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Ok, hi everybody

Im assuming that if you're bothering to check my profile then you have a serious love for fanfics. If thats the case, then congrats to you, kind sir!

If anybody is wondering, Jimmy Hudson is the name for my character in a major story that I'm currently working on. The name is derived for my two favourite guitarists: Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) and Saul Hudson (Slash from Guns N' Roses).
Because it will probably be a while before i put it up, I'm going to write a few shorter stories to get people interested (hopefully).

Im a big fan of the following categories and will probably be spending most of my time at their respective areas:

-Inheritance Cycle
-A few gaming fanfics (I'm an avid gamer)

I usually look at fics combining romance and action, the authors are very talented in that category on this site.

I am pleased to announce that Soldier's Edge is back! Go read it! Seriously, stop reading this and go read Soldier's Edge!

FFXIII is awesome. If I were virtual I would marry Lightning. My PS3 would be the preist. Nathan Drake would compete with Desmond Miles for the position of best man, and Fang would be the maid of honor. ('Cos she's too awesome!)

I am very anti Hope/Lightning. Sorry to all the Hope fans out there. As a character, Hope is pretty cool, especially in the second half of the game. As a romance option for Light, well... I don't really like the idea of Lightning getting it on with a little boy who's barely hit puberty. Pedophilia is just not cool. Remember, there's six years of difference...

Umm... thats about it for now. Go... read... er... something... Preferably Soldier's Edge.

Don't forget to review!

I UPDATED SOLDIER'S EDGE!!! OMG! "What!?" you may cry in shock, but alas, tis true. So march your gorgeous asses over their and check out the new, 11,000 word chapter.

PS: While you are under no obligation to read said chapter, it would be really appreciated if you did. And don't forget to leave a review. If something bothers you, no matter how small, let me know. That's how writers improve. I'll take what you say into account when I'm writing future chapters. Same goes for if you like it. Just saying, everybody likes to know how good they are at something...

Okay, here's something new. Recently been playing through Dragon Age 1 and 2 again. Did you know, after the first and second playthrough of DA: O, it's freaking boring. The entire game I was thinking. "Sigh, Brecilian Forest time..." or "Orzammar! Stupid Deep Roads and they're lengthy questline!" and my personal favorite: "What did I do to have to play through the Fade again? Goddamn perfectionist habit, have to grab every bit of loot in the game!"

But I did it. 100% game completion, including Awakening, Amgarrak, and Witch Hunt. Suffice to say that I'm very happy to have finished it. Did I mention that the only reason I played through it again was to import a perfect game into DA2? Thank god it's better. So much hate for a game that trumped the original in every way gameplay-wise. Missed Ferelden, though. And the recycled environments...

But I digress, the reason I bring this up is to tell you, yes you, who has bothered to endure my ranting, that my DA2 fic: Shattered Glory is being overhauled. Okay, it was only one chapter, but I had a full novel for that premise that I wanted to post. And I will post it. It's gone now, but it will be up again shortly, with some minor changes, such as a switch from 1st person to 3rd. Allows for much easier transition from character to character than 1st person. You'll see what I mean... Eventually.

One of my favourite quotes: "Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who tells you differently is selling something."-The Princess Bride

"Rule number 1: I am always right. Rule number 2: If I am wrong, refer to rule number 1."

A good friend will bail you out of jail, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying "damn that was fun"

If you or your best friend is insane, copy this into your profile

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