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Author has written 3 stories for Legends of Tomorrow, and Flash.

Hey everyone, a twenty something college student. My favorite series on tv are CW's The Legends of Tomorrow and Prison Break. I like anime too and Disney movies.

All of my list of story ideas, lists of oc's and other information are all in alphabetical order by fandom and character/story name so it will be easy for you to find, for anyone that is interested. That and I am obsessed.

I often write stories about darker themes/sensitive subjects such as suicide, self-harm, adoption, abandonment. So if this is something that bothers you then please stir clear of this page. Thanks!

Story updates:

Click: Most of the contents in the chapters will be cannon to the plot, but a few minor plot points will be different. I'm not going to spoil anything but, keep in mind, this is Alice's POV. Remember the episode when they got left in 1958? Keep that in mind.

As for the one review about who will be shipped together, pay attention to the summery.

Stories that are in the planning stages

Fandom: Attack On Titan
Title: To be Determined
Summary: When exploring the outside world beyond the wall, the survey corpse comes across a tribe of people that lead them to the rest of the human population.

Fandom: Black Butler
Title: "To Be Determined"
Summary: Fate works in many ways, especially for fifteen-year-old Ciel Phantomhive who takes a liking to a certain girl. There's only one problem, she's a commoner.

Fandom: Death Note
Title:"To Be Determined"
Summary: Post Kira investigation. Three months after Light dies and the Kira investigation comes to a close, Touta Matsuda is struggling with his career as a police officer as his personal life is plagued with nightmares and day terrors that he cannot control. His life seems to only get worse after a seemingly random series of fires, the former task force, or what's left of it anyways, finds a victim in the basement of one of the burnt houses.

Fandom: Death Note
Title: "To Be Determined"
Summary: Three weeks after Light discovered the death note, Light's family is assigned to play host to an American foreign exchange girl. Takes place during the Kira investigation.

Fandom: Fast and Furious/Death Note Cross Over
Title:"To Be Determined"
Summary: *Post movie 7* The family's world turns upside down when a certain 18-year-old teenage boy enters their lives. Anger and fear are spread through the whole family as criminals are being offed one by one with no explanation why.

Title: To Be Determined
Summary: Happens during the episode with the meta-human that makes everyone angry. What if the moment that Cisco was exposed to him for that split second before he put him in the cell?

Title: To Be Determined
Summary: So Barry didn't mess up the timeline the last time so what other threats would be in store for team Flash?

Title: To Be Determined
Summary: So some years pass and Barry is now a forty-something-year-old man who is slowly dying. No, more like he's dying quickly.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Hidden Scars
Summary: A series of one-shots in Draco's perspective. What starts out as genuinely enjoying picking on Harry and his friends turns into a need to shun them to survive.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: To Be Determined
Summary: (I know this has been done to death but I wanna take my spin on it.) All the Weasley's have always been Gryffindors, what would happen when Ginny gets put into Slytherin?

Fandom: Harry Potter/Death Note crossover
Title: To Be Determined
Summary: What happens when Harry Potter finds a Death Note?

Fandom: Legend Of Korra
Title: "To Be Determined"
Summary: A couple months after the war between benders and nonbenders, Republic city has seemed to get back to normal. One day, a new face hits the city that could very well turn it on its head once again.

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow

Summary:So if Leonard and Mick met a teenage girl when they were in juvi, how woiuld the Legends of Tomorrow be different?

Fandom:Legends of Tomorrow (one shot)

Title:to be determined

Summary: "ever sense then, I've had a fear of giant toads". How exactly did Mick develop this fear?

Fandom: Inuyasha
Title: To be determined
Summary: Has it really only been ten years? It seems like a lifetime ago

List of OC's

Fandom: Black Butler
Name: Isabel
Timeline: Post-Manga
Gender: Female
Status: Commoner
Appearance: Very simple and not that expensive clothing with long hair that is dark brown and usually down. She stands about as tall as Ciel.
Personality: Well, she tells it as it is...

Fandom: Death Note
Name: Hannah
Timeline: Post Kira investigation
Preferred name: Jen
Birthday: March 3rd, 1991
Appearance: Long ratty blond hair and blue eyes. She stands about 5"5" with a strong build. She puts her hair up in a ponytail all the time.
Personality: Strong willed and hot headed, she is still kind enough but not to the point of trusting someone. Her biggest fear is getting close to someone only to have them die in the end. Very Tsundere in nature, she tends to be snappy towards others and a bit standoffish often seeming like she has little to no patience. Eventually, though, she will warm up to a person. It just takes a long time. She likes motorcycles, challenges, and surprisingly reading. She dislikes Near with a passion, Kira, people getting close to her, dresses, the color pink, and odd numbers.
History/Life: She grew up in Wammy's orphanage her whole life until she was fourteen which is when she and Mello ran away together where she was with him through everything from being poor and the Mafia to his death.

