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Well I think it's about time I put a little about myself up here, along with an avatar.

Name: Lady Dae (Well not technically, but Dae is short for my real name)

Age: 21

Interests: Writing, cooking, gardening (That's a new thing. I inherited a green thumb from my grandmother), reading (I have to. I write all the time. It's a lot of research sometimes)

Status: Single

#1 Ambition: To have my book published and well known. Don't too much care about money. I've always been taken care of, but it would be a nice bonus.

#2 Ambition: To have children someday with or without a husband. I've always want to adopt.

My Websites:

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June 8th, 2012

So I've done some research and decided to may two accounts. One on livejournal and one on Archive of Our Own which is still in it's beta phase and needs invites, but so far, I'm loving it and considering I haven't found a site that I like as much as that's saying something. I have the freedom and convenience I have here on and can safely place the one story I have that may have MA content (although I don't consider it so) on there. Sure the site crashes every now and then, but anyone who was on in it's early days remembers when this site would be down for days at a time, so I'm willing to wait for them to work out all the bugs and again, it's a beta site.

No this does not mean I'm moving from It's still my main site, but I will copy my fics over there and it's a backup just in case I do have to remove the story in the future, whenever I post it considering I still have a long way to go with Love Always... Sigh.

Anyway, the username is still the same. I'm still Lady Dae.

June 5th, 2012

In light of the recent "purges" taking place on this site, I've decided to put my two cents in. I agree with the sentiment that it's their site and their rules. That's fine, but let's look at the larger debate about this rating system and I'll breakdown the issues that I have with it rationally.

On June fourth, the site put up a notice that since 2002, the MA (Mature Adults) rating was taken off the site and stories with that rating have not been allowed since. They further go on to try to spell out the difference between M and MA saying that in M rated stuff violence and sex can be suggested, while MA has explicit graphic scenes.

Don't let the date joined thing fool you. I've been on this site since 2003, so I know what I'm talking about and as far as I can remember, there has always been a problem with smut and explicit sexual stuff on this site but hey, that's what M implies in my opinion. But it's not my opinion that counts apparently. It's the admins, so taking that into account, I find this recent all of a sudden purge totally unwarranted and hypocritical for a lot of reasons outline below.

1) For a rule that was implemented in 2002, why in the world is the site suddenly cracking down on it after ten years. Ten years people! It's not like it was secret. Everyone on the site knows that some stories have scenes of explicit nature. Heck, I can't even been to tell how many stories I've seen that have the warning "lemons" and "PWP" and "smut" in them. So it's not a secret that the stories exist. Everyone knew it, so why the sudden crackdown. What prompted this? Personally, I've never been completely comfortable with smut and PWP, but some people read it and that's on them. I just ignore it when I see it. Simple as that. Again though, cracking down on a rule that hasn't been enforced for ten years warrants at least a warning a month in advance and the consideration that maybe the MA rating should be put back up on the site.

2) Where is the line between M and MA? For all this sites clear cut announcement I have yet to have clarification on the matter. A story can contain sex and violence but not be MA, especially if the scenes propel the plot of the story forward, and a story can be explicit without necessarily being graphic. For instance:

"They had sex."

That's not implied or suggested. That's explicit because it leaves no room for interpretation. But does that mean it's graphic? See what I mean when I said where is the line? Not only that, but the definition for M and even T has changed. Has anyone watch a PG13 movie nowadays? Have anyone seen the type of violence they allow. Heck, let put the movies aside and deal with the written word. Writers are allowed to push the boundaries of the content much more than movies for the mere fact that it takes the added use of imagination to get a picture in the head. So where in the world do we draw the line? Well, it depends on the case, the context. Problem is that I don't know the context. I don't need it to depend on the moderator. I want clear definitions and I want them applied fairly, equally, and justly, which leads to the next problem I have with this purge.

3) There has been so much discrepancy on the line between M and MA and the line between all the ratings really, that the crackdown has not been applied fairly. According to reports, some pretty tame stuff was deleted, even when they were rated properly, while other works stayed. I for one went into an archive and searched for a story that is scandalously MA and it's still on the site. These purges also seem to be happening more in the larger and more popular archives. Not only that, but I have to question how in the world a writer is to supposed to write a story in an archive that traditionally has violence and sex in the archive. That's kind of like writing a Sex and the City fic without talking about sex in them. It just makes no sense.

