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Author has written 26 stories for Breathing Underwater, Alex Flinn, and Harry Potter.

Before I do anything else, I would like to say this profile is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. I'm working on it, but I only do it when I have writer's block, cause it usually helps. So I may stop in the middle of a sentence if inspiration strikes me, but I will try really hard not to.

Hey there! My name's Corinne, and that's pretty much all you need to know in that aspect. However, if you're interested, here are some fun facts about me.

My Favorite Books:

--Harry Potter (obviously). In fact, I can't even read most books anymore 'cause they just don't fit the standard. My favorite is DH, and, surprisingly, my favorite part of the whole series is the part where Hermione is getting tortured by Bellatrix...Not because I hate Hermione or because I am evil or anything, but because you get to see just how much Ron loves her. Does that seem odd?

--Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Regrettably, I have only read the first one. In my own defense, though, I haven't been to a library in awhile...

--The Twilight Series. Yes I just said that. For the record, though, I agree that sparkly vampires is a pretty ridiculous notion, and the movies made the whole series suck. Of course, that's pretty normal...

--Storm Thief. Most of you have probably never heard of this book. Check it out.

--The Heir Trilogy. Gotta love 'em.

--Sherlock Holmes, although I'm not sure if that counts as a book.

--Any Star Wars book I can get my hands on. Yes, I am that much of a nerd...

--The Maximum Ride Series, which should have ended with the third one.

--Romeo and Juliet, although they were extremely stupid, but there is just something about whirlwind love...

My Favorite Movies:

--Beauty and the Beast. I will always love this movie.

--Stardust. One occasion where the movie was so, so much better than the book.

--Titanic, the best falling asleep movie ever. Not that it is boring, just 'cause it is very relaxing.

--Armageddon. Hahahaha, Lucius Malfoy is in this movie...That isn't why it is one of my favorites, though, I just thought it was funny.

--My Girl. I cry every time she reads that poem...

--Last Holiday. Queen Latifah, you rock.

--Sweet Home Alabama. Ah, completely predictable romance.

--Edward Scissorhands. I don't know why I like this movie. There is no reason. But I do.

--Serenity. Yays for Firefly!

--Fried Green Tomatoes. This one makes me cry too.

--Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium. :-)

--Martian Child. Such a cute movie...

--There are so many more, I can't even name them all.

My favorite Harry Potter Pairings:

--Harry/Ginny. I don't care what you all say, these two belong together.

--Ron/Hermione. These two belong together, too.

--Remus/Dora. Such a wonderfully cute couple. They are still alive, in my mind. Such an unfair occurrence...

--James/Lily. Of course. Why wouldn't you want them to be together?

--Rose/Scorpius. Sorry to all of you who hate this couple, I accidentally stumbled on a really, really good fanfic of these two once, and I am hooked.

--Theodore Nott/Daphne Greengrass. I wrote a fic for these two once. It was nice.

--Bill/Fleur. How often can you find someone who will stay with you've been the victim of a werewolf attack? Probably a bad example. Happened with L/T too.

--Neville/Luna. Probably the only non-canon pairing I actually like.

--Lily/Snape. Even though it was one sided and it would never have worked anyways...Oh, whoops, I guess that makes 2 non-canon.

--Lily/Remus. I feel like I am making Lily out to be some kind of player...anyways, I blame my love of this pairing on the Love Bite Challenge from PanicAttack757.

My Least Favorite Harry Potter Pairings:

--Hermione/Harry. Ever notice that all the "hints" that they are supposed to be together just point to the fact that they happen to be best friends?

--Hermione/Snape. Let me just say...Barf. Really.

--Hermione/Draco. What the hell? You realize they hate each other, right? You don't just unlearn racism.

--Ron/Lavender. Ron, what were you thinking??

--Harry/Cho. Really?

--Ginny/Dean. Cause I was waiting patiently, and Dean ruined it.

--Draco/Harry. Why must we be obsessed with ew?

--Draco/well, pretty much anyone.

--Snape/pretty much anyone, too. Except Lily.

--Remus/Sirius. Please, no.

--James/Sirius. Again, come on, people.

--James/Remus. Let's just play it safe and say let's not pair any marauders together.

My Favorite Bands:

--Owl City. Cause Hot Air Balloon is awesome.

--The Remus Lupins. I love you

--Breaking Benjamin. Go figure.


--Ministry of Magic. Much loves.

A Random Change of Pace (AKA Some other things to know about me):

I am writing a book series, it is nine books long...Wish me luck. I had to kill a character in one of my chapters, and I decided to get it over with before I got too attached to the old guy, but it didn't work, I still cried.

I have two really good friends, and we are the Harry Potter trio, with gender reversals. I am Harry, my best friend (lotsa loves for you girl) is Ron and her boyfriend is Hermione. Yeah, that is a bit strange isn't it?

I have taken on way too many challenges lately. Some are stranger than others. All will be done eventually, I promise! I never back down from a challenge!

I do not read/write slash or femmeslash, and my stories are usually pretty clean, meaning nothing explicit. I will also never read or write something involving huge age differences, except Lupin and Tonks(13 years), but that's canon, so it is okay.

And now...

I stole this from AngelicKat445...but I used my own answers.

Name ten of your favorite Harry Potter characters in any order.

1)Hermione Granger

2)Albus Severus Potter

3)Lily Evans

4)James Potter

5)Remus Lupin

6)Teddy Lupin

7)Ron Weasley

8)Harry Potter

9)Sirius Black

10)Hugo Weasley

1) Have you ever read a 5/10 fic?

Um...No, cause I don't think that would work very well...

2) Do you think 3 is hot? How hot?

