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Author has written 35 stories for Alice in Wonderland, Sonic the Hedgehog, School Rumble, Peter Pan, Edgar & Ellen, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Camp Lazlo, Robotomy, Rayman, Invader Zim, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, Misc. Cartoons, Crash Bandicoot, Mario, Fanboy and Chum Chum, Kirby, Hetalia - Axis Powers, Beastly, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Heya peoples! the names Demonic, i enjoy what humanity calls as weird, aggrivating, and just plain strange. I have yet to find someone with the same brain capacity as me.

Please do not send me really annoying/mocking reviews. Or perverted crap that would be offending to most people. I especially do not enjoy racial jokes. It sickens me to the core. Most of my stories contain slightly perverted stuff; not ment for small children. I'll try to finish every story I make, if I never do, then I'll just scrap it and make a new one.


I have a Deviantart account, where I attempt drawing my characters along with cartoon characters. Mostly I just focus on Ed Edd n Eddy, but I'll also make other pics if you request I make any. Here's my profile.


jk... maybe. Fwahahahahahaha.

I'm of course female, as you might have guessed. My head was dropped a great many times as a child, so do not be angry with me if my stories aggrivate you in some way.

Favorite color in the whole damn universe: Black

Age: I ain't telling you! Tch, stalkers...

Hobbies: Surfing web, drawing, listening to music, scaring the shit out of people, writing stories

Reading: Your mind

Wants to live: In a gothic style mansion with a torture chamber in the basement

Theme Song: Change Me (feat. MEIKO)

Favorite Games: Kirby, Sonic, Mario, Crash, original Spyro games, Legend of Zelda

Appearance: Short black hair that sticks up on either side, chocolate brown eyes and pale skin. Pinkish lips, black tipped nails, black halo, black angel wings, average bust. When angry eyes turn red and pupils turn into slits.

Wears: Hoodies, dark shirts, Has black jeans and normally has on slippers (such as crocs) or sneakers.

Race: Angel/Human/Demon

Bio: Mother and father meet and date for a year. Mother has me and discovers father has some angel blood in his veins because of his dad marrying a human. She is ashamed of having such a freak of a child that she leaves me and dad and we both live together now.

Here are my favorite shows in the history of mankind:

1. Ed, Edd n Eddy

Double D- That's so nice of you!

Eddy- Do we win anything? Maybe a lot of money...?

Ed- I like mashed potatoes in my ears~

Demonic- No, now let me work. You guys always interrupt me. *shoves them out the door*

Double D-*pounds on the door* What did I do?

Demonic- *ignores* Okay, what was my second... Oh yeah! *snaps fingers*

2. Invader Zim


Demonic- *sweatdrops and ignores*


Demonic- *reels on him* WILL YOU SHUT UP ALREADY? I'M TRYING TO WORK HERE! *eyes are already glowing red* I swear, I'm going to kill this guy...


Gir- *lands on his master and knocks him out, then runs out of the room*

Demonic- Hallelujah. Okay, next is...

3. Powerpuff girls

Demonic- *looks around the room* Nothing... good. *something explodes outside and the wall falls off, showing the Powerpuff girls beating up a monster* Okay...*continues to work*

4. Courage the Cowardly dog

Courage- *runs inside and hides under the bed*

Demonic- awww, cmere Courage.

Courage- *quivers in fear and creeps out to Demonic*

Demonic- *picks him up and sits on my chair while stroking him* its okay boy, no one is gonna hurt you.

Door slams open to reveal a crazy potato monster. Courage screams like a littel girl.

Demonic- *gets my fryer out and splashes hot oil on it*

Potato- *runs away screaming with oil sizzling on its head*

Zim- *wakes up and sneaks on Demonic who is typing but courage sees him*

Courage- *tugs on Demonic's sleeve and points to Zim*

Demonic- *doesn't even flinch and gets fangirl whistle out* Get out or I blow this thing Zim.

Zim- You wouldn't dare...

Demonic- watch me. *brings whistle to lips*

Zim- *grabs whistle* HA

Demonic- *punches him where the sun don't shine* HA.

Zim- *falls to the ground clutching his alien parts, whistle falls into my hand*

Demonic- Here's the next one.

5. Freakazoid

Demonic- *ignores the insanity going on outside my room because that is no doubt that blue superhero himself causing it*

Courage- *tries to sleep but can't help but notice the Irken on the floor glaring at the woman and him*

Zim- Zim... will have revenge on you cursed human.