So what does this mean for my next fic, Love Always? Well, I'm certainly not changing it for the sake of complying with the rules, rules that I personally don't think the story breaks and falls into the M category for the mere fact that I think it's tasteful and propels the story forward and the fact that the story has an actual plot. Not to mention, I haven't changed my stories for the sake of someone else's opinion before and I won't do so now. However, I'm not stupid and will certainly tread with caution which means that I'll probably hold off posting the story until there's some solid verification and this whole thing blows over in a month or so. I will also take the necessary precautions and have it posted elsewhere. I'm looking into livejournal and deviantart. But I want to read their rules on this M and MA thing first. So that's my two cents on the matter.

March 30, 2012

Wow! I haven't updated this for the new year yet. Hm. Well. As most of my cardcaptor Sakura readers already know, I'm working on an M rated fic called Love Always which I hope will be up at the end of May and it's not just rated for violence mind you. And you know, it's one thing to experience sex or see it in a movie, but another thing to describe it. So despite the fact that I really prefer not to read graphic sex scenes, I decided to educate myself a bit and boy did I find some things that irked the hell out of me, things I could work with, and some things that just quite frankly blew me away. I decided to post them on my profile and somehow keep my lovely profile as T-rated as I can.

1) Kissing

I had no clue there were so many ways to describe a kiss and I tell you some of the descriptions I saw blew me out the park. So I ask my sister. "do you wonder how a writer can spend five paragraphs just describing a kiss? Is it really that deep?" Well, I've learned a lot from them and though I can't spend five paragraphs, I can spend two, maybe. But hey, my stuff is more emotionally driven and straightforward when it comes to the physical stuff, so maybe that's part of my drawback.

2) Adjectives

These kinds of things had me laughing sometimes and other times it works. I mean some of the adjectives uses when describing explicit scenes really tickled me sometimes and others I was sitting there thinking that something was a wonderful word choice. But let's talk about a few of the common ones. The work plunge works for penetration the actual act, but I can't say I liked it when a writer wrote, "She plunged her fingers into his hair." Maybe tangled her fingers, but plunged? When I think of plunge I think of like when you plunge you hand into water to grab the cell phone that dropped in it, but it didn't really work for hair.

Me and the word crash don't quite mix it seems. I mean, I can see lips crashing into each other but other than that, that word makes me cringe because I imagine crashing is a little painful.

Surprisingly, I can see using a word like pound but it depends on the tone of the scene. Gentle and loving, I don't see that word coming into use. Rough and wild? I can see it working.

3) Poetic

Someone said this once to me and it went like this "Sex isn't poetic. Come on think about it. It really is nasty. Not beautiful." Those are someone else's words okay. But with that said, when I say "poetic" I mean from the writers who seem like their scared to use certain words or scared to describe certain things. Some of it is rather tasteful and it fits the story. But a lot of it is really out there and they probably would have been better off saying "she felt warm and tight" rather than "she fit him like a glove and felt like hot lava erupting from a volcano." That's a bad example and may be an exaggeration, but they would have been better off saying it as it is and not finding some kind of analogy. Lava is hot and it really burns and unless this is an explicit rape scene, it really didn't work for me. Then again, I am a straightforward kind of blunt writer, so that might just be a preference.

4) The Virgin Experience I

Yes, I have two virgin experiences and this is what I mean with the first. I've read quite a few scenes where one of more of the partners were virgins and I just have to say that while sometimes it can happen like they're pro's not everyone is the exception. A lot of factors play into it, like how long the couple has been together and how much they have experimented during that time, but come on. All this dynamic experience on the first try is a stretch. I'm not saying it can't be... special, but the realist in me loves to say that sex is harder than it looks or is made to seem in fanfics. Like anything, you have to figure it out as you go. Theory is one thing. Actually doing it is another. Like anything it does take practice, and it's allowed to be clumsy, timid, shy, whatever at first.

5) The Virgin Experience II

This is about the sex scene written by someone who you can tell has never had sex and while some of them can fake it, there's always one thing that really gives it away... It's always so perfect, the perfect fantasy of sex and it makes you wonder if they actually know how it works in real life. That's not to say that it can't be good, but the way there isn't always so perfect and good and for god's sake not everyone is a soul mate. They can't read each others hearts and minds. Not all the time. Again, it's dependent on the person, the relationship. But sometimes, just every now and then, sexual compatibility isn't instant and usually this is the stuff that shows when a person had never had the experience or at least talked to someone who has to get a realistic view.

So I'm just ranting here. For the most part, all fanfics are simply fantasies, but I don't mind us at least trying to get it as realistic as possible because the best fantasies are the ones that are well... you know possible. Lol. No knock on any fics. Just some things I notices in my study.

