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Poll: Which would you rather see (in terms of the other stories I have in the works to post) next? Bear in mind some will take longer than others to get put together and one is a 'writer's block story' but I can make it into something better. And yes, the other stories are still going to be updated. I am sporadic but I won't abandon anything completely-I just put it on the back burner until I figure out what to do with it next. Vote Now!
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Author has written 9 stories for X-overs, Hobbit, Jak and Daxter, Sailor Moon, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Naruto.

Name: I'll stick with M or Arashi.

M/F: Guess.

Age: N/A.

Pet Peeves on FF: Mary Sues/Gary Stus for the most part. Super powerful characters are fun to watch, but only if they have either an interesting storyline or an equally-powerful antagonist. That or they have challenges of some kind to face, be they personal or otherwise, and personal failings that make me like them more as a character, even if I hate it whenever they start acting flawed.

I tend to forget to favorite/note stories of interest. I've lost some really good stories that way. This is a terrible habit and I've really tried to fix it, but at this point since I spend over half my time over on AO3 I've just resorted to bookmarking stories.

I love Harry Potter, loads of other book series, and several other TV fandoms including Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock. I tend to get into a show for the humor. My favorite 'New Doctor' is Eleven, though I really did like Nine and Ten for their companions and dynamics.

Many of the stories I have written recently (as of 2015 and beyond) are cross-posted to ArchiveOfOurOwn under the name Little_Vesuvius. I created the account earlier this year and have only recently found the password to my account so I can keep using it.

I got Scrivener as a present from my parents, so I have been dumping all of my notes into it. I'm currently doing massive worldbuilding for Moonlit Fox, as I have since realized all of the worldbuilding and planning I did hasn't been nearly enough to execute the world properly. I have organized Soul of Light as well, and have also dumped most of my major stories-with the exception of Kit's, Castiel's, and Briony's, at this point-into Scrivener. I'm definitely still working-it's just all a work in progress.

Favorite Anime (not in any order): Naruto, DB/DBZ, Fruits Basket, Ceres: Celestial Legend, Sailor Moon, Bleach (to a certain point), Inuyasha, Meitantei Conan/Case Closed.

Favorite TV Shows: Doctor Who, Sherlock (BBC), Daredevil (Netflix), Agents of SHIELD, Jessica Jones, etc. I'm finding I like Marvel shows/movies better than DCU movies but I'm not sure why, exactly.

Favorite Movies: I can't pick, there are just too many, but recently I'm liking some of the potential I see in Whedon's MCU (but not all the movies; Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a very good one though).

Favorite Books: Uh. All of them? Haven't read a bad one yet though there is this trilogy that I'm in the middle of involving magic and a lot of odd worldbuilding that has me going 'wait what' every few chapters.

I try to update semi-regularly, but I have a sporadic writing style and I tend to develop ideas organically. This often means either I write random scenes or have too many plot lines and stories going at once. I will update when I finish the next chapter of different stories I have out, and that may take me awhile. The stories I previously had up need to be taken down and edited, and so once I find my backup drive and save their master copies over, I'll be taking them down. My writing has changed so much since I wrote Lightning and Whirlpool-Wild Magic that I can't see myself writing it the way I did, though now that I know the possibility is there I'll be retooling it to make it better.

Since writing my Naruto stories, I've changed laptops two times, and both of my old laptops are broken. Sadly, some of the files I transferred from each of them were corrupted and I had no idea they were corrupt until after the laptops broke, so some of my work on those stories has been lost, but not all of it. However, it does mean I lost some of my worldbuilding notes so I'll have to redo them and fix the whole set when I have the time and inspiration.

One more thing: I like a lot of authors on this site. Please continue writing. You're all good. Or you will be. I read some stories and I think 'this is a new author' or 'this is good'. But to get good, you need to keep going. Don't give up. I'm not giving up on my stories, but I write for fun, so there may be some time between my updates as I try to work them around my life.

I have an AO3 account as well, and I'm going to start cross-posting stories that I started over there to this account.

Stories planned for 2016 (loosely, since I've decided to do fanfic requests; your fanfic will probably show up here if it's continuous, though again, my sporadic writing inspiration is probably going to be problematic):

(I wish I could put the same on my AO3 account, since updating an A/N at the beginning of each story is becoming slightly tedious.)

1. Daughter of Ea: This story is already on my AO3 account, and I'm hoping to continue it long into the future. Updates may be slow but the story will generally move in the direction I want it to-or so I hope, when I get a better schedule in place for writing. (State of Chapter Six: Planning stages. I'm really struggling with character voice.).

2. Coming Home: Sequel to Home is Where the Heart Is. (State of Chapter Two: Middle of Editing Process (Editing ~55% complete; struggling with character voice in this one as well. Cas is being talkative; Briony and Bramble AREN'T.)

3. Rising: A Doctor Who story I started writing years ago about an OC of mine with amnesia. (Sneak Peeks contains a very small piece of her story, as chapter one, but there are spoiler alerts for anyone who hasn't caught up with the 50th Anniversary Special.) (Chapter Two: Serious Rewrite In Progress, ~70% complete) (I wrote this originally in high school, and am working on making it flow better now.)

