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Name: Francis Rodriguez
Gender: Male
Email: rodriguez.francis@gmail.com

It's been a while since I've last updated. There are just a few things I have to say. First on the list is: I apologize for my very bad habit of not finishing fics. I've come to realize that I'm not really good at keeping up with them, and as such, I've decided to change the way I approach my fiction. This leads to my second message regarding future work I do on this site:

I have one more final on Wednesday, June 21, 2006. After that exam, I am planning to spend my summer working on a single work--which will hopefully be my best work yet--on a Kingdom Hearts '3' Fic. The plot and a few skeleton ideas are in development, and I'm working on getting everything in order as to minimize the mind block that may occur throughout the summer. I'm grateful for those who appreciate my work and I sincerely wish to repay your loyalties by completing this fic--which would be only my second fic I've ever written to completion.

Update: There is a blog up for tracking the KH3 fic's progress:

Update 2: Kingdom Hearts III: The Revival is officially live on Fanfiction.net! Please R&R when you can! Thanks!

Thanks for all your continued support. Time flies.

Current Projects

Kingdom Hearts III: The Revival
Game: Kingdom Hearts
Status: In Progress
Date of Completion: TBA
Sequel: Unlikely

Future Projects

Bear in mind that most of these have not been developed any further than a simple idea or a single scene.
It is my wish to continue to develop these ideas when I able to, however, this will probably not happen until after I've finished my 'Kingdom Hearts III: The Revival' fic

Shakugan no Shana
Title: Untitled
Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance
Setting: Post-production storyline (I'll have to see how Season 2 ends before I solidify the setting; however, the novels leave me much to debate with in terms of setting. My intention is to start the fic after the novels end, but I have no idea when Yashichiro Takahashi will finish it. e.e)
Pairings: YujixShana
Outline (thus far): The matured Midnight Lost Child, Sakai Yuuji the Mystes (Reiji Maigo, Mystes no Sakai Yuuji) is now recognized among many in the World of Guze. Grasping his identity in hand, he further strives to protect his home town of Misaki, the Maelstrom of Warfare, from all who seek to bring ruin to it. (Note: I'm waiting to see how the novels resolve the current conflict that is going on, as it will greatly affect the direction of this fic. If the novels do not provide an easy way for me to develop the fic, I shall make this somewhat of an AU--independent of where the novels are at presently).
Thoughts: I've always really liked this series ever since the first season aired. Writing a fic based on this series has always been at the back of my mind, but has always been pushed back due to school, previously unfinished fics, and because the series is still ongoing. I'm really into writing post-production plots for my fics, so after hearing a second season for Shana was due to air this past Fall, this fic has taken a back seat until after after the season finishes (not to mention the status on the novels and my KHIII fic).

Gundam 00 (with a small possibility of a cross-over with SEED)
Note: As of now, there doesn't seem to be a Gundam 00 subcategory on FF.net, but I hope there will be when this fic draws closer to completion
Title: Untitled
Genre: Action/Romance
Setting: Post-production storyline. See Outline.
Pairings: OCxOC, possible canon pairings (haven't decided)
Outline (thus far): As Part Two of 00 airs this October (2008), not much can be formulated in terms of a post-production plot; however, this fic will be almost completely original in terms of its cast of characters. I will more than likely include several canon characters as well as storyline organizations (such as Union, AEU, HRL, granted they still exist by the end of the series), but the main storyline is driven by an original cast of characters, with canon characters serving as support, not leads. The actual storyline will be more refined after the series finishes (probably around February 2009?), but I can say for sure that Celestial Being will once again be a major focus of the fic. The chances of a SEED cross-over is unlikely unless I can find a justifiable reason for me to make it so.
Thoughts: What started me on developing this fic was Celestial Being. I'm not entirely sure what it was about it, but I absolutely loved the concept of it. An organization that was slowly working in the shadows for the past 200 years, finally coming into fruition with unforeseen technology and also being guided and directed by an unreal AI named Veda (or 'was' for anyone who's keeping up with it) to forcefully eradicate war (albeit in a very extreme way) was quite an interesting idea. I also must mention that I absolutely love their organization's emblem. heart. Anyway, I've been a Gundam fan for a while, and originally I was planning to write a post-SEED Destiny fic, but with the Gundam SEED movie coming out sometime (who really knows when though), I've decided to focus my efforts to create a Gundam 00 fic instead (which is totally Celestial Being's fault). Again, this will probably not advance too far until after the series ends sometime next year).