Upcoming Stories Summaries

1) AU. In a universe where Vader never burned, took over the empire and found the son that was hidden from him after his wife was taken away by the Jedi and died, nineteen year old Luke Skywalker, more commonly known as prince Vader, is bored with life even though he has everything any other person could want. Something was always missing until he met Leia. Leia Organa, secret member of the alliance is the Senator of Alderaan and in a chance meeting with Luke finds out that the Imperial Prince isn't as bad as everyone has made him and his father out to be. Naturally they fall in love, but Leia knows her father won't stand for her falling in love with the Imperial prince and so no one knows, save for Emperor Vader who can't see anything wrong with it on the surface, but can't help but feel bothered by it though he lets it be. But when Leia is forced to tell her father about the relationship, he reveals a devastating secret that might quite literally kill them in the aftermath.

2) After a mission gone wrong three years after Anakin destroyed the Sith, the Republic declares Anakin Skywalker dead. But there's two people who don't believe it, his padawan, Ahsoka Tano, and his secret wife, Padme Skywalker and they're both hellbent on finding him. Their paths cross when they both go to plea to the Jedi Council to search for him in vain. Though they've both heard about each other from Anakin, they've never met or become acquainted and to be honest neither really wants to. However, they both share one thing in common and that's the fact that they both believe Anakin is alive. After one last desperate plea to the senate, the two decided to join forces and go search for Anakin themselves. But an unlikely friendship begins to develop as the two bond on their dangers journey, in which they learn more about themselves, Anakin, and a dark last ditch effort by the sith to take over the galaxy...

My favorite fanfic catagories:

Pokemon, Star Wars, Harry Potter

Fav Couples:

Anakin/Padme and Anakin/Ahsoka:

Now about these two couples... As you know, I’m writing a star wars fic where Ahsoka is in love with Anakin and it takes her down the dark side when she finds out he married to Padmé and so on (visit The Dark Side of Love if you’re curious. Title is subject to change. Review please). Anyway, I was thinking about the validity of this couple. Anakin/Ahsoka. I like this couple. I think it could work. But the fact of the matter is I don’t think it could ever work so long as Anakin is in love with and married to Padmé. He’s so obviously in love with and devoted to her. I noticed that both of them have political difference and yet they work through it. Anakin has a dark side and Padmé is willing to overlook that to be with him. Now mind you I did not write this to rant about how perfect Anakin and Padmé are together. My point is that I like Anakin/Ahsoka, but it has to be done right. I don’t see Anakin as the type to marry Padmé, meet Ahsoka and then decide he loves her and not Padmé. I think the fact that he’s married would make him not even think of Ahsoka romantically. However, I do believe that if perhaps Padmé maybe died or something happened where Anakin and Padmé were forced to get a divorce (there’s a great story like this where the two are discovered and Padmé gives up Anakin for her Political career which was still pushing the line of being believable to me). The fact of the matter is that I think Ahsoka would always be the little sister, the best friend that’s you don’t really learn to appreciate until tragedy (like Padmé dying or something of that nature). This happens all the time in real life. You get married, have a good marriage, stay devoted to each other, one dies and then they end up noticing the friend that was there all the while. I think it could go either way with Ahsoka or Padmé, depending on who he meets first which was Padmé. If it had been Ahsoka first, I’m sure he might have ended up with her. To me these are two women who are seriously dedicated to Anakin with the capability to love Anakin boundlessly, but Padmé got to him first.









Fanfiction Pet Peeves!

1)Long time no see everyone. I've been very busy in college lately and since I have a month out before summer semester I decided I should update this profile. I've been getting some real pet peeves in some of the fics I've been scouting for my community, particularly when it comes to the pregnancy fics.

Number One: Most women don't wake up the next day after having sex and start feeling sick and take a test and figure out their pregnant. God Damn it. That takes time! Unless a woman is actively trying to get pregnant, and it's even rare then, most of the time she won't notice until at least two weeks after conception that she is pregnant (which would be about four weeks pregnant. This is around the time she misses her period.) Or she may just happen to get a blood test a week after and they find out. Look up the facts. A woman gets pregnant during ovulation which is approximately two weeks after the first day of her last period (It varies. Some is shorter or longer).

Number Two: Morning sickness despite it's name does not just happen in the morning. It's called morning sickness because it's usually at it's worst in the morning because the woman has gone most of the night without eating something to settle her stomach. Alas, I don't mind if the woman has sickness just in the morning. A lot of the do. But for God's sake it doesn't just magically stop around noon. It may settle but the feeling doesn't go away. And it doesn't happen the day after she has sex. It can start but... hold on that leads me into my next point.

