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UPDATE 07/06/13

Hola :) I am back. I had one of the busiest years I've ever had, and so fanfiction took the way back burner for FAR too long. This summer I plan on finishing Dark Seduction and getting close to the end (if not the actual end) of The Arkkien. I've also been dreaming about I Dare You, so for those of you who love that story, I may pull it out of "Complete" and mess with that some more.


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my page/profile/personal blogging ground. I love and adore all things FanFiction..I discovered fanfic through Harry Potter, so that will always be my first love, but I am also addicted to The Avengers now (who can resist all of those attractive men??). I've dabbled in the Black Jewels Trilogy, Bones, and have contemplated some other fandoms, but two stories I'm currently writing are both in the Harry Potter domain.

I'm not a very fast updater, because in between stories I do some art commissions for various companies (kind of like a hybrid of graphic design and illustration). I'm sorry for all of you who wait on my updates. I try to update them in a timely manner, but I know that I don't succeed. But hey- we can't all be perfect, can we? :)

Currently, I've got four completed stories out, two HPs, a Black Jewels, and a Bones. For those of you who love to read the "complete"s, please check those out. And just because they're done doesn't mean you can't review them :) I love all reviews, so please review with your comments.

If you have any story suggestions/comments/random questions (For some reason, I seem to get all the PMs from people who are on the look out for stories that they've forgotten the titles to...), please drop me a PM. If I can help, I will. I read a lot of HPDM M rated Romance, so if you've lost a story in that catagory, odds are I'll know it. (For those adult readers out there, I also read the AFF HPDM, so I might know those too). I also troll the AO3 fanfiction page, so if you have some great stories from there, please let me know! I'm always on the look out for more story inspirations.

For those of you reading Dark Seduction- I am in the middle of the next chapter. This story is my priority fanfic until it is completed. Those of you who have stuck through me through the years (yes, years, I know..I feel terrible), I don't want to keep you waiting any longer. As soon as I finish the rough edit I will upload that.

Arkkien followers- don't worry, I am still with you. I am trying my hardest to satisfy the Dark Seduction fans first, because they have been waiting longer. So stay tuned! :)



For Those Who Love to Read:

This is a list of my favorite authors, who have inspired and influenced my writing:

-Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter Series I LOVE these. The angel world is a tiny influence on The Arkkien.

-Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy This is series is just...unbelievably amazing. It's very dark for the first book, but the world is so compelling (and the rest of the books are better) that the series is literally my favorite series in literary fiction.

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