Demonic- *ignores and strokes Courage's back, he shakes his leg slightly*

Zim- *gets up and watches as she types*

6. Animaniacs

Zim- You actually LIKE those filthy-

Wakko- *Presses button and an anvil lands on Zim then notices Demonic, he then has hearts floating around him* HELLLLLOOOOO NURSE!

Demonic- *rolls eyes* Nice job Wakko. *gives him thumbs up*

Wakko- *pops up from her sweatshirt and kisses her on the cheek*

Demonic- Do you mind? You're invading my personal space. *glares at Wakko*

Wakko- No, no i don't. *sticks out his tongue and grins, not even hearing what Demonic just said*

Zim- *crawls out from under the anvil and grabs Wakko with one of his PAK spider legs* OUT WITH YOU FILTHY CARTOON MONKEY THING! *throws Wakko out of my room*

DEmonic- Can't believe I'm saying this, but thanks Zim.


Demonic-*ignores again as Zim goes through a long speech about his greatness*

Courage- *snoozes away*

I will once in a while take requests for a story, if im not too lazy. And I've always been a bit MY COOKIES ARE ON FIRE! random. I love Vocaloid with a deep passion.

Currently. I am going insane from living under the same roof as my siblings, causing mischeif and beloved hatred for each other. My main goal in fanfiction is to unleash my wildest fantasies onto your brains. So beware. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

I have many MANY OC people, most of them girls. So pleeeeease don't be upset about them.

If you are one of those people who are all ssnotty and want every fanfic to be exactly right and crap, then go away. I hate know-it-all reviewers. Fanfiction's motto is 'unleash your imagination' so I have a right. >:P

I also love to listen to music, so please share with me all your fave music as long as it isn't disney related! *starts to dance around the room*

Zim- *stops in the middle of his glorious speech and out come his spider legs* YOU WILL LISTEN TO ZIM'S GREATNESS

Demonic- And you NEVER stop me from dancing or i will rip off your *censor* and shove it up your *censor* then *censor* personally jam a knife down your *censor*

Courage/Zim- *speechless*

And to all my loyal reviewers out there, you might be blessed with a preview of my next chapter for the story you review on IF im in a generous mood. *gir runs in my room with a platter of tacos* "I BROUGHT THE TACOS! TURN ON THE MUSIC!"


Hours later

Gir- *out cold with sauce dripping from his mouth*

Zim- *clinging onto the back of my chair for dear life because the floor is covered in water some dweeb sprayed*

Courage- *snoozing away with a party hat on his head*

Demonic- okay, now about mine and Addie's OC girls. Alex, Alice, and Alyssa.

Name: Alex Skye Rocker (yes its a ironic name)

Hair: Blond with streaks of brown, shoulder length

Eyes: Shiny emerald green

Loves: Meat (especially jerky, she LOVES her jerky), anime, videogames, manga, violence, tv, candy, pokemon, greasy instant fast food, food in general (except fancy stuff), CN, destroying stuff, random things, bugs, practical jokes, getting into trouble

Clothing of choice: Normally wears baggy jeans, her favorite fuzzy black boots, and a t-shirt with some anime or cartoon character on it

Sport: Boxing

Age: 14

Bio: Lives with her mom, dad, and older sister who had gotten pregnant not too long ago. Alex had to share a tiny room in a cramped house with her sister. They weren't rich or average people because her mom likes to gamble and her dad is a drug addict. Is a wild child and isn't all that smart, occasionally isn't hygenic but is really cool and doesn't back down from a challenge.

Name: Alice Marie Hearts

Hair: Solid black, goes down to her lower back

Eyes: Icy blue

Loves: Anime, black, manga, tv, violence of any kind, sweets, CN

Clothing of Choice: Wears a tank top with skinny jeans with sneakers. Clothes at least have SOME black on it.

Sport: (used to do) wrestling

Age: 15

Bio: Lives with her mom and dad, they are deeply not happy about her choice in clothing and she is well known for her skills in a poker game. Only child and her family has more money than the average. Her parents always try to match her up with some guy she doesn't like and real life guys don't go to her taste. Used to date a lot of guys, but quit after seeing that none of them actually liked her. Cool, can be a hot head. Short tempered and occasionally negative. But mess with her friends and expect a hole in one of your major organs soon.