Number Three: Pregnancy symptoms can start very early but for first time moms, most don't notice until the sixth week not because they haven't had the symptoms but because they almost always attribute it to something else unless they have actively been trying to conceive which in most stories I read, they're not. Throwing up, gaining weight, and bigger breast can be the result of numerous medical things. The flu, late puberty (I should know. I had no chest when I was a teenager and then all of a sudden they began to shape up), stress. The biggest indication is a missed period and that's not always an indication either. It could just be late or it might be a thyroid problem or the woman didn't ovulate in some cases and skips a period. Some woman even have bleeding while pregnant so while it is a reliable indication. It's not always.

Number Four: Time the symptoms correctly. Although it does happen, most women don't start gaining all their pregnancy weight until after the third month. It drive me nuts when I read a fic and a woman gains five pounds in a week in her second month. Mind me, it does happen, but no commonly. Let me help. Nausea starts usually in the sixth week, peaks at ten weeks, and subsides at twelve weeks (again, not always accurate) and some unfortunate woman have it all nine months. Weight gain and swollen breast usually pop up in the second trimester up to two cups sizes bigger. Mind you, some women don't get bigger breast at all. Movement for first time mothers is after sixteen weeks, approximately four months and sometimes it's much later. In a second or third time, it can be as early as ten weeks.

Number Five: LABOR TAKES TIME! I can't begin to count how many fics I've read where the water breaks and in an hour, for a first time mother no less, we have a baby. Mind you, it does happen, but usually for second or third time mothers, rarely for first. It can sometimes take a full day or longer. At least six or eight hours. My mother was in labor with her sixth child for twenty-four hours! And they don't rush to the hospital after the first contraction. There's a such thing as false labor people. False Labor! Many first time moms have it. Contractions can be painful and then they go away. That's why most doctors want consistent contractions over an extended period of time before they take a woman to the hospital. Mind you, there are a lot of exceptions. Oh and most first time mother's water doesn't break until well after they've been in labor, sometimes it doesn't break at all and doctors do it! I know that's how it works in television, but it's drama. It's never accurate. They have to raise the suspense. Oh and when labor starts, it's not always this excruciating pain starting from the first contraction. It builds up gradually over a few hours. Again, there are exceptions, but every story can't be the exception. I'd be more impressed that you got the facts right and it's much more interesting. Oh and pushing takes time unless the woman is like my mother and can birth a baby in three pushes. (She's one of the exceptions to this, as are some other women.) The pushing can last for hours itself.

I know I'm generalizing this, but I must give credit to the authors who do have accurate info. Every woman is different and there are some exceptions that every woman has and no woman has a perfect by the book pregnancy, but for Gods sake there is no woman who is an exception to all these rules... Wait, there are. Some woman don't even know they're pregnant, but it's not common and I get tired of reading it in fics where someone obviously hasn't done their research. Again. There are exceptions and I would appreciate it if people didn't fill up my inbox claiming that I'm wrong because I clearly stated there are exceptions. I have no doubt. But I had to get that out of me. I have other pet peeves too and maybe I'll vent about those later too. Anyway. I hope this helped someone.

2)I said I'd have to vent about another of my writing pet peeves sooner or later and I just came across one that drives me batty. Everyone knows how hard it is to write a summary for their fic within the character limit but my God. Do try. I can't tell you how to do it, but I can tell you what not to do.

Fic summary don'ts

1) I'm not good at summaries. Just read to see.

I can't stand it. I'd rather read a bad summary that will give me an idea of what's going on that reading that and having to go through the trouble of seeing if I want to read about it by reading the first chapter and deciding it's a waste of time. Seriously. As soon as I see that, I'm turned off. If I don't have an idea of what the story might be about, I don't know if I'd be interested in reading it. So please. Write something!

2)What if

Don't get me wrong. I love those kind of stories, but for the love of God don't put it in a summary. It says corny, cliche and unoriginal. Just put AU (Alternate universe) first and I instantly get the picture. Then tell me what happened different. Don't tell me "what if (insert main character) didn't do this?" You just wasted ten words of your summary. Tell me what does happen. I'm much more likely to press the title to continue.

3) Another "this type" of story.

If what if says cliche and unoriginal then this practically screams it! When you see another, it means I've seen it before and I'm going to see you do it again. That's the last thing I want and I'm going to skip to the next title that catches my interest. I'm not saying you have to come up with something completely new because no idea is original under the sun, but you can do it differently an din your way. So you're going to do a future child goes to meet parents in past fic. Use the summary to catch my attention with that and your unique twist and conflict and I very well may read it.