4. (Currently Untitled): Steve Rogers/OC story (set mostly in MCU but with elements of comic book canon and OCs involved) about a not-quite-OC (but someone so minor they are generally ignored) that joins the Howling Commandos. (Chapter One: ~55% complete; I'm a little stuck when it comes to my character's voice right now. Suggestions for a title would be very welcome!).

5. Sundance: Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy story revolving around an OC named Lora. Jak/OC, starts just after Jak and Daxter finish racing through Fire Canyon. (Chapter Three: In the planning/Editing processes).

6. Sneak Peeks: Will be continued for quite some time, since it helps me add little snippets of stories to the site without hinting too much at what the character is doing in this particular scene. Also may begin containing orphaned stories and ideas that went nowhere, provided I have enough . (Currently working on a sneak peek for a Naruto/Metroid crossover centered around the development of Sakura Haruno, and another one for Whirlpool's Salvation. Also working on a sneak peek for the fifteenth story I have going because as a writer I don't know how not to start things I can't finish.)

Note: The Sneak Peek piece that is valid for Moonlit Fox is still valid. I may tweak it, but that scene is still in the story.

7. Moonlit Fox: A Universe Alteration Naruto story that I thought I would never actually write, let alone reenter this fandom with but I recently reread Naruto: One Man Team and it inspired this-which is also incidentally a crossover with Sailor Moon, though knowledge of that series is really not necessary to read this. Also contains elements of Bleach and RWBY. (OLD ON (SORT OF) PERMANENT HIATUS. REVAMP IN PROGRESS, NOW TITLED 'THE ASCENSION SAGA').

Note: Moonlit Fox will be replaced by a story titled In the Beginning and followed by The Tale of the Three. It will eventually be reposted as something else. I'm currently working on In the Beginning, a few-chaptered thing that serves as an introduction. If you want my worldbuilding changes listed, rather than explained in story format, go find my tumblr at little-vesuvius. I'll have those up within the first week that I post chapter 1 of The Tale of the Three in a LIST. Since this is a UA story and not an AU, I decided listing things was appropriate. Also, I didn't want to blindside you guys with worldbuilding, and plot weaving is extremely difficult.)

The beginning of the replacement for Moonlit Fox is titled In the Beginning and is part 1 of the Ascension Saga. The order is as follows (in the plan):

Ascension Saga 1: In the Beginning (Chapter 1 Posted. Chapter 2 to follow.)
Ascension Saga 2: The Tale of the Three (working title).
Ascension Saga 3: Untitled, Picks Up After The Tale of the Three.

8. The Coven of Paimon: A Universe-Alteration (UA) Supernatural story that I worked out about a year ago. It's the first near-novel-length fanfic I'e ever written, and I'm about 3/4 of the way through writing it. Basic summary: Castiel is sent back to a pre-SPN season 1 timeline after the events of Season 5 of SPN turn into the events of the alt-future of SPN, because Gabriel is dead, and given a second chance--but there's just one problem! She's given a female vessel, and Dean and Sam don't know her at all. This fanfic is the beginning of her new/old partnership with Dean. Also draws on some elements of a more classic murder mystery, but like I said, needs a lot of work. (Currently: Chapters 1-2 are edited, will be re-posting Chapter 1 this weekend and maybe Chapter 2. Working on getting to the end of it before I finish posting.)

9. A Promise, Hunt Two: The second hunt Dean and Castiel go on after their first hunt together. Haven't decided the monster involved yet. Still in the early planning stages. Tentatively scheduled for Spring 2017 or Summer 2017...but maybe later, with the rewrites and novel in the works.

10. Whirlpool's Salvation: Another Naruto story, this time exploring the changes that occur if, instead of being born Naruto Uzumaki, Naruto was born instead as Kasumi Uzumaki, the heir of the Rin'negan, and Uzu no Kuni. (Status: Needs me to rebuild the world from scratch-my notes were accidentally deleted :O and now Kasumi's character voice is still stuck.)

11. (First requested story (credit to vampygurl402), a Thilbo story I have to work out-provided I have the time, this will either be a one-shot or a full-length story. Most likely to be a one-shot, but I have yet to plan it yet. This will hopefully be posted around Christmas. UPDATE: MY LAPTOP DIED AGAIN. Still trying to find notes for this!).

12. Soul of Light: Thilbo story, taking place in a Victorian-era-inspired Shire. Thank you to AO3 authors for inspiring this one. This story gives Bilberry Baggins a power I really hadn't thought I should use in this universe, but I had a lot of fun making it and I thought it was time for me to bring it off the drawing board in honor of my family moving to the East Coast this summer. Tentatively scheduled to be out in Summer 2017*.

13. Untitled, NaruFemKyuu (Needs a ton of work/worldbuilding, tentatively scheduled for Summer/Fall 2017?): Altering the seals powered by a god is dangerous, but when Inari intervenes in Naruto's life shortly after the sealing, the Shiki Fuujin changes completely. Now with a reincarnated, very human Kyuubi no Youko in his mindscape, Naruto has a chance of growing up with a best friend-and later, maybe more. Eventual Naru/FemKyuu, good Kyuubi. (This story contains flashbacks. If you hate them, I am sorry, but they still exist).

