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March on you warriors of life.

My journey through life, impeded.

March on through the toils and strife.

My time for this path, upended.

March on those weary and rested.

My feet lay mired, unmoving.

March on those who have been tested.

My life lay forever unproven.

March on to death, march on.

I lay, cursed by life, march on.

I guess since I have actually written a story, then I should take this bio a little more seriously. Me in a nutshell? I love to do everything. I play football for my college, I am an Mechanical Engineering student, I love to read, I love to write, I love video games, I love to sing, I love to build... Hell, like I said. I like to dabble in everything. I plan on being an engineer when I get out of college, but some part of me wants to eventually write stories. Stories show people the gateways to countless universes, and the authors are the Gatekeepers. I want to get lost in my own world, and take others with me, in a completely literary fashion... but I have blathered long enough here. You know me a little more now.


Formula for the Master Chief

Now that football is over for a bit, I finally have some time to write this. (For those of whom think that I've abandoned The Spartan Effect, be assured... I have not.)


-7 ft tall

-390 lbs (out of armor); in the vicinity of 1400-1500 lbs in armor.

-Brown eyes (speculated) and hair (see The Fall of Reach)

-Ghostly white (like he just spent 30 years in a cave white)


-Terse to non spartans.

1.) He won't use 4 words if he can use 1 or 2. Spartans are soldiers to the core. They follow orders and give them simplistically. (not that they are dumb in any sense, they just don't see the world as we do.)

2.) Spartans aren't that talkative even among other Spartans. It's just that most of their conversations can be held just through how they interact with each other physically. They all grew up together, they're a VERY close family. They know each other better than any physical words can describe.

3.) When it comes to jokes, he will make them very occasionally, but only to people that he has an extreme trust with. (i.e. Cortana or any Spartan.)

-About Aliens

1.) What goes for other humans in the form of talking goes doubly so for aliens. Any interaction with any alien will always take a slightly hostile edge to it. (30 year wars against genocidal aliens would do that to anyone, I think.)

2.) To trust any alien will take an extreme measure of faith for him, which will have to be achieved over a long period of time.


1.) I don't believe I have ever read him saying a cuss or ever heard him cussing in a game.

2.) Using Slang is also OOC for him, unless it is military slang.


1.) Alright, this is a tough one. Spartans have repressed sexual drives. Translation: They don't feel romantic needs really at all.

2.) Anything at all in the way of Romantic feelings will have to take a long time to develop. (I mean, we are talking about a group of soldiers that will only really disclose their name to you once they really, truly know you and trust you.)

-Facial Expressions

1.) Spartans are stoic. Always cool, always level headed. It takes a lot of built up emotions for the pot to overflow.

2.) This doesn't mean that they are cold hearted bastards who don't feel anything... they just don't show it unless under the most extreme cases.

-Anything else

1.) If anyone thinks I missed something in the personality range, just message me.

>Physical Ability



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