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My fictionpress! Please read my stories here, too!

~Was it love at first sight?~
~When I walked by~
~And you caught my eye~
~Didn't you know~
~Love could shine this bright~
~Well smile because~
~You're the deer in the headlights~

My name is Merlee. I'm a really random and odd person, slightly insane, and admittedly a huge pervert. Not too long ago I had an entire paragraph here explaining what a pervert I am, but I think that most of you know just how big of a pervert I am, and those of you who don't will find out soon enough if you stick around.

I love everyone close to me and I hold them dear, especially my boyfriend, siblings, and cousins, who are a lot more like siblings to me than cousins. I wouldn't trade any of them for anything, though sometimes I might joke about it.

I've always had a love for angels, and those of you who have read Missing should know this by now. Missing has increased that love of angles I had, and I'm very glad to be writing it again.

I used to be the most hyper active kid you'd ever see writing fanfiction, and though it's still like that, I think I've calmed down a little bit. I've come to realize that it's not about being the loudest or the most annoying, but rather being who you really are, and whoever I really am, I hope to find her in my own search for the Embryo. I can't wait to meet her, whoever she is, but I'm sure I'll like her.

And I still haven't gotten those violin lessons I've been begging my dad about for over a year, and my cousins won't teach me. Ah, how little some things change!

Links and all that jazz...

Dangerously Sweet

All these links are freaking broken!!


The "Funeral-ish" song on Ikuto's iPod

Sleep Well, My Angel

Meteor Shower

Spell Reference 1

Spell Reference 2

Kept Promises

Ikuto Singing (literally)

Amu's necklace

Amu's Singing

Set fire to the thrid bar (Ikuto and Amu's Duet)

Tadase's Laugh

Weird Song Thing

That's what you get (VSQ version)

You're All I have (First song on radio)

Chasing Cars (Second Song)

Vanilla Twilight (Third Song)

It's Beginning to get to me (Fourth song)

Contact Me!!

My deviantART account

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Okay, so a few of my friends asked me about the inspiration for my stories, so I thought I'd tell you guys. So here's a list of my stories and where I got my inspiration from, and plus comments on each of my stories. (My one-shot and parody are excluded.)

Dangerously Sweet

Everything has to start somewhere, and for me, writing fanfiction began with Dangerously Sweet. I used to completely hate the idea of fanfiction, but then I had the idea for this. I actually had a scene in my mind of a girl running through a crowd in a large city, yelling for a boy she loved far away, and when she caught up to him he turned around and saw her, and she hugged him in the middle of the busy street without a care in the world because they hadn’t seen each other in so long. For half of my December, I wondered how I could incorporate that into a book, and how hard it would be because to do that I’d have to start off without much background information on the characters’ relationship. Then on the twenty-eighth of December, I finally decided that a Shugo Chara fanfiction would be the best way to go. So I made my fanfiction account and wrote almost all of it down before I published it. Out of my fanfiction, it’s one my favorites. It’s my most popular story as well. If I could change one thing about the story, I’d slow the pace down, add in a few more scenes, and make it longer. Other than that, I think it turned out well.


Ah, Rosamaria. In my opinion, it’s probably one of the least cliché fanfictions I’ve written. Usually, Ikuto is the stalker-pervert, and one day I was sitting there thinking “How come in all the fanfiction I read, nobody turns the tables around to make it interesting?” I tried coming up with a lot of plots, but it really only hit me when we were cleaning out my grandma’s house and I found an old, broken violin and an old beige jacket, which later became an essential part of Amu and Miki’s disguises. Then a scene popped in my head… and I can’t tell you the scene because that’ll give away the story if I decide to continue it. But, from that scene, the rest of my ideas flowed into the story. I even bought the newsboy hat that Amu wears in the story on eBay and I wear it all the time! Talk about dedication to a discontinued story! If I had to change one thing about it, it would be my lack of inspiration for it. It’s a good plot, and I wish I had more filler stories to put in there, which is why I discontinued it in the first place.
And I just now realized something. Kina acts a lot like Keira…. And their names are nearly identical! And a lot of Ikuto’s actions are based off of things Ivan would do! And Amu in the story acts a little bit like Jynx, too! Funny how my subconscious does things like that.
And it never even tells me!


My absolute favorite. I can’t even began to describe how proud I am to have thought of this plot, and to think that I wouldn’t have been able to do so without the song it’s titled after! I was listening to Missing by Evanescence one day, and the plot came to me all at once. I had the vision of the beginning when Amu kills herself, Ikuto crying at the funeral, the dream, Utau pretending to be strong to not make her brother even sadder, Ikuto’s never ending depression, his suicide, and many things that lie in the future in a collage that I had to put on paper. It takes me a while to write this one down because I want to make it as perfect as I can, as close to the ideas that I had as I can, and as sad and mournful and depressing as I can. It’s meant to be a moving story, one with an important moral at the end. I really hope I can finish this soon! TT^TT If I had to change one thing about it, it would be…… Well, at this moment, nothing. As I said before, I love angels, and this story has only increased that love, especially now that I'm writing it again. This story means a lot to me.

Kept Promises

Ugh…. This is my LEAST favorite. It started out just fine, and exactly the way I had wanted to, but then it just…. I dunno. After the fourth chapter, I lost sight of what I wanted to originally in the story. Besides, Kept Promises was originally just going to be a short Epilogue at the end of Dangerously Sweet, and I think it was kind of silly to go through and make a major sequal out of it. Sigh…. Oh well… at least I had a couple of major plot themes in it…. If I could change one thing about it, I’d change everything. Everything is still one thing…. Oh well…

Special Acknowledgements

Thank you Ivan and Jynx for giving me the inspiration to write again! The both of you have given me inspiration and a love for Amuto that I almost lost a while ago. Seeing you two together was all I really needed to get me writing Missing again. Heck, you guys have given me so much inspiration that I don't know what to do with all of it. I just wanted to tell you- everyone, really- just how much you two have inspired me, no matter how disgusting you two may be when you're together.

Angels & Airwaves, Snow Patrol, Owl City, Evanescence, Vitamin String Quartet, We Are The Fallen, best musicians ever! These six bands, groups, and artists have given me so much inspiration for my stories and have lifted my soul when I'm down. I couldn't imagine my life without these artists!

Lance, the most amazing guy I could have ever dreamed of! Ah, Lance. My best friend. My crazy-ass boyfriend. You've given me so many things, and you literally drug me out of my loneliness, kicking and screaming. Everything and anything I ever needed and wanted, I have now. I don't know how I made it before I met you, why I was even living, but it sure wasn't as worthy of a life as it is now! I love you, Lance. More than any person I've ever met! I know that I'm going to be with you for a while. Why? Because I've never felt this way about anyone before! I love you!~

Rest in Peace Crooks! Well, those of you who have been reading my stories for a while should know about my wonderful cat Crooks. He passed away recently, on May Fourth of this year (2011) to be precise, and I miss him dearly. I hold him in my heart, and I always will, and he has also given me so much inspiration to write even after his death. This cat, although he was a cat, showed me many things about life that I don't think much of anyone else could have. Crooks, I dedicate my story Missing to you, because you were my best friend, and though I can no longer chase you around the house just to annoy you and shower you with the affection that you didn't return until the day before you died, I know you are still beside me. I know that you are still in my heart. You aren't gone, my dear friend, and you certainly aren't forgotten. I'm missing you always, but I'm happy that you were my friend. I will carry you with me until I die and even after in my heart and mind. My dear cat and friend, Crooks.

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