14. Deleted Scenes: Deleted scenes/behind-the-scenes content from Moonlit Fox, Soul of Light, and more. Basically, everything that doesn't fit into my regular series, because it's too much worldbuilding or I find it too boring to include. Will be updated at some point.

15. The Tale of the Three (Moonlit Fox Prequel): Replacement for Moonlit Fox that uses my original writing style, rather than the experimental one from Moonlit Fox (yes, I know, it's glaringly different in DOE versus Moonlit Fox and there is a reason for that). MC is Kenshin Abarai, an OC-esque guy whose perspective I am using to shed some light on things. MCs of this story include Usagi Tsukino, Shingo Tsukino, Naruto Namikaze-Uzumaki, Anko Mitarashi, Kakashi Hatake, and more. The point of this story is to set the stage for Moonlit Fox, though I can see this becoming a series. Chapters are split by Year and Month. Slice-of-life story about growing up in the darker Konoha of Moonlit Fox. (Also, I know, uber-powered OCs are annoying, but Kenshin is powerful for a reason. He's got a lot of limitations, too, so there is a point to this.)


This updating schedule may change based on my work this semester and my attempts at balancing writing, my social life, my love life (it does exist! And it consistently surprises me every time I think about it), research, and school. I'll do my best over break to work on some stories, just, like last semester and break, won't be quick at updating if I update at all.

Friendly Note: I find talking to someone about my ideas helps me work through certain situations. If you have any suggestions/comments for one of my currently in-progress stories (or insightful questions) then please, let me know! That also goes for things you disagree with; I'm happy to answer any critical reviews.

Update Regarding Old Stories: I'm not sure if I will ever continue them, but something is telling me not to drop the idea just yet since each idea had so much potential. I'll come back to them eventually, and probably give them a complete overhaul. Right now I'm working on overhauling a more recent story.

Update Regarding Moonlit Fox: I will be replacing it with the Ascension Saga. I will take it down when The Tale of the Three goes up, unless people want me to change it.

Unrelated note: Does anyone know where to find the 'complete' button to mark your story as complete? Home is Where the Heart Is was written as a one-shot and has a sequel, which is a chaptered story. It's not supposed to be an 'incomplete' story. If someone could PM or review me the answer, I would be very grateful!

(Note: My stories are NOT abandoned. This I can promise you. However, with the pressure of my classes and writing a novel, they're sort of on hold at the moment. I'll update intermittently, but as I have said, I write organically, and I have no inspiration while i'm working on this. Have no fear--Bramble will get her own novel at some point, I'm sure. But, until the day I am able to commit more time to that (I have a deadline now!) I won't be working on it. As for the person I'm beta-reading for--I will be emailing them chapters 3 and 4 of their story when my schedule is less crammed (like this coming weekend). I just finished 1 of 3 midterms for this week, and have to do research for a class on top of that.)

(Update 09/3/17): Hi! Everything is not on hiatus but I am definitely tired and overworked. Things will be posted at their own pace. I'm sorry; I'm trying to balance writing with spending all my time in school and having a life and I KEEP signing up for things to fill my free time. Projects are currently taking over my life, haha. There is writing, it is just irregular updates. I'm going to post a relatively new (?) update schedule (hopefully) as I work, but we'll see. I wrote over 200k over the past 8 or so months but editing it all is proving to be difficult.

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In the Beginning
He has failed one too many times for him to feel right about this. He is the only one left, every time, and every time, the Leech is three steps ahead of him. Obito is given a chance to change things without the influence of the Leech, and is sent back in time one last time. He can't fail again, and this time, he will set things right. First in the Ascension Saga.
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Sneak Peeks
Snippets of different stories that come to me as I write. Scenes exist here that will be expanded upon and used in later stories, or up and coming stories, when I finally get around to writing them. Will later be posted in the crossover section once I get my MCU stories up and running.
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Better summary in ch1. Lora, the daughter of the Blue Sage meets a mute boy named Jak and his Ottsel friend Daxter shortly after her father disappears. Legend has it that it was Keira Hagai that stood beside Jak in his hour of need. But legends often overlook the simple facts-and that the one that never left Jak's side ultimately saved him. Jak/OC, Precursor Legacy storyline.
Jak and Daxter - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 18,559 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 20 - Follows: 19 - Updated: 8/12/2016 - Published: 8/12/2015 - [Jak M., OC] Daxter, Keira
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Lily is an amnesiac, now twenty. She woke up in a hospital at the age of roughly sixteen. Her boring life isn't quite so boring when she dreams of Gallifrey, and of time as a Time Lady she never was, but these aren't memories, right? And then, a mysterious man drops into her workday, blows up her job, and offers her the chance to find out who she really is...Doctor/OC.
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Hobbit - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 12,701 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 75 - Follows: 46 - Published: 7/24/2015 - [Bilbo B., Thorin] - Complete