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im am so sorry work has been getting to me and them my stupid old computer goes on the blink and i had to buy a new one . im am really sorry any way im gonna re do strange mira love and gonna put another fic up called the saiyan moon, lots of lemons in it. so look out for it. rant of the week:i came back and found out that is gonna get rid of the nc17 fic's damn tham if they do im off to another site can anyone tall me of any, can you belive there's a site called and its crap only two yaoi fic's kinda boring and a mess. im gonna get my own site and not on expage.

fav. peeps
mirai trunks

hated peeps
arliens (the bug things that vegeta and nappa killed on the way to earth)
20 (gero)

what can i say i love yaoi/yuri

things that might appear
1. a new saiyn creashes on earth her name letice she was the one bethrothed to vegeta but since he has bulma sh e goes to trunks but will he object.

2. gohan/???? videl walks in on gohan in bed with another man. (not a bash gohan but a videl bashing i hate that bitch.

the z gang are on holiday on a island of bulma's bra askes goten to g for a walk with her and askes him out. he declines and you have to wait to find out

4. a new person in gohan's class the only problem is its some one from gohans past

5. a cross over of dragonballz, gundam wing and sailormoon. yaoi yuri and some crazy stuff

6. a reporter hides in capsule corp. and find out some thing a secret that only goku vegeta trunks and goten know...

7. pan goes to chichi's to get some cookies for gohan. and finds out a secret...

8.chibi trunks and goten are in bulma's lab and excidently bring their future conterparts back. hints of shounen ai

9.Trunks goes to his fav. plac to think and finds someone alreadly there. (mirai world)

10. a goten and Trunks sleep over

11. gohan was about to kiss videl when "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" and some one fell next to them. "are you alright miss," "whet the hell happaned i was gonna see bra now im here,"

12. sailor moon
on the moon their was four secret warriors they garded the four stones of the universe one day they dissappeared

13.a dream i once had, a dragonballz fic short and unrully.
14. trrunks and goten training in the hyperbolic time chamber yaoi of corse, how will everyone re-act.

incase you didnt know i hate videl and marron. if they are even in one of my fic then they will ether die or videl would divosre gohan cause she cheated on him. pan will only be around to torture most of the time

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