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Update: Tuesday 30th April, 2019 - 4: 22 AM

Still not dead. though life has certainly changed a lot in the last five years. At first I got busy, then this site was banned in my country, then I told myself I was too old for Fan Fiction. I can only access this site through mobile app so learning to navigate has also been a challenge.

But the one thing that hasn't changed over the years is you guys! I cannot believe you guys are still reading my stuff (and have yet to move to Ao3 or wattpad or whatever kids today use) and leaving feedback. Please know that I value each and every response I receive to my works - even if I don't always reply. You are all amazing and really know how to make a girl feel special.

Will I ever return to Fan Fiction writing? Some days I think I might. Other days I'm not entirely sure. I like the idea of returning but fear I no longer have anything good to offer. And a graceful fadeaway is far more elegant than an empty comeback.

Rest assured though, if a comeback ever happens, you all will be the first to know.

Update: Tuesday 16th September, 2014 - 4.39 PM


And have finally decided that I'm returning to fanfic. Its been a horrible two years away from you guys but I'm now back and writing. Thank you to everyone who kept reviewing and fave-ing my stories in my absence. Each of those little notifications reminded me that I am missed and played a part in making me realize how much I love writing. Life tried its best to get me down these last couple of years but I'm here and still fighting.

To all those awaiting Fleeting, I assure you its in the works. I just don't want to post it until I have at least a substantial part of it written and beta-ed.

Thanks for all your patience, you guys continue to be awesome!

Update: Sunday, 15th July, 2012 - 5.10 PM

A note

To anonymous reviewer Ducky as well as everyone who read What Hurts The Most: I thought I had done my grovelling apologies in all the reviews that followed the penultimate chapter of the story but I guess I need to clarify a little bit more. I took no joy from the event that transpired in that chapter, I was in tears while writing it myself. My beta was heartbroken reading it and as most reviewers have pointed out, it made them cry. But that was the entire point of the story. You cannot (or at least I cannot) go into a RoyAi story thinking there will be a happy ending. There is no happy ending for two characters who genuinely feel they do not deserve one due to their own guilt weighing so heavily on them. The story was titled "What Hurts The Most" for a reason and the warning in the summary added further to it. If the story still upset you, I am very, very sorry and can only say that I understand how you feel. But I can't do anything beyond that. If it were up to me, there would be a traditional fairy tale ending where everyone lived happily ever after but my muse is evil and honestly, it isn't RoyAi if there isn't a healthy dose of pain and self loathing involved.

On further writing: Yes, i am alive and I am writing. I've just been very very busy with two very demanding jobs so forgive the trickle of updates that have slowed to a temporary half. I'm doing the FMA Big Bang again this year and Fleeting is being written, please rest assured it will be posted as soon as it's completed. Until then, your reviews and encouragement cheer me to no end. Thank you for all the feedback and for sticking with me all this while. If you'd like to see my short drabbles and such, you can always stalk me on LJ. My penname there is missyquill. :)

Update: Saturday, 4th March, 2012 -3.16 AM

The FMA Big Bang (Frozen) is finally ready to be posted. This section if for all fanworks related to Frozen as I don't want to crowd the list below. I will update this list as the chapters pertaining to the fanworks are posted.


(Book Jacket complete with blurbs from famous people by Sonja Jade)


(Roy and Riza under the big, big table in as seen in chapter one also by Sonja Jade)


(Riza at the hospital after the accident by XxCookieMonsterxX)


(Master Hawkeye giving Roy and Riza shooting lessons - also by XxCookieMonsterxX)


(Simply gorgeous fanart of Riza on her mother's vanity table from chapter 3 - by the infinitely talented Sonja Jade)


(Beautifully chilling fanart of Riza and Kimblee in Ishval as seen in chapter 4 by the fantastic Sonja Jade)


(fanart of Roy leaving Hawkeye House as shown in chapter 5 by -xX Cookie Monster Xx- on DeviantArt)


(I have no words to describe this breathtaking illustration from chapter 6 by Sonja Jade. Don't believe me, see for yourself)


(Roy as shown in the epilogue by -xX Cookie Monster Xx-)

Update: Monday, 14th November, 2011 -2.38 AM

My apologies for not updating this profile sooner. What can I say, things like graduating and finishing What Hurts The Most has kept me busy. And I'm happy to report both are done now. That being said, it may appear that I'm not posting much lately but that doesn't mean I'm not writing. I'm working on the FMA Big Bang at the moment which I'm only allowed to post in February but rest assured it will come with lots off pretty fanart. ;)

Also, if you have a minute, please check out my fanworks section and give kudos to all the lovely people who have made banners, trailers and fanarts of my fics. They are truly amazing!

Update: Monday, 18th July, 2011 - 9.29 PM

Just a very quick post to let everyone know that I write on LiveJournal as well. And while some things I re-post here, most of them don't make it because I don't want to clutter my page with drabbles. Two communities I frequently write for are the Kakashi X Sakura community (http:///) and fma_fic_contest (http:///). I've also recently taken on the management of missing_nin (http:///), a community dedicated to drabbles in the Narutoverse. Feel free to check out the communities mentioned above and show them some love. All of them have incredibly talented writers who are also very nice people. :)

And yes, my penname on LJ is missyquill, not the same one I use here. Long story.

