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I would say I am delightfully insane with a pinch of charisma and a large dash of indifference.
They call me Sai, welcome to my delusions.

Part 1
The River's Huntress
one-shot was a direct result of certain pictures i came across in the wee hours of the morning. I like the thought of it but it'll never become more then the one-shot it is. Thanks for reading
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Part 2
The Illusive Wind
is a second one-shot that is indirection related to The River's Huntress. It has nothing to do with the first one-shot in regards to the two main characters but it is set in the same world of immortal beings keeping their lives separate from humans.

Part 3
Cradled in the Dryads Tender Care
is the third one-shot, indirectly related to The River's Huntress and The Illusive Wind. It backs off a little on the affairs and daily life of the immortals and focuses a bit on the more human side of the world where things can still be different. Jared gives a child's POV of his problems and of nymphs. It probably didn't need to be rated T but being related to the other two stories i figured it would be best.
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Part 4
Lightning bugs
is part four. Unlike the first three parts is it not a one-shot but it won't be very long either. Only maybe 4 or 5 chapters. (a guess at the moment) It is related to the 3 stories above, dealing with the Devil Elf Ridder and a human college girl Sally. The two of them are forced to bump heads after Sally accidentally gets her hands on one of Ridder's possessions that he needs to get back.
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Snake Charmer is about a girl named Dani who has shut herself away from the world do to different fears. She's letting herself fall apart, letting herself be evicted and nearly starve when Piper, the alpha snake comes in to claim her for his own. He explains that her snake charmer blood calls to him and he'll get to her one way or another.

Wonderland's Void: the return call is a similar creation. It takes place what would be after the books or movies depending on which your going on...It's taking place in modern days where Alice in a supposed normal teenager and her Wonderland experience happened in her subconscious. There will be a few trips back and forth until she's pretty sure she's losing her mind. I've also tweaked the characters to my liking so you'll obviously see the differences there. Again, it was just for kicks. I'll update once a week, unless i get a number of requests for a double update. That could probably be arranged too.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own Alice in Wonderland, obviously.
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Wonderland's Void: first draft is...exactly what the title suggests. The 2 page poem i did somehow turned into a twenty three chapter story. It was the start of it all. It was sprouted from boredom and went from there.

Wonderland's Void: Spirit Week A sequel-one shot to the return call. It takes place more or less 2 months later in the middle of Oct. Alice is still Queen but still has to return to her normal life. Now her Spirit Week and Home Coming is interrupted by some Wonderland insanity.

Wonderland's Void: Winter Break A sequel-one shot to the return call and Spirit Week. It takes place during the Christmas season. Alice has her hands full spreading Christmas cheer in Wonderland, but it's nothing compared to the trouble she'll have to put up with at home when insanity follows her through the door.

The Fighter's Child Prodigy started off as a half thought out paragraph and suddenly developed into a few thousand words. It stands alone and is a run down of Tesla's life for the first twenty-four years of her life. It's essentially a flashback of her life that she's looking back on as she's trying to move on to a newer stage in her life. She's taking the highlights of her life and uses them as bedtime stories for Ellis (though it doesn't seem like that in the story). The reader knows what Ellis knows and the darker side of Tesla stays buried. She doesn't need it anymore.
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Three Day Djinn amuses me alot actually. Been toying around with the idea for a while. Twenty-three year old Lottie finds herself in possession of a beautiful brass bottle that held a Djinni inside for four thousand years. Now the deprived Djinni had given her three days to prove she's worthy enough to be his master, and is manipulating her to get what he wants in to process.
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Tibia is the newest story i'll be posting. It's a little different in styles but thats because i didn't write it on my own. I co-write this story with my friend Lovely. So the two of us created this one together. It's more focused on werewolves in hiding and what one lone werewolf is hiding. she finally meets an alpha that can best her, the only problem is that she tends to get one over on him too. Vicious cycle.

Dear Santa: I Can Explain Is just a cute letter to Santa, done with me and my little Homie Nathan. He wants presents and was mortified with the thought of being on the naughty list.

Knowing Cristof Is about a pair of psychic brothers (one more normal then the other) keeping off the radars of doctors who would exploit their powers for their own reasons.

The Far Side is a short bubbling story that i can only hope makes as much sense to everyone else as it does to me. It's about to sides to the same world. The Magic side came first, where all human beings would wield wonderful powers. The other side was the Far side, full of humans with no magical ability. They were down barbaric. Through the centuries the Far side developed technology and turned into the world we all know, where the Magic would was the side that changed only through war. The 'good luck' twins were taken by their mother from the Magic side to the Far side, only to be dragged back seventeen years later.

The Romanian Frog is a twist on the old Grimm story the Princess and the Frog. It's set in a modern time from and the frog isn't even a real frog, not yet anyway.

From Under the Bed is about five year old Grace. With a liking for goblins, she's friends with the monster that comes out from under her bed.

The Prodigy's Legacy is the one shot sequel to The Fighter's Child Prodigy it continues Tesla's journey as a new mother and forcing her to learn the hard one that one can't simply run from their calling, or their birthright.

Don't call me Cupid is a cute one shot following the god Eros in an modern era. Even gods can be punished by their mothers, but Cupid can't stop being Cupid.

The Emperor's Harem Based on the manga Sennen Meikyuu no Nana Ouji. Which is completely fantastic. It is a collection of one-shots based on the 7 main characters. All pairings are m/m.

Feel free to ask questions if you have them.

Favorite Quote: 'From the moment I picked up your book until I laid it down, I was convulsed with laughter. Some day I intend on reading it.' -Groucho Marx

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