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"Darkness is not something to be feared, but something to be loved."

Thank you for visiting my profile and giving my stories a chance!

I work very hard on every one of my stories and it means the world to me when people leave reviews.

I love when stories don't have happy endings.

Maybe soon I'll write something with a depressing ending... I never know when I'll be swept up in the romance of a tragic ending.

I try to be as creative as possible and surprise people. No matter how long someone's known me no one ever knows me as well as they think they do.

My favorite work I've ever done is Love of a Dead Orchestra.

My favorite pairing is Hitsugi x Kyo and Kyo x Kaoru... I can never decide which is better...

I have a very twisted mind and most of my ideas for stories come to me when I'm half awake and listening to music.

On the Dir En Grey and Apocalyptica I got to see Dir En Grey in concert and I got the chance to meet Dir En Grey.

That's probably one of the reasons that Dir En Grey is my favorite band to write about.

All stories are on hiatus until further notice. My life's going to hell right now and I have too many personal issues right now that I have to deal with to even have time to think about writing. I apologize for this but until I get most of these problems to a point where I can rest easily at night I won't have the energy to write. I know this really sucks because I love writing but I don't feel like it right now. I don't know how long I'll be off... A couple weeks to a few months... But I'll be back, I promise. I'm sorry.

On Your Sugar Sits Untouched:

Glad to have finally finished! I can't believe it took me this long!

Thanks to Katy for motivating me to finish!

And thanks to everyone who read it!


Yeah! Updating the chapters and correcting my shotty writing.

Fixing all my mistakes and making everything less suckish.

Counting on my fantastic editing skills.

Will be done soon. Then I'll have a nice, clean, polished story. :)


The first 5 chapters are done! I think because this project was so difficult and important to me that even when I finish editing I'll have to reread and edit it again in a month or two to make sure it's perfect.


So I was on a "You know you like J-rock too much when..." thread in a Gaia forum and someone mentioned a 'kyoxhitsugi' fanfiction they read. Of course, since it's my favorite pairing I asked them to share! And when they finally replied it was a link to Your Sugar Sits Untouched. And I wrote that. Awesome. XD And the person was all like "I LOVE YOU! WRITE ANOTHER HITSUGI! RAPE HUG!" And whatnot... Which I though was pretty effin' fantastic! So soon, I'll be putting out a Hitsugi fanfic dedicated to Hizaki_Ikuo on Gaia.

Also 'soon' means 'whenever I get around to it because I'm a tumblr addict and that takes a lot of my time and attention away from things that I need to do and I apologize for that but I can't quit tumblr'.

Just have to get a good enough idea... Which, while writing this, one came into my head and it's fantastic so I'm pretty excited to write it now. YAY!!

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Story: Glass Skin Breaks Easily (Story On Hiatus Until Further Notice)

I'm currently working on a new story! Yaaaay... The way I have it planned out makes it pretty difficult since I'm writing it in two parts with chapters in between. So I don't know when I'll post it or when I'll have it finished... Right now I'm trying to think of how to finish the story. When I right I plan the beginning and the end and the fun of writing is getting a creative way to get to the end. But right now I don't have an ending and I don't think I'll be able to figure one out very quickly since the ideas are so jumbled up in my mind. So I'm unsure... Anyway, I hope you enjoy the story when I figure it out.

The story will be called Glass Skin Breaks Easily. It will be about the members of Dir En Grey, of course. I'm not sure about the plot quite yet (even though I've already begun writing) but it will definitely be interesting... In my mind at least.

But I will tell you part one will be centered around KyoxKaoru and part two will be centered around KyoxKaoru AND KyoxUnknown. Also the story will likely be rated M... As in possible themes in my story will be rape, character death, yaoi, ect.

More details as I figure them out. :)


I posted the first chapter! So if ya like it, that's cool, if not, I only spent 3 days working on it in my free time.

Still working out the plot as I'm going along... I'm wingin' it so be nice.

I like the first chapter so far. But when you read it keep in mind that it's not the literal dark that Kaoru is running from it's something different. It's something far more than what Kyo can imagine and Kaoru is hiding it all from him. So the main idea is Kaoru running away from some unknown darkness and at the same time pushing Kyo away in blind fear and Kyo has to protect him from said darkness while at the same time try to keep his relationship with Kaoru together. So Kyo really got screwed on that deal. Just wait and see...


Turns out that I hate the first chapter and what I've written of the second chapter... So I'm gonna fix everything up as soon as I finish updating and correcting Your Sugar Sits Untouched.


I deleted the chapter because it needs major redoing. I'll put it back together and re-upload it when I feel I''m done writing the ENTIRE story. Sorry for the wait!


I'm not writing them anymore. 'Kay? I got bored of them. I know they are the most popular of my fics and that's pat of the reason why I hate them. I'm not as obsessed with LM.C as I was when I wrote those and I have no interest in continuing writing them. Also all of those fics are marked with "complete" as in I'm not adding more chapters so don't ask me to hurry up and update it soon. It's done! I'm no longer interested in continuing, I apologize, let's leave it at that.

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