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Update: HI AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Ok, so, I have been gone for a really long time and saying I was going to update and all that jazz...Unfortunately, I forgot my flash drive in my room at college, and I cant retrieve my fanfics...not one of them :'(. So here is what i will do: 1) Try not to procrastinate. 2) Do all of my homework early (ok, so this is #1...but still...) 3) With the previous done, I should have more time so one i get back to school I can start developing more stories 4) Write them. 5) Publish! Hopefully I can do this...I really need to write, specially because I have a couple of ideas! And also to not let the Takumi love die down ;) So yeah...

POLL: Now I have another poll about my story "In the Mirror" Are you all really interested in it? Please let me know. I need to know. the options are: 1) Yes, it's interesting 2) Not so interesting 3) Rewrite it or 4) start a new story. Please vote! Thank you all! I ask because I am starting to lose inspiration and I really don't think people are actually reading the story and having an interest in it. So again, thanks so much!

Tambien, alguien me mando un review anonimo y les quiero responder. Se trataba de traducir mis historias al español. Eso es una idea tan genial!! Agradesco tanto que muchas personas de todo el mundo esten interesadas en mis historias, por que francamente nunca pense que a alguien le gustaria cualquier cosa que escribiera. Entonces, voy a ver como me va con eso. Yo creo que lo voy a probar. Lo que pasa es que no tengo tanto tiempo como quisiera tener (mas que me voy a graduar este proximo año y tengo aplicaciones, ensayos, recomendaciones, y bla bla bla...) y por eso hasta ni he podido subir mis historias que excribo en ingles! Pero la idea me gusta tambien porque habran mas historias de Takuya y Zoe! (Aunque practicamente es trampa por que serian las mismas historias, solo que en español!!!! _)

POLL: Who is the smartest character in Digimon Frontier? Why I ask? Well, just a question, to tell you the truth. I personally don't have anyone in mind that is the smartest, because I think they all had their stupid moments *Cough*Takuya had them all the time *cough*
Takuya: HEY!!!!
Me: huh? um, anyway answer the poll and check out what others think! Keep on voting on my poll! Support your choice!

And also. This is a response to Fura-tuz's response. Well, they are mine! Muahahaha! All of them! And as always DF4 is TAKUMI! TAKUMI I tells ya!!!! heehee Now I laugh devilishly! ;)

(10/22) Happy B-day Fura-tuz727! ;) And yes, Syaoran is so awesome! He's mine! Minez I tells ya!!! Mwuahahahahahaha! *eye twitches* And so is Takuya and Dan! :) *eye twitch*

IMPORTANT NOTICE: (As of 6/29) Okay, really quickly cuz I have to go, but thank you so much blackandblood, for letting me know! We have beat Kouzumi!!!!!We have 335 stories, while they have 332! Now let's not get too excited about this (but for me that's too late), but let's just continue wrting awesome TAKUMI stories so...the other couple, don't catch up! YEAH! Again, thanks blackandblood!


Drum roll Please!
cricket cricket
Oh, never mind! The poll is now closed and the votes are in! Now, before I say anything let me just say thank you to all those who voted! And also that everyone has the right to think what they want to think. Now, to what everyone (doubt it) wants to hear...in total, there were 20 votes, 2 of which went against Zoe! They said she was slutty...they made ten percent of the people. Now the rest of the people, 18 votes, supported Zoe and said she was a nice girl! That made the other 90 percent! I am internally satisfied! (read poll explanation below)

Poll!: What do you think about Zoe, from digimon? Why do you think I ask? Well, my sisters and I have been having some arguments about it. They think Zoe is sorta "easy" with the guys just because she's the only girl. One of my sisters always, ALWAYS (grr!) points out that time were Koji offered Zoe his sweater. Obviously he was just being considerate! My sister also doesn't like the whole idea of Takumi (boo you sister!). She says she was only saying she was cold just so that he would give her his jacket. NO! She also says that Zoe was doing that because Koji was the only one with a sweater on. So What If he was! Zoe was cold, just like everybody else.
Oh, and I'm not done... My sister also says that in the episode To Make The World Go Away (episode 46), Zoe wanted to go with the Takuya ALONE. That is was Zoe's intention to do that. GRRRR! I think Zoe is so not like that. It was her luck that she got stuck on an alternate universe with a bunch of really hot guys, Dang it! I think she's just jealous. And the whole thing about the jacket and what not, Koji was being considerate and a gentleman. GOOD JOB KOJI! She was not doing that for the stupid reason my sister said.
Another thing that my sister says about Zoe is what Zoe wore to the whole adventure or whatever. It was sooo not Zoe's fault. She didn't know she would go to an adventure. I bet she wouldn't have worn that!
AND LASTLY, the whole thing about the Ophanimon's castle seperation or whatever, I would also be scarred if a dude came up to me and asked me to go to some room together! Especially if he said it awkwardly! I would so totally choose the hot guy that was right there. Of course I won't tell my sisters I'm doing this...I just want to be satisfied inwardly, if, of course, those out there think like me, but if you don't It's OKAY! I won't hate you or anything! Really I won't. Oh and the only reason I really didn't talk about my other sister is because she only agrees with the other crazy girl when it has nothing to do with Koji. She loves him! But my other sister just doesn't like Zoe, and I 'm not so sure why, so grrrr! I like Zoe, she's really cool and confident, a great role model.
Okay, I'm done :)

My Profile!