Update: Sunday, 20th February, 2011 - 4.55 PM

Okay, so I've been procrastinating on putting up this part of my profile for a while now but hey, all the wonderful people who did this for me deserve to be credited so here goes. the following is basically a list of banners, fanarts, videos and stuff that people have very kindly made for my works. Thank you guys all so much, it means a lot to me.

Harry Potter:


(Banner, History's Best Kept Secret - Edwina/Wulfric Brian Dumbledore)

(Trailer, History's Best Kept Secret - Molly/Olive_Oil_Med)


(Another banner for HBKS by Rachel/Serious4Sirius)


(Banner for Black and Gold by Sara/Missbean)


(Fanart for Nightmares/Good Night, Princess by Emma/Emmeline Riddle)

(Trailer for Good Night, Princess by Chante/Doctorus)



(FanArt from the first scene of Impromptu Confessions by Sayuri No Moe on DeviantArt)


(FanArt for Final Moments courtesy of the fantastic Arraveug)


(Prize banner for Fracture Lines by the exceedingly talented nimblnymph. Yes folks, it is indeed an angsty muffin! *hugs FlameTwirler and Edelin*)

Fullmetal Alchemist:


(Banner for Almost Here by bay115 from fma_fic_contest on LiveJournal)

(Trailer for And So It Came To Pass by the wonderful chibijac/Jackiedg86)


(Prize Banner for In The Margin from fma_fic_contest on LJ, made by the talented Sonja Jade)


(Maes Hawkeye as portrayed in What Hurts The Most, realized by Sonja Jade)


(Banner for What Hurts The Most by Sonja Jade)


(A more complex banner for What Hurts The Most also by Sonja Jade)


(Prize banner for Underneath the Star-Strewn Sky by melodyic_rhyme on fma_fic_contest)


(Maes Hawkeye - as featured in What Hurts The Most - about to beat me silly with a happy stick courtesy of the incomparable Lou Nebin)

(Trailer for Almost Here courtesy of the awesome SamiiiChan on YouTube)


(Prize banner for Blood and Sunshine by the infinitely talented Sonjajade)


(Little Maes Hawkeye - as portrayed in What Hurts The Most - wielding a "Happy Axe" thanks to the brilliant Lou Nebin)

Update: Sunday, 21st November, 2010 - 8.04 PM

Okay, so my writing has been MIA for a few months but I hope to be back and active pretty soon. College and other obligations have kept me from writing but they have not kept me from getting ideas - and be sure I have plenty jostling for space in my head.

Currently obsessed with Royai from FMA and so am trying my best to get in some practice writing them. Have also fallen in love with the works of Mebh who can be found on my favorite author's list and I highly recommend her works if you're looking for quality Roy/Riza fics.

I'm posting little Royai drabbles so feel free to leave any feedback if you please. :)

Update: Friday, 26th March, 2010 - 5.40 AM (Don't ask what I'm doing up at this time blush)

Exams are over and this basically means I have about two weeks to work on my fanfiction. Future upcoming projects include a weird little bunny I like to affectionately call Sannin Smut (in case you haven't noticed, I love the sannins - especially Jiraiya/Tsunade) inspired by the wonderful lovesrainscent's Trinity, my entry for the ShinoTen summer festival challenge and an odd/depressing little Yaoi NaruSasu (inspired by the last few chapters of the manga by Kishimoron- I mean, Kishimoto.


PS: All the above are, indeed, just working titles.

Hi everyone, my name's Sammy and I've been totally corrupted by fanfiction. So much so that anything I read/watch/see, I think up fanfictions of. I've written some in the Potterverse, am trying my hand at Naruto and have a long WIP crossover sitting on my desktop. Unfortunately, this world is a cruel place and my collage doesn't care that I have all these projects and likes to keep me busy with mundane work like trying to earn credits in med school.

In Potterverse, I'm a huge fan of Elmindreda's work, in Naruto, Nimblnymph and her Kakasaku are the height of awesomeness and I need to lurk more around the Twilight centric fics to pick an author - Bleach too for that matter (which I have just recently started watching).

I need good fanfiction to keep me going so if you have any recommendations, please message me and let me know. I'd love to read and leave a helpful review if needed.

Sammy a.k.a Defender of the Light

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Broken Pieces by nimblnymph reviews
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Fleeting reviews
Their relationship has always been one of silence, written in the eyes and felt deep in their hearts. And yet, as the many memories shared between them threaten to encroach on the fragile life they've built, will they survive the avalanche to come? Sequel to Frozen.
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"Maes Hawkeye doesn't have a father." Her eyes are tired, but at that moment, they reflect every bit of love and hate she has ever felt for him. "And neither does he require one." Set post canon, angst!RoyAi. Again, not for happy readers.
Fullmetal Alchemist - Rated: T - English - Angst/Tragedy - Chapters: 12 - Words: 26,406 - Reviews: 159 - Favs: 94 - Follows: 43 - Updated: 10/18/2011 - Published: 7/2/2011 - Riza H., Roy M. - Complete
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Hiding in plain sight is the way of the shinobi, but how does one hide from oneself? Even ninja are allowed to fall in love, but can they do anything about it? Written for the Chuunin Challenge by SammyQuill, FlameTwirler and Edelin. Won first place!
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