Fandom: Death Note
Name: Jane Miller
Gender: Female
Timeline: Before Misa
Appearance: Jane stands about 5'4" with red hair and green eyes. She has freckles and wears mainly dark colors. She's a foreign exchange student from the United states who lives with her mom and dad isn't in the picture.
A/U: In another universe, Jane is a spy for L who is 18, and looks young for her age. She's undercover for L as an American foreign exchange student.

Fandom: Death Note
Name: Katelyn O'Brien
Timeline: When Light had just entered college. (Misa doesn't exist in this universe.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Katelyn is a single mom standing about 5'6" with dark brown short hair. I'd say an average build with a darker complexion and dark eyes. She has a three-year-old son named Henry.

Fandom: Flash
Name: Austin
World born: Earth 1
Appearance: Long dark hair with a darker complexion stands about 6'2" with dark brown wings much like his mother's wings.
History: Due to his teacher secretly abusing him behind closed doors and maybe the fact that his mother had the same disorder, he had developed DID. And it didn't help that most of the other children had bullied him to add to it. So combined with both, he had started to develop DID as well.
Main alter/host/core:Austin
Personality: Very much a boy. He likes trucks/ skateboarding, country music, rock and rap. His favorite country singer is Brantley Gilbert. He prefers to be a lover and not a fighter. He is very stubborn and hard headed.
First alter:
Role:secret keeper, takes physical and verbal abuse
Appearance:Brown curly hair and freckles with brown eyes, she stands 4'.
Personality:Quiet and shy, she loves dresses and the color green.
Second alter:
Role:Persecutor. Takes Mental abuse
Age:Seven years older than the body
Appearance:Blond hair and blue eyes, he stands about 6'4"
Personality: He loves plays and classical music. He hates violence and will stand up to someone who is being bullied.
Sexual orientation:Bi.

Fandom:Flash (series)
World born: Earth 2
Appearance:red straight short hair with lots of freckles and lapis blue eyes. She's about 5'5" and wears jeans most of the time, except when she is undercover, she will often wear dresses then. She always wears a windbreaker to cover up the wings that are molded into her back. She has a seven-foot wingspan with dark brown flight feathers and navy blue tail feathers. She is a meta-human that has water bending powers and super speed.
History:A test tube baby, she was born in a lab in the Majavi dessert (Which on earth one is Death Valley, just roll with it). Spending most of her time in a cage or being experimented on at a very young age. At five years old is when she first split into Jenny and then at age eleven, Falcon came into play. Falcon had decided that she had enough and so she had them escape the lab. Once they had escaped at age fifteen, a nice family came in and the mom was even a vet, if you can believe that. It seemed nice at first. When she was sixteen, she met Reverb and by the time she was eighteen, the family that seemed nice, had kicked her out. They could not handle an avian hybrid and a metta apparently. Since she had nobody to turn to but Reverb, he had began to change, becoming physically and mentally abusive, she was stuck. Could she escape him? Only time would tale.
Personality:She has DID. (Disassociative Identity Disorder).
Core/original person:Jenna
Personality:She is quiet and a bit sarcastic. Much like one of her other alters. The difference being, Jenna prefers not to fight unless she has too.
Alter one:Falcon
Age:5 years younger than the body. Takes verbal abuse
Appearance:Short red hair, lapis blue eyes, 5'6".
Personality:Sarcastic and standoffish to strangers, much like my other character Hannah, she is very Tsundere in nature but can be nice if you get to know her. Since she has been the one that remembered being burned the most physically, mentally, and emotionally, she has the most trust issues.
Alter two:Jenny
Role:Secret Keeper. Takes physical and mental abuse.
Appearance: Long red hair that is in pigtails, she usually likes to wear dresses that have pink in them.
Personality:Very bubbly and childish, she loves anything to do with pink and girly things such as dolls and dressing up.

Fandom:Harry Potter
Name: Jade Emery
Blood Status: Half-blood.
Appearance: She stands about 5'7", she has dirty dishwater blond hair and lapis blue eyes. Her face as a few freckles on it. She covers up her body with clothes cos' her body is full of scars.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Name: Jonas Riddle
Timeline:Depends on the story
Age starting out: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jonas is tall for his age, he has dark hair and lapis blue eyes with pale skin.
Personality: He is a teenager with a lot of anger issues. Granted a lot of teenagers have anger issues but with mostly every student in Hogwarts mocking him, and people in general, he's grown cold only allowing himself to get close to a select few people. He has a lot of trust issues.

Fandom: Inuyasha
Name: Raven
Timeline:Feudal Japan
Species:Cat Demon
Appearance: Red hair and green eyes, he stands about 6'3" with an average build and messy hair. He wears a dark blue kimono most of the time and likes to go barefooted where ever he goes.
Personality:Soft-spoken, he's the type to keep his anger in him and would explode over small things. He's very protective over his family.

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Click reviews
"We would never get along. Two hot heads don't mix!" "Oh, you'll get along splendidly. It may be a rocky start but you'll click just fine." I did have help from some people. I know you know who you are and I thank you for it.
Legends of Tomorrow - Rated: T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 5,194 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 6/16 - Published: 4/15 - Leonard Snart / Captain Cold, Mick Rory / Heat Wave, OC
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