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Doctor Who

Need I say I'm a bit of a (New) Doctor Who fan? Probably not. :) I haven't seen a whole lot of the Classic Doctor Who, but what I've seen, I have enjoyed :).

I like the companions, but my favorite so far is Donna.
I'm still trying to watch the classic series episodes online.

Fave paring: 10 and Donna.
I'm one of the lenient readers with these two in a variety of relationships (the typical "best mates" to married, as long as their personalities and relationships are believable to me).

I have a few 10 and Donna stories that are works in progress, and on the back burner *sigh*. And, these are not posted.

R.I.P. Elisabeth Sladen - April 19, 2011.

Dark Shadows

I am definitely too young to remember Dark Shadows first airing back in 1966, but I remember watching it with my dad when we got the Sci-Fi Channel in my area roughly around '93 or '94. My earliest memory of the show was David Collins outside the Old House and met Sarah near a swing.

It's fun to watch the faces of those who grew up with this show when I mention that I like Dark Shadows to them.

Fave pairing: Barnabas and Julia.

Pairings that I can see, but not exactly a reader of them (I'm pretty much obsessed with Barnabas and Julia since they have such an interesting dynamic and relationship with the whole human and vampire thing going on):

Maggie and Willie
Carolyn and Willie (not as much as the previous)

R.I.P. Jonathan Frid - April 13, 2012

The Monkees

Again, I'm too young to remember this show originally airing. Once again, another show that my dad got me into, which may be more of an accidental thing. For those of you who remember Nick-At-Nite's Block Party stuff during the summer, one year, they had Monkee Mondays. I happened to catch a few clips and then, finally got into it. Luckily, it was the same year that TV Land had Monkeejam.

My favorite Monkee? That's a hard one. My first favorite was Davy - I'm not too sure why, may have been due to the "he's the cute one of the group" or just due to the fact that he may have been the easiest to pick due to him being "the cute one." Yet, it was Peter's "Astonishing Pietro" in "Too Many Girls" that got me hooked (Peter's "I put the bird in the bag. I blow up the bag. *blows up bag and pops it and resulting facial expression*" got me laughing). Now, I keep switching back and forth between all of them and/or like them for each of their talents; and possibly due to my mood dictating which songs I like better - I bet most can relate to certain groups/bands/singers and songs you like better some days over other days.

I got to see Micky, Davy, and Peter in concert in June, 2001. Still excited that I got to see them in concert, but I am sad that Davy Jones passed before I saw them in concert again.
It was sad that Michael Nesmith had joined Micky and Peter in concert, but my town wasn't included on their tour for Fall 2012.
They ONCE AGAIN reunite for summer, 2013 (Midsummer's Night Tour), and my town is NOT on the list, nor is any town close to me.
YAY!!!! Finally got to see Mike, Micky, and Peter in concert together on June 5, 2014!!!!!!!! :D It was WONDERFUL!

R.I.P. Davy Jones - February 29, 2012.

Star Trek

Too young, and can blame my dad on this one. I don't mean the complete Star Trek franchise. Just Star Trek, or more commonly known as the Original Series, and not including the movie/reboot (yes, it was good, but it is AU).

Fave pairing: that's up for grabs, but one I'd definitely prefer is Spock/Chapel. Haven't read any ST:TOS fanfics in quite a few years.

R.I.P. Majel Barrett and Leonard Nimoy

Stargate: SG-1

I am certain I have not seen all the episodes (SG:U has been the only series that I've seen from premiere to finale...but to be fair, I was only 10 when SG-1 premiered, and I'm certain we did not have any of those "special" channels at the time like Cinemax and Showtime).

I believe I was a sophomore or junior in high school when I became interested in the show while it was on Sci-Fi, but never watched the new episodes until early Season 9.

Fave pairing: Daniel/Sam

I do have a work in progress. It is in its early stages, and a friend of mine is looking over it while I get each section done. It is on the back burner right now, sadly *sigh again*.

Stargate: Atlantis

I didn't get interested in Atlantis until season 2 when Ronan showed up. I am certain that I have not seen all the episodes of season 1 and into season 2 before the episode with Ronan.

Fave Pairing: Kind of up for grabs. Mainly:



I was away at college when I saw the commercials for this show and for when it premiered, and I have enjoyed the show. Sad that it didn't get renewed :(.

Fave paring: Not sure.

Warehouse 13

Another sci-fi show. Not too much to say about this one, except that I enjoy most of the episodes, and the humor.

By the way, producers, the product placements are a tad bit too obvious (*cough* Twizzlers - mainly second season, I think - and Toyota - especially the Prius).

Fave paring: Myka/Pete - friendship to dating/married (has to be written well to read the latter).
Claudia/Artie - just as father/daughter type of relationship or just friendship/co-workers.

Big Time Rush

Got into it when the show first premiered.
When I first saw the show, and before I found out that Scott Fellows was inspired by The Monkees, I thought, "They remind me a bit of The Monkees."

Still extremely excited that I got to see them in concert on July 7, 2012. Sucks that it was so hot, though, but it was still FUN. My avatar/profile pic is my favorite picture from the concert. (Yes, they were my second concert, The Monkees being the first.)

WOO-HOO to the Big Time Monkees fans! :)

My other favorite group/band.

Summer Break Tour (2013). Guess what? NOT coming to my town. I've been working on a poster since late July, 2012! GRRR!

The Musketeers

I was interested when I first saw the commercials on BBC America, then realized Peter Capaldi was playing Richelieu.

Loved the first season, and enjoyed the second season.

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