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Hey everyone this is Sonikdude you might also know me as Shadow Kun A. the A stands for Aru, a sterotype that japanese people think chinese say all the time... or is it the other way? idk is for APH didnt watch the whole thing...

Name: Nicholas (or Niki for short)

Age: Age is but a number Unknown to me

Sex: use you imagination

below will show you the breaks in chapters and maybe actions?

will show a different scene in a different time. (in the space will depend on what type of story it is Ex: SonicxShadow= *SS* yes SonicxTails= *ST* follow?)
Meanwhile is &MEANWHILE& will show a different scene at the same time.
Italics will show Thoughts.

All characters from SEGA SonicTeam and Archie Comics Do Not Belong to me... all fac characters will be list down here soon...

Fan Characters:

Scars the Hedgehog (Sears) my cousin thought that the grafitti said that yea im not good in grafitti...

Age: Depending

Created/DOB: August 15th

Species: Hedgehog

Gender: Male

Fur Color: Orange with red streaks (like Shadow's) and on his bang quills. Scar near his left eye giving him his name.

Eye Color: A cross between Emerald Green and Forest Green.

Bio: Scars is Silver's long-lost brother. Silver is older than him but he acts more like a little brother to Scars. When Silver and Scars found each other in the icy alps of Ice Caps, they were always together and never separated. Silver was gay and Scars was feeling a weird vibe from his brother, and he told him that he can tell him anything. Silver had confessed that he was gay and he said he liked Sonic and Shadow, but his mind set on the brother since they reunited. Afterwards, Silver had then told his brother that he had liked him and Scars also liked him back. So now whenever Silver wanted to he and Scars would have sex whenever, especially if one of the brothers wanted to 'loosen up'.

Xareta Xarxex Pronuntiation: Zareta Zarces

Age: 19-23

Created/DOB: April 23rd

Species: Fox

Gender: Female

Fur Color: Purple but more on the vibrant Violet side on the shade of the darker colors.

Eye Color: Purple/Violet with some kind of streaks of Amber on the Brown side.

Bio: (From TFOL) Purple fur and Sonic had found Xareta under a pile of ruble in a collapsing building in Empire City. They had became friends after Sonic had saved her. At first when she heard about Sonic, she wasn't all fangirl on him unlike regular people and Amy... But she always acted like celebrities and famous people were just bystanders and regular people.

Sakoda Atsumori (Rice Field Wine Hot Forest *I'm guessing the meaning*)

Age: (Depending) Usually 21

Created/DOB: November 6th

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Physical Features: Sky Blue eyes, red fur, white fur arms, chest fluff - gray, Tall

Bio: Jock not a jerk. Nice at heart and a great listener. Would do anything for Sonic and Shadow. They saved him from a flaming building. He's best friends with Knuckles, of course because sometimes Sakoda can be a hothead too so they can relate. Knuckles and Sakoda got each others back. When it comes to talking they both listen to each other. Sakoda is Bicurious but he never shows it. He can hide any and all of his feelings very well.
In High School, Sakoda is the class jock. He is always 3rd best behind Sonic and Shadow who are both evenly matched. Tails tutors him in Math and Science.
As a college student he no longer has problems in Math and Science. He takes Psychology. As practice he'll have a heart to heart with his best friends.
Sakoda never backs down from a challenge, whether its tryna beat the hedghogs at some MMA then he's all for it. Running sprints isn't his forte so he uses his silver sports car to help out Sonic and co.

Top 5 Fan Fictions: although after 3 it really isnt in order to my care... so i guess

Top 3 Fan Fictions with 3 Favorites:


1. A Matter of Trust - DragonXKS

2. Torn in Two - pantedgieQueen13

3. He Is My Master - Chiisai Kitsune

How it Feels to be Loved - purpledemon21

Picturesque - Meredith Pandora Lilith

The Secret Life of Sonic - Chibi-Chan101

Dumb Luck - Kumerai Fang-sama


1. Those Three Words - RevolCram

2. Affection - RevolCram Yea she rights alot of good ones... she? right? if not sorry i'll change it after im informed...

The Den - pantedgieQueen13






im gonna finish this up later so expect it...

now thats enough and read and review and NO FLAMES!!!! because if u were to flame like "Shadow and Sonic shouldn't be together..." or "That's gross, Sonic and Tails are only brothers..." yea if u didnt read it you wouldnt have to flame now thats not smart to flame if wanted to read it or if you had to... just shut your front door!!! yea i wouldn't swear but the characters in my story would...

Now go and read my stories...



were all hoping to see what happens to Sonic and Tails in TFOL but well i can't really post it. One, i can't on the desktop obviously and two, my computer is sent away to be fixed cuz of the style of my stupid port. so yeah and the other laptop can't write crap and i like it better on word so i'm verry verrry verry very very very very very very very very very!!!!!! SORRRRRRYYYYY!!!!

I promise, i'd try to make up for this maybe more chapters and other stories?