Name: Alyssa Penelope Serena Gabriella Helen Renee Maria Ophelia Sylvester Clarise (her name is account of her family members fighting over what it would be, so they did all of them)

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Dark brown

Loves: Dark colors, anime, manga, sweatshirts, CN, blowing stuff up, soda, junk food, gothic and scary things, drawing, music

Clothing of choice: A dark colored sweatshirt with a t-shirt, jeans, black boots or sneakers, and somewhere hidden away a knife for emergency protection. (caused a large riot at airplane security once by accident)

Sport: Karate (black belt)

Age: 14

Bio:Lives with her mother and step-dad. Her siblings were always more spoiled than her so she was normally content with hanging out with friends and staying alone in her room. Has caused way too much trouble as a baby.

You Might Be An Author If...

1. Every time you hear a song, you think of a new story or one you've already written.

2. You have the last chapters of a story done before even thinking of the characters names.

3. You often imagine your books becoming movies.

4. Spell check is your best friend.

5. You give even the smallest of characters a huge background.

6. You hesitate before killing of one of your favourite characters.

7. You smile really big when your gonna finally write a character love scene.

8. Every time you read something, you make your own story of the same thing.

9. You'll spend an hour trying to find one word cause you won't dare use a synonym.

10. Not being able to write is like not being able to pee to you... you just can't hold it in for so long.

11. You write so fast, you leave out words in a sentence.

12. You have to tell at least one person your whole story before it's even written.

13. Things that are written bad annoy you and make you want to re-write it better.

14. You laugh at jokes you wrote yourself.

15. You can spell words like, Troublesome, but can't spell Obvious.

16. If your note writing or typing, your fingers are moving constantly.

17. You talk to yourself... constantly.

18. You forget what day it is when your writing.

19. When you have to write some sort of story in class, you get carried away.

And finally, you might be an Author if:

20. You're reading this, smiling and nodding, have realized it's true and you're still DAMN PROUD

sits on my beautiful and strong feathered and silver throne, a wineglass full of coke in my hand* BOW BEFORE ME MORTALS! Nah, just playing. But i do love this throne. :D

Zim- Zim will never bow before a incompetent foolish human like you!

Demonic- *claps hands and cage falls over Zim* Now shut up.

Zim- *grumbles and starts thinking of evil thoughts*

Demonic- Quit thinking of that. It's sick.

Zim-*eyes widen and clutches his head* STAY OUT OF MY HEAD!

Demonic- *laughs* Muahahahahaha!

Zim- *eyes widen* ... An evil laugh?

Demonic- *looks at black painted nails and inspects them* Yep. Not like you or anyone else has ever noticed. *snaps fingers and the cage is dangled over a mutant shark pit swimming in neon green acid*

Dib- *walks into the room* Wow... Hey! That's my evidence!

Demonic- So? *drinks from glass*

Dib- Let me bring him into custody!

Demonic- But he really brings out the room!

Dib- I don't care! Hand him over now!

Demonic- *flies over to the cage and sits on it* no. *pouts like a child*

Dib- Oh come on!

Demonic- *sticks out her tongue*

Zim- Dib stink is horrible at talking to female humans!

Dib- *glares*

Demonic- I've always wanted to know, are you two gay for each other?

Dib/Zim- *stares at her with disbelief she asked that* NO!

Demonic- There's a lot of ZaDr stuff, just wondering.

Zim- What's ZaDr?

Demonic- Zim and Dib romance.

Zim and Dib- *Vomiting*

Demonic- Don't hate me, hate the people who make the ZaDr stories. *shrugs*

I do enjoy Family Guy, South Park, and many other comedies. Comedy is much better than any other genre in my opinion. I'm able to make OCs in a very short time. Just give me a random story you want to make and I can give you whatever you need for a certain character.

I also give advice to those who wish for it. *gets microphone*

Demonic- Cause I'm... TNT! I'M DYNAMITE!

Alice- *rolls eyes and gets bass*

Alex- I wanna try! *reaches out and smashes onto drum set*

Alyssa- *guitar and all together they break all the glass within a five mile radius*

Demonic- *breathes out black fire and the crowd goes wild*

Gir- *crashes though the wall driving a monster truck*

Alice- That was... random. =.=

If you wanna use one of my OC characters, you just have to tell me what you're using them for and tell me when you upload it! I really wanna see your work! :D

I AM AN ULTIMATE ROLEPLAYER!!!! If you know any games for me to play involving roleplaying, please speak up!~


Random dude- Doctor! I think I'm a homosexual!

Doctor- How are you sure?

Random Dude- *barfs a rainbow in his face* RAAAAIIIINNNNBOOOOWWWW!!!!!



Demonic- RAINBOWS!!! *suddenly the setting is a old west, and i get my machine gun*

Gir- *puts on epic sunglasses and a water pistol*

I am sorry everyone, but from now on i am under forced retirement from fanfiction. 4/24/2012

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