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Hi You've stumbled (on purpose?) onto my yaoi account. I have a separate, far bigger account for het, mostly involving Sakura Haruno of Naruto. It's StormDragon666 if you care.

IN RECENT NEWS AS OF APRIL 2013: If you are that rare person who popped over to that other account of mine out of curiosity, you would know I spent February and March in Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, enduring military boot camp and having no internet/phone access and waking up at abominable times of the morning/night to start my day. Well as of the first week of April I've discovered holy shit they made a fifth season of Hetalia how did I not read any notices about that before leaving home like wtf, Me, people used to call you observant. This new season has brought back a lovely rush of Hetalia inspiration, and though I'm still not done with military training, I am now in a stage where I can own and use a laptop and the internet, so I hope to get some writing done!


Name? My friends call me Hong Kong, as we all have used Hetalia names for each other for over three years. My actual name is Taylor. Maybe.

Me? "the quiet/nice/smart girl" on the stereotype list, University of Missouri student. I've been very lucky and successful in life, but apparently not enough for anyone to want to date (which is fine, because I'm ridiculously introverted anyway). I absolutely love books/reading, from Watership Down to crack fanfics to the lessons of Socrates, and Hetalia has led to read a ton of foreign history books. I speak mostly-fluent German and acceptable Chinese, and hope to learn more languages in the future. Mix in some Pokemon, Lost, Dexter, cartoons, beautiful music in lots of languages, Stephen King, and a dream of being a lawyer one day, and you get...me. Hi. c:

Fun Facts? I'm left-handed. I've never drank/smoked/done drugs or anything else stereotypically rebellious. I've never had a fight with my brother. I'm a yaoi fangirl who adores Sakura Haruno. When in private I like to stand on one leg.

Anime? Bitch, I was president of my high school's anime club for two years, and adored by all the members, for a reason. I grew up idolizing my dear big brother, and he discovered Rurouni Kenshin and shared it with me...and I've been deep into anime ever since! My big faves are: Naruto, Hetalia, Rurouni Kenshin, Fullmetal Alchemist, and the Ginga series, but I'm familiar with tons of others, and thanks to AnimeNewsNetwork and my anime guru big brother, I'm usually on what's new in the anime community in general.

Yaoi? It tickles my tummy so YES PLEASE. I'm a shy yaoi fangirl, though, and a reasonable one, by which I mean if I don't ship the pairing you ship, I'm not gonna be all "YOUR PAIRING SUCKS GO SLIT YOUR WRISTS" on your ass. Matter of fact, I can ship almost any pairing in any series. I will find a WAY to make that relationship work in my crackpot little head.

OTP? Seems that RoChu is it, but DenNor puts up a good fight. I can enjoy almost any pairing, though.

Potential Stories/In-the-works projects

1.) Title: TBA

The basics: China's entire life, from being "born" up to roughly this year. (Will contain more and more RoChu as time goes on.)

The summary: Russia asked China to let him see his history, and so China remembered it for him. Every man met and lost, every drop of blood, every grand victory, every quiet night. A fanfic of China’s four thousand years. RoChu.

Notes: I'm mega-excited to start this despite believing it won't appeal to a large-ish cut of the fandom, and it's requiring me to read up on tons of Chinese history and I'm lovin' that part. Some bits I will absolutely include will be a female dragon China befriends sometime in the BC era, his raising his family/siblings, his meeting/visiting with child!Russia around the twelfth century, (and Russia falling/pining for him fiercely throughout time) and even little bits of KoreaChina. Picture America at McDonald's to perceive how excited I am to start this (and America eating scones to perceive how difficult it is to write).

2.) Title: Tian Tian

The basics: A sort of timeline-fic of the Asian family, from China discovering and raising all his siblings, to various kiddy shenanigans and fun throughout history, to modern times where everyone's grown up.

The summary: Do not have one as of yet. Sad day.

Notes: family fluff all over the place, maybe non-platonic bits of KoreaChina. Will also contain drama from Japan separating from his eldest brother, and more than one family break-up and make-up. I reserve the right to slightly twist history so the Asians but for China could be children roughy at the same time (otherwise we'd have age problems, for example: Japan would be a full grown adult by the time Taiwan and Hong Kong were just born or were toddlers).

3.) Title: TBA

The basics: Something AsaKiku. I have no idea what the story even is yet, but by God, I'll write something AsaKiku.

The summary: None. Read the previous line.

Notes: Fool, what are you even reading these lines for? Just leaaaave. D:

Notes about Hetalia?

Why, I'm so glad you asked :D If you read my fanfictions, you will find certain constants, no matter the storyline. These are things that just exist in my head!canon. They are the way I imagine the Hetalia world and characters. So there :I

1.) The Nations ("nation-tans" :p) are "born", that is, slowly form out of thin air, when some kind of ruler declares the unity of a country for the first time. This can take minutes or even a few years. Naturally they are close to immortal, and also interact with humans like any other person.

2.) If a Nation dies or is murdered, their homeland and its people will somehow suffer, ex., economy collapses, disease epidemic. Consequently, people aren't so hot on killing nation-tans.

3.) The people in any country know who their "nation-tan" is, and treat them like a minor celebrity. It's probably common for people on the street to ask them for a picture and then post it on their Facebook/blog/etc.

4.) I have my own names for Norway and Iceland that I've hung onto for a year and a half, and MY names are what I call them: Norway is Aleksander, and Iceland is Gunnar.


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