visual for basically.

This story will be pure fluff and lust. Its a Bella/Edward (Bedward?) story mainly but will contain all the usual suspects and burn. AH, AU, BPOV/EPOV. Rated M for lemony goodness in later chapters and language.

I couldnt summarise the story properly in the whole 255 words FF allow, so heres a more fuller pic of whats going on:

Place to be

Now I'm weaker than the palest blue,

Oh, so weak in this need for you”

-Nick Drake, 'Place to be'


For months now Bella Swan has been surreptitiously spying on a gorgeous guitar toting man who sits across from her in a secluded corner of Central Park, NYC. Slowly but surely she becomes obsessed with the beautiful songs 'Guitar Guy' sings as well as the man behind them. However, she is too shy to make the first move and push herself over to talk to him. Unknown to Bella is the fact that 'Guitar Guy' has equally became infatuated with his 'Park Girl' but lacks the courage to speak to her. Fearing he missed the opportune moment when he first encountered her sitting on her bench singing along to The Smiths.. Instead he has been returning to the same park bench and playing his music for 'Park Girl's ears only, and praying she will work out the hidden message behind his song choices-just how weak he is in this need for her. What happens when they fear they'll never see the other again? How will meddling friends influence their decisions? Will one of them or maybe both, muster up the bravado to talk to the other? BXE,AH,AU,OOC,LEMONY times ahead :P.

Im gonna try and put up links for most of the things I feel you need to see, or might like to see on here, like clothes etc. Links below by Chapter. And I'll make up playlists on my youtube account of the songs featured in each Chapter and post a link with each of the Chapters.

Chapter 1

Bellas clothes -

Bellas hair/face -

Edwards clothes -

Edwards hair/face - (We all know what Rob looks like but since I like to use any excuse to look at him heres a pic of how I see him as Guitar Guy :P)

Park benches - http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3147/2288244061_53d22a442c_o.jpg and like this although in my mind the path isnt as wide so its a hell of a lot more intimate.

Chapter 2

Bella, Alice and Rosalie's apartement and rooftop garden (This is actually the sohogrand hotels loft apartement which you can rent but if you look at the pictures of the penthouse thats how I imagine the girls are livivg it up in NYC, I would KILL for that roof garden)-

Chapter 3

Bellas clothes first time Edward sees her-

Chapter 4

'Dirty Dicks' is a pub I've actually been to in London, I imagine the pubs in NY arent anything like this but since this is all made up shit anyway the interior is the same as this (perhaps without the dead cat hanging from the ceiling though...)-

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