By the way i have wrote some kind of house guide to the Sonic Characters, Its my own imagination so i dont have to write all in the story you can just refer to the Guide. IDK if itll be helpful but i sure hope it does. OKAY!!! and to keep you guys excited i will post some drabble thing i wrote during my freetime whenever i mean last year sooo... i'll tell you the title: A Kiss & Another Kiss... OMG got the title from my teacher she's very graphic in teaching. AHEM!! okay so why ya'lll think about this i will just continue trying to write kay i actually have the whole story planned just not written down...kay?

i promise, even myself i'd try to make as long as Torn in Two By PantedgieQueen13

I loved it and i think you'll loveit too...

As aforementioned(Look it up),


*--EDIT {1/21/11}--*

I gots the bios of Xareta and Scars...

okay SO i may or may not be able to make TFOL as long as Torn in Two By PantedgieQueen13 but maybe, just maybe might be over 20 chapters.. JUST TO LET YOU KNOW!!! but i make no promises!!!


*--EDIT {7/15/11}--*

hi people sooo, i really like to thank people who reviewed on my stories





so these people were very much thanked by me... lolz...

thanks for reviewing guys!!! and you know if you faved or alerted my stories i know who you are nah jk i dont... or do i???

but please leave a review once in a while... i am almost done with summer school so i can work on TFOL and Half of A New Year's Tale...

I put asterisks to show where the updates are... and a bunch of other symbols i settled for asterisk and lines... lolz

THanks a bunches!!!
No flaming whatsover!!!

*--EDIT {8/23/11}--*

Hey all So I Havent forgotten you!!! I have two new stories. One is already made and the other is Work In Progress... I will try to finish TFOL but it may take me a while don't worry i need to be consistent and not put it aside. I need to train myself.

The one that's finished is called: 7 Minutes of Chaos and the other (WIP) Wish You'd See It Through My Eyes

So yeah...

*--EDIT {1/2/2012}--*

So to everyone A Happy New Year!! We made it guys!!! *knocks on wood* Ehehe...

As i promised, did I? around 4-5 months ago A new story! and A start of this little series that i decided to make! and I know series and trilogies aren't my thing but I have finished the starting chapter of Half of a New Year's Tale And for these ones I made it very convincing that it should be given a new one every year. SO bassically 1/2 New Year's (we shall call it) will be probably updated throughout this new year. I will try to! I want to! But I know you don't trust me!

Wish You'd See It is finished starting chapter Also!

And speaking of Wishes that is the series I have created! It's called the Three Wishes series! but I need to figure out what My last Wish would be! HMMM... *contemplates*

And I have created a new OC! He is Up there with my other ones!

So just to let you know: I have a couple or more good ideas for stories which I haven't gone to writing yet. but the main plot is there in my head whenever i pass by it in my notes... Yeah Sorry I'm a slacker... I don't go on the internet a lot anymore... *which may or may not be true*

And also A Happy Holidays!! To all of my fans? out there! Whee and those who faved my stuffs!!

And NO Flames!!

*--EDIT {7/15/2012}--*

Heyy I'm back ehehehe...

Everyone having a great summer? well i know you are lolz jk anyways i'm back for a moment to publish a story that i just happened to finish.. yeah i know

"where's the rest of [insert story name here]?? I wanna know what will happen to [insert character name or predictable event]???"

Yeah welll you may have prolly wait a moment, again, *sweatdrop* cuz i am possibly still working on that story...

Hey honestly i don't just not touch it... i honestly sometimes have some flashback of the story and it comes to mind and i go look at it and update it and write some more and try to get the chapter done to post on here...

But on the other hand... yeah summer nights are fading so best to do something about it.

On one other note since summer school would finish this week and i have about a month or two till real school starts i shall go ahead and have a shot at the unfinished products.

I won't back down on you guys... I might but there's a slight chance of that happening.

as a heads up those "actions" that are at the top from way way back in the day... (couple years ago) i don't use those anymore but those are used in the older stories or my first ones.. yeah idk i just didn't wanna explain that everytime in te story cuz i know some people are so particular that they just wanna read the god damned story and getting with their life... but some take the time to actually read those author notes... yeah i do it sometimes... i read your author's notes guys...

Kay so that's alll to update on i guess see ya in a couple of months again (or a year)...

Again still NO FLAMING


if you guys remember me posting about: A Kiss and Another Kiss that was some weird story yeah the plot is very self explainatory and i dont wanna post that so basically its about a kiss and another kiss... so yeah ponder on that and if you feel that i should post it PM me yeah but you dont have to... you know me i'll forget... im very forget btw...

"duh we already know... You almost abandoned us."

hey at least i come back once in a while to inform you guys kay so yeah POST SCRIPT RULES!! lolz



hey so i'd like to give a shout out to hiplove because in one of her reviews it had given me an idea for a certain fanfiction series.

So The Fabric of Our Lives will have a sister arc which is named "The Three Wishes Series" yeah this was originally not intended to be merged but because the story line takes place in the same world and well no date was said in 3Wishes which rang a bell that can showcase 3Wishes in the future.. lolz yeah so you could say its my rendition of "30 Years Later" but the year in 3Wishes will be determined... soon...

Kay so BYE GUYS see ya around or until i go MIA for another half year or so.

btw's my avatar and temp cover page image is created by MylaFox out on DeviantART so check her out!

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Dumb Luck by K. Fang-sama reviews
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