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Hola, people! My name is Emma. I'm an ickle freshie... :3 I am from good ol' Jawja (but Atlanta, so I'm not southern, really) And that is what you should know about me. :)

If you ever see an anonymous review signed "EmmaIsAwesome", "EmmaIsStillAwesome", or "EmmaIsAwesomeYetAgain", it's probably me. On the subject of reviews, I started making myself review everything I read. So if there's no review from me on your story, I haven't read it. Also, all my reviews are 100 percent honest, so if it says I loved your story, I really did love your story. If it says your story sucked, I really thought your story sucked. One more thing on the subject of reviewing, I just promised myself and all you people that if you R&R one of my stories, I'll R&R one or more of yours to keep it fair. And if I say the word "phenomenal" in your review, you should feel very flattered/smug or whatever. Phenomenals are very rare. :) No hard feelings if you don't get one, though, like I said, RARE.

Also, if you don't use correct capitalization in your title, I WILL NOT READ YOUR STORY. Seriously, it's not that hard to press Shift or Caps Lock.

Story Progress: First let me say (and apologize), I have a nasty habit of starting a story, getting writer's block, stopping, and never picking it back up again. I really hate that I do this, and I'm trying really hard NOT to. However, most of my writing energy is going into a non-fanfiction story that I'm working on right now, so it could be a while before I actually get back around to my stories here.

As far as the individual stories, I think it's safe to say that Shuffle and A Visitor or Two are done for good. I'm not such a Twilight nut anymore, sadly... I might, however, go back an revise A Visitor or Two, not so much for the benefit of the readers, but solely because I find the first draft utterly revolting and I don't want anyone to see it and think that is my real level of writing. BECAUSE IT'S NOT, THANK GOD.

Seeing as A Loss for Words centered around the Season 2 finale of Castle, and it's in the bulk of Season 5 right now, I don't think pursuing this one would be the best idea, but I could just stay with it as a"what if" situation.

I am trying to work on Happy Anniversary, but the next chapter might have to be an epilogue. I'm pretty much out of ideas.

The rest are all one-shots, and unless I forgot to change the status to "Complete", that should be very self-explanatory.


Fandoms (And Pairings) I May Write In (If I Haven't Already)

- Psych: Shawn & Juliet

- Castle: Castle & Beckett, maybe Lanie & Esposito. Oooh! I also want to put Alexis with an OC at some point, too.

- Bones: Bones & Booth, Hodgins & Angela

- Rizzoli & Isles: Rizzoli & Isles? For a book-fic, though, I would put Maura with some doctor-y guy and, well, Jane and Gabriel of course.

- How I Met Your Mother: Marshall & Lily, Barney & Robin, and we'll see about Ted...

- Friends: Monica & Chandler, Phoebe & Mike, Ross & Rachel, maybe even a Phoebe & Joey

- The Addams Family: (comic, movies, musical, and both TV series) Morticia & Gomez, and I suppose Wednesday & Lucas)

- Twilight: Carlisle & Esme (Don't do the Twilight thing so much anymore, though... but I still ship them REALLY REALLY HARD. As long as Bella and Edward stay away I'm cool)

- Glee: Finn & Rachel, Shelby & Will, Kurt & Blaine, Blaine & Rachel

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer: (this one's unlikely, though...) Buffy & Angel, Willow & Xander

- Cougar Town: (MAYbe...) Jules & Grayson

- Body of Proof: Megan & Peter, and I would likes to write something Lacie-centric. Probably a one-shot.

- Harry Potter: Molly & Arthur (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH), and I love the Molly & Harry relationship as well (NOT LIKE THAT, YOU FIENDS)

-Doctor Who: Rose & 10, Rose & 9, maybe some other ships here and there

-Pokemon: Jessie & James (cause seriously how can you not), for some inexplicable reason I kind of ship Delia & Professor Oak (yeah don't ask me where that came from) (also, if you do happen to get this far and you watch/play pokemon, send me a pm about which your favorite pokemon is. For some reason I really want to know what everyone else's are. I don't know, man. By the way, mine's Charmander because fire and IT'S FREAKING ADORABLE)


Twitter- kingdomofwaffle (DAMN YOU CHARACTER COUNT)

YouTube- TheKingdomofWaffles

FictionPress: RandomPerson12389


Facebook- Hahaha no.

Yeah, I think that about wraps everything up... Farewell, dear FanFictioners!

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Different reviews
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