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Author has written 13 stories for Digimon, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda, and Pendragon.

'Sup y'alls.

I am a pretty big Digimon fan, and most of the things I write on here will be for that fandom. I have also written some Pokemon (only parodies), one Pendragon story that I think is pretty good, and one (very bad) Legend of Zelda fic.

I have a good handle on spelling, grammar and structure. That's what I pride myself in. I'm still skeptical of my ability to put together a cohesive plot with compelling characters, but I've gotten honors credit in a writing class and my teacher once told me that he wished he could show his future students my story and say, "THIS is how you do character introductions," so I can't be terrible :P I am also very good at determining what of my work is good, and what is bad. This is, however, nullified for all intents and purposes by the fact that while I may not always show my work, I will never take it down. Every story on here is here to stay-- I only deleted Dark Awakening because I will re-post ALL of it. This is a promise only broken by my death or something equally preventative of my ability to write and post what I write.

I will review most things I read, but these days I don't read much. If something is well written, I will praise it, and if it is poorly written, I will tear it apart and tell you how to rebuild it. I do not usually touch on the plot, because I don't believe art can be wrong, but I will sometimes give suggestions for that as well. My usual complaints are poor spelling/grammar, the infamous wall of text problem, issues with dialogue formatting, and when characters all talk the same way. I will occasionally come across other things as well, and I won't hesitate to tell you. I had my days of holding back my thoughts, and I'm kind of sick of it. So now, hear me roar, I guess.

I have some stuff on here, and some stuff I will eventually post.

Things I Have Posted


Dark Awakening: My biggest work on here, and one I intend to finish. I posted all of part 1 and a decent chunk of part 2, revised part 1, then deleted both and re-posted part 1 and have been slowly but surely writing more. A teenage girl named Lucy finds herself completely alone and gets pulled into the Digital World, where she meets 5 other children who know just as much as she does about what's going on: Nothing. An organization is rising and does not have good intentions. The group soon realizes that they literally have no choice but to stop them.

Faces, Love is Cold, Writer's Block, and Hunger All very short crack-fics, or false-lead-in humor fics. For some reason, I really like writing these about Davis.

Olives: AU. A short, multi-perspective Tai/Mimi fic. It's cute. I like it. I wrote it after an early-morning, very tired conversation with Gryphon's wing, wherein they said I should write a Michi. This is what I came up with

Reliving the Nightmare: Four Digimon have absolutely nothing to do with it, but no matter what they do to get away, the trouble seems to find them. This was supposed to be a relatively long story about the four Digimon in question having to take on an old foe, but is discontinued because I lost motivation and now that I can see that it isn't crap, I can't remember where I was going to go with it. Should I ever remember/become inspired, I will start it up again.

Friendly BetrayalAU. Tai and Matt lost track of each other years ago. Tai developed feelings for Sora, but kept quiet about them, and then Sora began dating Matt. When Tai decides to finally break the silence, things go wrong fast. I wrote this with a very underdeveloped knowledge of my opinions on romance. This story is honestly pretty good if you look at it through the narrow-minded, concerningly possessive and controlling romantic lens that most of America does, but I feel disdain towards it now because I in no way agree with the morals I accidentally put out there.


Children: A short story showing what Saint Dane was thinking in the Tak mines on Denduron at the end of The Merchant of Death. I thought about making a series of these, but I felt like it would cheapen it for me. So I left it where it was. I'm honestly quite proud of myself on this one, you don't have to be.


Gotta Slash 'Em All, Confused, and I Choose You!: A parody of the first themesong, a short story detailing just how bad the problem with this one particular Pokemon got, and what happens when Ash doesn't shut the hell up. I write things like this when I get bored, don't judge me.

Things I Intend To Post


Untitled: A story I don't know the ending of. AU. Currently has a lonely Mimi realizing that she and Sora aren't so different after all, before Tai comes back into town and things get weird. I was trying to write a Michi, I still might, who knows.

A Sorato: I just need to do it, for my peace of mind. I prefer Taiora, but there's too much Sorato hate out there for me not to do this someday.

Dark Awakening Parts 2, 3 and 4: It'll happen. I know what I'm doing with part 2, and I have a vague idea of the other 2. (vague idea translates directly to characters I want to introduce and badass snippets of dialogue)


Modern LoZ: Something is going really wrong in the city, and weird stuff is starting to happen. And if she's the adult here, how come I'm the one saving the world? -- Ohhhh boy do I really want to do this. Like, really really really. I STILL do not know how I would explain the equipment thing, but I will find a way. I started writing this once and lost the start, but whatever. May or may not include Link/Saria, definitely will NOT have Link/Zelda, as she is an adult in this series and he is barely a teen. Epona can and will be an enchanted motorcycle, because hell yeah.

So yeah, that's all I got. I like writing, so I write. I don't have as many people reading my stuff as I would like, but I can't control that and I will write regardless. Feel free to ask me to read/review your stories, I'll do it when I have the time. Don't be shy, I won't bite xP



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