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So, I suppose it's time to update this biography again, though I never quite know what to say. But oh well, let's see what I can make of it. Click below for a picture of me.

Hello World, This is Me

Hi! My name's Shiara, I'm an 18-year-old girl, I live in Puerto Rico (yes, it's in the caribbean) and I enjoy reading and writing fanfics. Obviously, or I wouldn't have an account on this site. I am currently in my first year of college, majoring in Computer Engineering. I'm bilingual (English and Spanish) and I will be in the process of attempting to learn Italian. Normally, I'm bright, weird, bouncy, friendly and I can be either introvertive or extrovertive, depending on my mood. Get used to it=P

No idea why you would want to know more about me, but I suppose everyone likes to have their boat rocked once in a while, eh? Alright, fine, but you asked for it.

I'm a full-on pacific Pisces (birthday's on February 22nd) who enjoys relaxing, meditation, yoga and tranquil things. I LOVE the color Blue (hence, my alias) and I have at LEAST five New Age Music CDs. It's great for relaxing and sleeping. Sue me. My insufferable crushes would be: Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and, believe it or not, Angelina Jolie! I'm sorry, but that woman is hot. I'm not bi or a lesbian... but she's just hot. 'Nuff said.

I love the X-Files and I'm not embarassed to admit it. All that crazy UFO and paranormal thingies; those are just my things, I like to be weird like that. I can be a nerd sometimes, because I've always gotten straight A's, but don't worry, I DO have a life, socially and all! If you don't believe me, then... yeah, whatever. Hee.

Favorite Pairings:
Harry Potter:

Final Fantasy VIII:

The X-Files:

-Anything by Anne Rice
-Anything by J.K. Rowling
-Anything by Paulo Coelho
-Anything by Isabel Allende
-"Girl with the Pearl Earring"by Tracy Chevalier
-"Por Favor Vuelve a Casa" by Christine Nostlinger
-"Cien cepilladas antes de dormir" by Melissa P.

"Knowledge is Power. Power Corrupts. Study hard. Be Evil."- Gabriela (good friend of mine)
"Using Dial-up is like using a vibrator with old batteries, not as fast, not as powerful, and definitely not as satisfying."- Gabriela (read above)

Anyhoo, I currently have -2- fanfics in the works and -3- completed, plus -3- one-shots. Having a bit of trouble with writer's block, but I expect it to go away... soon. You will never catch a R/Hr fic from me because I despise that pairing more than life itself. KTHX.

Might take ALLF down to rewrite. Third chapter is taking too long and it might be crappy. gah.

Contact Info:
MSN- shiaranaiya@
E-mail- shiaranaiya@ or bluerainsquill@
AIM- cleverestwitch
Livejournal- http:///~lieyourtruth/ (friends only)

I'm always happy to talk to people and/or receive mail, so if you see me on, just strike up a conversation! But don't forget to tell me you're from , I'm not psychic, even though I would like to be.

-ponders-. So, enough babbling on...

~Blue Rain

Oh yeah, you should watch my blog: http:/// just for information on my writing and updates tidbits and more!

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