Pen-name: utsukushii04 (if you see what this means in Japanese, don't think I'm self-centered, cuz I'm not! It just has to do something with my name...)

Age: 18

Real name: well...why do you want to know, huh?

Sex: Female

Location: um...

Hello people! I have a little more than a year of knowing about Fanfiction.Net, and boy am I happy for it! First of all, I get to read wonderful stories about my favorite-ist couple TAKUMI!!!!! Also, I get to meet really great people, who just like me love Takumi and Digimon! Yay! To tell you the truth I would only read a story on Takumi, unless it's a really good story and it's not about Takumi, then I would read it. Other than that, it's mostly Takumi!!!!

I love Digimon! I just love it! I especially love the fourth season: Frontier! Wootwoot! I also love Takumi. Takuya and Zoe, or Izumi, are so cute and wonderful together. I really can’t see anyone else with any of the two. So I have decided to write about them.

My Digimon Story: Well, I'll tell you my story of how I came to know Digimon...It all started at sometime in some place in some season...Just kidding! Everyone will know who I am if I tell you (i mean...unless I didn't tell you the story). But I got addicted when I was in 4th grade. I was a little late, I know, but...I just had no other choice but to get addicted to the show. From there, I developed severe wanting to see it over, and over, and over again. The funny thing about it, and I think this is why I am such a Takumi fan, is that the first episode I ever saw of Frontier is none other than,well, episode 46, or how it's named in the US: To Make The World Go Away!

I recently was on fanfiction rehab. During last year's summer vacation, I got really, I mean REALLY addicted to Takumi stories and fanfiction, so when I got back to school and my friends knew about it, I was blocked from going in. It was a pact made between me and these other two friends. This only happened two weeks after school started. If I went against the pact I would owe one of my friends money, and the other one would break my pinkey! That would hurt so much!

A little about me: Okay, so I am a little crazy with people I know very well, I'm outgoing, uh, yeah, I like Digimon! (Just incase you didn't get that from before...). I'm 17, now that it's the summer I guess you can say I'm a Junior! Yay class of 2012! Um...I'm also Salvadoran, you know from El Salvador, um hispanic, so I'm fluent in Spanish. I mean I really am because I always speak it at home, never english (at home, anywhere else yes). (Okay si, yo se. HABLO el español pero no escribo historias en ese idioma, pero bueno, al menos lo hablo. Yo se que me va a ayudar en el futuro...)
I like to read Fanfiction when I feel sad, happy, depressed, excited, worried, frustrated...pretty much anytime! I'm really obssessed (did I spell that right?) with fanfiction. I usually read it when I want to waste time with school stuff and what not! So yeah, that' some info on me...not that you cared or anything...or did you? ... that's a little scary if you think about it...O.o

Fave color: Blue I know it's like everyone's favorite color, but i love it still!, then comes red, and then purple

Fave Anime, Manga: DIGIMON! (TAKUMI!!)I also like Bakugan (Dan Runo!), Tsubasa Chronicles anime and manga (Syaron Sakura!), Cardcaptor Sakura, yeah that's all can think of right now...

Fave music: Mostly up-beat, any type like that,
and for those who know what bachata is, I HATE IT WITH A BURNING PASSION!!

Fave artist, band, etc: Shakira, Jonas brothers I love them so what!, Phil Collins (this dude's a genious!), and of course...Digimon Frontier gang! Yup they sing! but in japanese...I have no idea what they're saying, but man do I love them!

Fave Songs: Salamander by Junko Takeuchi (Japanese Takuya!), Kaze no Shizuku by Ishige Sawa (Japanese Zoe!), She Wolf by Shakira, Much Better by Jonas Brothers, Dulce Locura and Muneca de Trapo by Oreja de Van Gogh, Another Day in Paradise and Something Happened on the Way to Heaven by Phil Collins, and Missery Business by Paramore, just to name a few!

So I hope you enjoy my stories!


Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon and it's characters or anything Digimon! Nothing whatsoever.

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Meh...I don't really believe in these things, but most of the answers were sort of true...at least what I chose...

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I got 13...that's very interesting...but I'm a girl OKAY!

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Eh...I don;t have many bolded I guess. It might be that I don't have many wierd things happen to me or that things just don't happen to me because I'm weird...interesting...

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Um, I would bold the one about liking to read, but that would only apply to fanfiction! I don't read for fun...I only read half of the fourth Harry Potter book! And I started reading the fourth one! ...The only book series I've actually been hooked on has been The Hunger Games!


This is really sweet...

When a girl is quiet, a million things are running through her mind.

When a girl is not arguing, she is thinking deeply.

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