Title: Untitled
Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance
Setting: Post-production storyline (I will have to see where the manga goes with the plot, but I have a really big feeling this will end up being an AU that deviates away from the canon plot)
Pairing: SasukexOC, NarutoxSakura
Outline: Sasuke is back in Konohagakure, however, depending on where the manga is when I begin development for my fic, Sasuke will be either be serving the nation under tight restrictions and forced to keep a low profile (if Konoha still perceives him as a traitor), or will be a highly respected shinobi. Regardless of Konoha's perception of him, he serves under ANBU (his freedom to act will depend on the aforementioned circumstances) and runs into the female OC during one of his missions. In time, Sasuke's fate becomes intertwined with this mysterious OC and the history of the Uchiha lineage (specifically the history of the Sharingan) is further delved into.
Thoughts: I've been a fan of Naruto for a while, and despite having watched it for years, I saw a lot of potential in many characters that just isn't really being explored. I don't know if this is simply because Kishimoto hasn't decided to tap into those elements yet, or if he doesn't plan to at all. At any rate, I found myself wanting to explore these elements myself, and thus began the idea of this fic. I've always been a fan of the Sharingan, both the look and its abilities, and thus is why its history and Sasuke are integral parts of the plot. As well, as much as I like and support SasuSaku, the idea I had for the female to play alongside Sasuke didn't quite fit Sakura's personality as much as I would've liked--not to mention the way Sasuke and the OC are connected just couldn't be possible with Sakura's character. Also, because Sasuke and Sakura already have such a long history, it would've been impossible to create a romance plot where the male and female hardly know each other at the start and then slowly start to learn more and develop feelings for one another. While obviously there is much that can be worked with to write SasuSaku, what I had in mind just isn't feasible.

Aishiteruze Baby
Title: Untitled
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Setting: Post-production storyline
Pairing: SatsukixOC, KippeixKokoro
Outline: Exchange Student fiasco. That's all I really have to say at this point, haha.
Thoughts: This will pretty much be my first attempt at a fic that is primarily focused on Romance. All of my fics to date have been primarily driven by an action/adventure plot, with romance brewing as the story goes on, but I've always wanted to try writing a lighter fic that didn't involve any heroic theatrics or heart-thumping action. Naturally, this will also probably be significantly shorter in terms of length than any of my other fics (completed or uncompleted), but I'm hoping to still write it well. As for the central pairing: I've always taken an interest in Satsuki's character. Despite being the youngest in the Katakura household, he's clearly demonstrated a maturity beyond his years--which remarks him as both a charming and very strange character. I've wanted to take that peculiar personality and explore its dynamics in a romantic setting that features him as the male lead. The manga obscures exactly what his relationship is with Ayuki was before it ended, but because of that it'll be quite easy to come up with a reason to get her out of the picture (haha). No offense, SatsukixAyumi fans; they're a cute pairing, but not quite what I had in mind--especially not for the female lead I wanted to have alongside Satsuki. The manga also obscures exactly how old everyone is at the end, so I'll have to take the liberty of deciding on the ages myself. Lastly, I mentioned KippeixKokoro because although it is already declared they're together in the manga, they'll definitely serve as an important support role (both individually and as a couple) to the main coupling. Out of all the fics still in production, this one may be the easiest to start on as the main story (manga and anime) are both complete.

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