Lily? Well, Lily is one sexy beast. No just kidding. I'm sure she would seem hotter to me if I was attracted to women.

3)What would happen if 6 got 1 pregnant?

Well, I'm sure stranger things have happened. I think Ron may be just a little angry, though.

4)Do you recall any good fics about 9?

Yes, quite a few actually.

5)Would 7 and 2 make a good couple?

No, not really. Um, actually, that kinda makes me sick just to think about it...

6)4/8 or 4/9

Well, since James and Harry would just be odd, I am gonna have to say James and Sirius, although that creeps me out a lot too.

7) What would happen if 7 discovered 3 & 8 in a secret relationship?

Well, I would assume Ron would be extremely creeped out, just like I am right now.

8)Is there such a thing as a 4/10 romantic fluff story?

I wouldn't think so, due to the fact that James died a few decades before Hugo was born.

9)Suggest a title for a 1/5 hurt/comfort fic.

"There's always tomorrow"

10)What kind of plot would you use if 4 wanted to suduce 1?

I don't think that would work very well, but hypothetically if it was possible, James would just be his usual charming self. Hermione doesn't hold up well against peer pressure, if you could call it that.

11)Do your read 7 het? How about 9 slash?

7 het: blush 9 slash: No, cause I don't read slash.

12) If you wrote a songfic about 10 which song would you choose?

Well, you don't really know much about Hugo, but I would choose Three Doors Down- "Let me be Myself". It can't be easy to be the son of not one but two of the great heroes of their time.

13)If you wrote a 2/3/6 fic, what would the warning be?

Albus P/Lily E/Teddy L- Possible slash in later chapter...

14)What pick up line might 1 use on 7?

In the unlikely event that Hermione would use a pick up line, or that she would need to use one on Ron, she would most likely say, "It's a good thing I've got my library card, cause I am checking you out." Or something of the like.

But wait! There's more!

1)Hermione Granger

2)Albus Severus Potter

3)Lily Evans

4)James Potter

5)Remus Lupin

6)Teddy Lupin

7)Ron Weasley

8)Harry Potter

9)Sirius Black

10)Hugo Weasley

Number 1 woke you up in the middle of the night?
What is the emergency?

Number 2 asked you to go out with him?
Aw, how sweet, but I'm too old for you, honey.

Number 3 walked into the bathroom while you're showering?
Could you hand me the shampoo, it is on the sink.

Number 4 announced he's going to marry 9 tomorrow?
Um...You guys have fun with that.

Number 5 cooked you dinner?
Wow, how very nice of you.

Number 6 was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?
Hmmm, how about I just dump a bucket of water on him?

Number 7 suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

Number 8 got into the hospital somehow?
Did Harry fall off his broom again?

Number 9 made fun of your friends?
Oh, it's just Sirius. All in good fun.

Number 10 ignored you all the time?
Well, you know, whatevers.

Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will number 1 do?
Contact the proper authorities

You're on a vacation with number 2 and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

It's your birthday. What will number 3 give you?
Um...a book, maybe?

You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does number 4 do?
Well, James could never just leave someone in danger. He would come in and save me.

You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will number 5 do?
Advise me not to do it.

You're about to marry number 10. What's number 6's reaction?
Teddy would make fun of us.

You got dumped by someone. How will number 7 cheer you up?
He wouldn't. Or, he would try and he'd be all awkward and I would laugh.

You're angry about it afterwards, how does number 8 calm you down?
Oh, he'd do the same thing as Ron.

You compete in some tournament. How does number 9 support you?
He'd make a very good cheering section

You can't stop laughing. What will number 10 do?
Laugh with me

Number 1 is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?
Not likely, but if so, it would be cause I would want to be just like her.

Number 2 tells you about his deeply hidden love for number 9. Your reaction?
Um...alright then. I think that love would remain unrequited.

You're dating number 3 and introduce him to your parents. Will they get along?
Wouldn't happen, cause I'd never date a girl. But if, hypothetically, Lily was a guy, I believe they would get along well, yes.

Number 4 loves number 9 as well. What does that mean?
I would say friendly love is the only love that exists between Sirius and James

Will number 5 and 6 ever kiss?
Well, I'm sure Remus kissed his son's forehead on at least one occasion.

Number 6 appears to be a player, he breaks many hearts. What do you do?
Teddy, how could you!

You had a haircut and number 7 can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?
Is it really that bad?

Number 8 thinks he'll never get a girlfriend. What will you tell him?
Not to worry, you know Ginny loves you.

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4. WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO?- Anything but country and rap. And most screamo. I like to know what words I'm hearing.

7. WHO/WHAT DO YOU MISS?- Duckie :-( I'll see you soon, girly!


9. HOW TALL ARE YOU?- 5 something ish.


11. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK?- Yes, but so does everyone else, whether they admit it or not.




24. FAVORITE CLOTHING BRAND?- I'm not the kind of person that cares about brand names. In the words of Abby, "I'm not a SNOB."

28. WOULD YOU FALL IN LOVE KNOWING THAT THE PERSON IS LEAVING?- Love happens when it happens. The heart wants what the heart wants.


30. SAY A NUMBER FROM ONE TO A HUNDRED: I said it. What now?


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54. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU?- Well, that depends on the kind of person I was.

56. DO LOOKS MATTER?- Not really.


62. WERE YOU A FAN OF BARNEY AS A KID? - No, I think I pretty much always made fun of him.

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68. WHATS YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW?- NCIS and CSI and Phineas and Ferb. Yeah, don't laugh.

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100. REACH YOUR RIGHT ARM OUT AS FAR AS YOU CAN. WHAT IS THERE?- Nothing, but if I lean, I can grab the cup on top of my tv.

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