Those are the only summary pet peeves I have, but I see them often enough that I need to vent about them. Until next time...

I remembered my new pet peeve and it has to do with reviews. Now I wasn't really thinking about until I read a story, a really good story, well written, and it wasn't receiving the reviews it should have. Then I looked at another story, one not as well written with a good storyline. It had reviews for days! I contemplated this and then looked at my own stats... It's gotten a good amount of reviews, but I figure if half the people who visit the story just give me a review, I'd have a lot more. I wouldn't care what was in it so long as it wasn't a flame (see an earlier post for more info), but that means I'm only getting feedback from maybe about a percent of those who read it. Now until I became a writer of fanfiction recently, I underestimated the value of the review. But a review can do wonders to motivate a writer to give the best they possibly can in their fic and it is motivation for quicker updates, well at least for me it is. So lately, I've been taking the time to review, especial to a writer dedicated to updating.

3)Guess what people. I was in another part of the website and I was looking through stories where I found another one of my fanfic pet peeves as well as a new one. Not only was the summary not a summary and a complete turn off for the story, it told not to put flames. I looked in her review to see what she meant and didn't find a flame but constructive criticism. Okay you new writers. There is a difference between the two and both require you to grow some alligator hide. Read the definitions carefully.

Flame: A review that pretty much trashes the story without a basis for doing so. Things like saying a story is crap because of the couple, or because they killed off your favorite character etc... These reviews usually don't look at whether the writing is well written or the story itself. Most of the time, they take an aspect that is widely dependent on taste and dog it. They usually don't encourage the writer to improve or get better. They say the author should stop writing or get a brain or any other insulting thing. A sensitive person will take this to heart and be discouraged by it or a person with some backbone and alligator hide will call a time out and respond in kind that if they don't like the story, it doesn't have to be read.

Criticism: This is usually for the betterment of the author and comes in all forms, nicely said, sarcastic, blunt, it can even be harsh but it has nothing to do with couplings or what the story is about. It usually has to do with the mechanics and the realism of the writing. Criticism is sadly mistaken as a flame sometimes. Just because a person criticizes it doesn't mean they don't like it, or they might not like it, but they bring up valid points about the writing that might make it better that a good author will look into or maybe even overlook. It can really hurt sometimes, but the thing about criticism is that it's encouraging. They'll not only point out what doesn't work, but also what does. However, it too take thick skin to take right and not mistake as a flame.

Anywho, just know the difference between the two. I've been gotten on about my grammar in my stories, but I take it, go back and edit the chapters and repost them. Simple as that. Now if someone comes at me with a flame... Well, I haven't gotten one before so I can't say.

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Avengers - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 23 - Words: 72,460 - Reviews: 640 - Favs: 1,003 - Follows: 982 - Updated: 7/11/2013 - Published: 7/26/2012 - Iron Man/Tony S., Loki - Complete
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For all I couldn't bear to think about him without my heart aching, he is not so much a mystery anymore. He never has been. Our friendship may have been dormant, but it had never disappeared; the connection between us has always been strong enough to withstand even the most cruel turns of fate that the Capitol has thrown at us. We have always been simple. Except we haven't.
Hunger Games - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 4 - Words: 5,872 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 15 - Updated: 9/4/2012 - Published: 8/28/2012 - Katniss E., Gale H.
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Let them get the wrong idea because I'm racking up the benifits of you being in debt to me" He said lowly; breating became foreign to me and my mind went blank, and worse of all, for once I didnt speak. Harmless flirting? I think not! TonyxPepper
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I have no clue that silence can be so deafening. In fact, I think no one believes me, even as my peers make a path for me as I make my way to the front of the crowd, in plain view of everyone in the square. The wind, which had been still until now, blows my platinum hair in my face, forcing me to move it so that I can clearly say, "I volunteer as tribute." CCS/Hunger Games mesh.
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AU Sequel 2 Ascension in Darkness.Pesinoe sets her sights on Leia to be her new apprentice as part of her plan for revenge, but her loyalties come into question when Leia begins to wonder if Pesinoe is really evil or just a woman acting out of heartbreak.
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Ahsoka always was a little jealous of Padmé, but the last thing she wanted was for her to die. She was the best female friend Ahsoka had, a sister even. Her master loved Padme. Therefore if he was happy loving someone else, so was Ahsoka. One shot.
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Ahsoka has fallen in love with Anakin.Finding out he's with Senator Amidala sparks anger and hatred. Darth Sidious senses this and decides to use Ahsoka to turn Anakin to the dark side. A story chronicling Ahsoka's fall to the dark side. Spans RotS.
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