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No, too formal.

Getting to know-

Too long...AH HA!

General Info: I'm a 15 year old from Singapore. I don't watch much anime...Or cartoons in general, for that matter...Well, I did. When I was...What? 10? Anyway...Most of my fanfics will mainly be on games. And books.

But mainly games.

Unless it's a Beast Boy/Raven Teen Titans fic. I write those as well. Don't ask me to write any other pairing...Not because I don't want to, more like I'm still struggling to be able to write them in character.

Also, I tend to use a lot of OCs in my stories. But don't worry, I'm totally against 'Official Character/OC' fics. So...Yeeeaaaa...Just be ready for a lot of OCs...Don't say I didn't warn you!

My reading spectrum is...Tiny, you might say. I mainly read books in the Adventure/Action genre, not a lot of romance. Unless it's fanfics. Then GO ROMANCE!

Oh! I forgot about games!

How could I...

Anyway, games I play: Mass Effect, Halo series, Call of Duty (4 onwards), Anything by Tom Clancy (Except splinter cell), Assassin's Creed series...And on and on, but I usually write fanfics on those few titles.

Ships I (sort of) support:

Teen Titans

Beast BoyXRaven - I mean, come on. I can see this happening a mile away. And it happened in the comics. THE COMICS, PEOPLE!

Bionicle (Yes, I know. 'Ships in Bionicle? IMPOSSIBLE!' Well, it is. On BzPower, anyway)

GreshXKiina - Can see it happen, might be there, but needs some work. Otherwise it looks like just close friendship

BerixXKiina - Um...I'm not against it, just I can't really see it happen. IMO, it looks more like a brother/sister relationship.

LewaXGali - Seriously, don't ask. It's just that that pairing was the first romance fic I wrote on, and it stuck. Crappy reason? Yes. But my mind begs to differ.

Assassin's Creed

AltairXMaria - It's official, as in, game canon. Need I say more?

EzioXRosa - Seriously, the way their flirting, it's like having a neon sign advertising their relationship. But then again, Ezio flirts with nearly any female he meets...So that kinda sucks.

(No offense to AltMal supporters, I mean, it's a free world. All the power to you. It's just that I don't feel comfy writing slash stories. Same for girl on girl. No, I'm not a homophobe, it's just that I feel uncomfy writing about it.)

Mass Effect

GarrusXTali - I don't know why, either. I just like the idea of it. I mean, at least their DNA is compatible.

And that's about it.

If you noticed, there's no manga/Anime series in there. That's cause I don't watch or read 'em. Not...That I don't like them, I mean, I tried it once (Chobits: I took a quick glance and decided to read more, kinda good), but it just doesn't appeal to me.

Rant corner

Okay...Firstly, let me get this off my chest. I'm not much of a RavenXRobin fan. Don't ask why...I just think Robin should be with Starfire. After all, it's been confirmed cause of Trouble in Tokyo. And further more, Raven and Robin? Seriously? There's little proof to back that up. Unless you take some events out of context...Like CyRae stuff based off the episode Car Trouble. Sure, Raven and Rob gets close in season 4...But Trouble in Tokyo negates that with that RobStar moment where they kiss.

OCs...I like OCs. They're great. They add a bit of flavour to a story that would otherwise be revolving solely around the Titans, and I'm not complaining. Stories like those are good. I just like to see other people involved. Just don't go into OC/Canon Character romance. In my opinion, they don't turn out that good. To me, it just seems like you're living out your crush for someone that's not real...Which is creepy, seriously.

Well...That's all for now...



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