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Hi! Clarin321 is technically two different people going off of the same pen name, but we really only wanted one account. Can you tell the difference between our two writing styles? (That's the million dollar question!) Hint- the person who wrote Don't Look Back isn't the same person who wrote Night of Rue! Oh, wait. That gave it away. Whoops.

Oh, and the name Clarin321 is subject to change...


We tend to only add stories to our favorites list if they were absolutely spectacular and wonderful in every way (in our eyes, at least), so if you landed a spot in our favorites, congragulations!! Wow, sorry if that came of as conceited!! but yeah... feel good.

Some favorite mangas/books/TV shows are:

Death Note
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
House, M.D.
Harry Potter
Fullmetal Alchemist

and whatever else escaped my mind at the moment.

Whether or not we actually plan to write something about said things is completely unknown right now! We plan to be extremely stingy with any information about ourselves, so sorry people. If anyone actually cares...

So far, it's looking as though most of our stories might end up being some kind of tragedy/angst/dismal kind of thing. I guess that our policy is kind of "Fluff is fun to read but dull to write!" Speaking of our stories, just as a little tidbit of information, most of the titles that we choose for our Bleach stories come from titles of Bleach manga chapters/titles, sometimes changed a bit. Just in case anyone was wondering...

Oh, and an important note: all of our anime/manga stories (and this mostly refers to Fullmetal Alchemist stories) will be in the mangaverse. Why? Because, frankly, I think that anime is usually just like manga, except the drawings are worse, and they go off on annoying arcs (ahem, Bleach. Bounts?? Seriously?) FMA Brotherhood is about the only anime made from a manga that I actually respect. ('cus I just laugh at Bleach and Naruto) The first FMA anime? Ummm... well... sure, okay. The animation was good, but the story was kinda weird... (Not as weird as Noein, though!) And Ed was a crybaby...

On the subject of pairings, well, I've never been one for romance, but you can't really get around it, now can you?? So, this is where we stand:

Bleach: (Really, there isn't much romance here anyway!!)

HitsuHina- I prefer the childhood friend relationship (or whatever you want to call it), but if Toshiro is going to be in a relationship, Momo is best.
IchiRuki- Rukia doesn't seem at that interested, but okay, sure, fine, whatever. Orihime sort of needs to be more assertive...
RenRuki- (Is that what you call it?) Not much to say on this one... Complicated. This is another childhood friends situation. Pesky little things, aren't they?
HitsuMatsu- Frankly, it's disturbing!! I'm mean, gross!! cringes Sadly, I will read these anyway...
Hitsukarin- A bit of a leap, but if you must...I really don't trust anime, so I can't support the idea. If Tite Kubo puts them in the same room, I might buy it.

FullMetal Alchemist-

Royai- As long as it's done right, I'm okay with this...
Roy/Ed- WHAT?? This pairing freaks me out. Do you know the age difference? 14 flippin' years!! CREEEEEEPY!! I bet they'd arrest Roy... Ha.
EdWin- It'll do. Nothing more to say, I guess.
Elricest- Ever heard of brotherly love?? I HATE Ed/Al!! shudders


Wash/Zoe- I like it! Its a cool couple.
Mal/Inara- Whatever.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Spike/Buffy- (I won't call it Spuffy... sounds weird...) I love Spike, but they won't ever work. It was fun though!
Angel/Buffy- Angel and Buffy forever!! Yeah!! Angel rox!!
Willow/Tara- I thought it was cute. I like Tara, and it was horrible to see her die!! Anyone that stopped watching Buffy because of it... well I don't get it
Spike/Druscilla- (Butchered her name...) Dru is awesome!! I love how completely nuts she is! It's a nice pairing.

House, MD

House/Anybody- He's too much of a scrooge for love!!
Cameron/Chase- Not exactly destined to work out, huh?

No strong opinions on anything else, thank you very much. Sorry if any of these opinions would offend people! Oh, and can you sorta tell that I'm a sucker for canon, most of the time??

Well, with that all said and done... On to the subject out our stories!!

Just one important note, as it happens, most of our stories so far have been angst!!

Don't Look Back- (This story is major on the angst and tragedy factor, so much that it makes up about 99.9. ) Hinamori Momo was killed by Aizen in the Winter War, right in front of Hitsugaya. THis story follows Hitsugaya as he learns to accept her death, overcome his guilt, and find new motivation to move on in the (after)life. Contains much Matsumoto, because I like how they interact, but absolutely is NOT HitsuMatsu. Leans towards HitsuHina but never states outright. Currently on hiatus, because I just don't know whether to end it or go on some annoying and pointless plot... Written by what I will refer to as author A...

Night of Rue- Not really AU, but this didn't quite happen either, so I'm just gonna call it slightly AU for now. My take on what could have happened if Hitsugaya lied about Momo's little murder attempt in order to protect her. Also, has a bit to do with the whole Momo situation and how Hitsugaya helps her deal with the aftermath of Aizen's betrayal. I suppose I'm going to get to writing more eventually, and it will have to do more with the whole lying thing, I swear! Has a large amount of Hitsugaya in it (Can you tell that we like him? A lot?), as well as Momo and Matsumoto. Written by "author B".

Report- This was really just a oneshot that had been nagging at me for a while. Here's the only way to describe it in detail: Have you ever noticed that Edward switches to writing with his left hand instead of his right after he gets automail? Well, I know that I'm useless with my left hand, (I'm right handed, duh) so I wanted to write a story about his frustration over adapting. So, I threw Mustang and an attempt at symbolism in there somewhere, and this is what I got. Hopefully it makes sense when you read it. I might write another chapter, but the inspiration only takes me so far. -Author "A"

Warning- My first Fullmetal Alchemist fanfiction, so I thought that I'd keep it short and sweet, and throw in some humor(?) and of course angst. I was inspired by the fact that when it rains, Ed's joints hurt, and Mustang becomes useless, and how because of that, Ed can predict when Mustang's going to be useless... sooo... yeah... I read a story where that relationship was mentioned, and kinda made it into a story of my own out of that thought. Plus, I figured that their reactions would be pretty priceless, so I just had to write this one. -Author B

One last thing. Have you noticed that we tend to use grammar and punctuation, or at least try to? Well, that would be because I hate it when people don't use capitalization and stuff. Just bugs me, sorry!! (Well, one of us, at least. I can get over a little error or two) (Haha! Only a error or two, huh? See? That's a grammar freak in the making right there!)

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