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Name: Tennisgurl14...obviously...sometimes Ten-ten if I feel like it...

Gender: A girl. If you don't get the penname...then I have no idea who you are...

Age: 14 9/10 (I'm actually telling the truth here, my age is 14, I'm probably one of the youngest on this site)

Birthday: The 10th month on the 14th day of the year (I'm not telling which year, you could figure it out)

Grade: Going into 11th grade this year (I skipped a grade. It's true and I'm not lying here, I just happened to score high on the placement exam that I took and I'm really not bragging, it's just a statement people.)

Home: Somewhere very, very cold...(and no it's not Alaska and/or Canada...)

Personality: let's see...what is there to say about me? I'm smart, but sometimes my understanding of things is way too slow for my mom's liking. Cussing from people adds to their personality. I play some sports--hence the name people!--I'm a very nice person, but if you ever mess with me or my friends, you'll get your head scewared in hot lava! and I do a lot of community service and my all my friends think I'm uncordinated, which I sometimes can be even though I play sports, oh! And I also help out my neighbors with their chickens! (Ok. I don't live in a farm, I live in the middle of a suburb and yes, it's totally weird that my neighbors have chickens in a public neighborhood, but that's just them.)Sometimes, you'll find that I like to say random things in my postings so, again, don't be surprised if you find me blubbering out "Potatoes!" or whatever...'kay? Besides, some of my friends will type in weird things like that whenever their on my computer.

Likes: People who are nice! You rock nice people!!

Dislikes: Anything that's pessimistic. SPREAD THE LOVE!!

Much much more, but mostly the one above...

Updating: Hmm...I'm not so sure about it anymore, what with me being all busy with the rest of my life and stuff. BUT! I will be trying to go on the computer to update for you viewers. Sorry, my weekdays are now getting much fuller with preparation for transitioning into junior year!! WHOO!! JUNIOR!! Ahem, but I'm also preparing to go to Europe with my family. ALL GIRLS!!

Upcoming Stories: Ugh, by looking at all these stories, I have no idea how I'll be able to finish them all. So PLEASE HELP ME! Decide which one I should do and just PM me to help me to decide.

The Void War: When Dark and Light collide it ends in chaos. Our heroes have to make the greatest sacrifice that could mean the start of a brand new and greater world…or the destruction of the end of the world as we know it. My main one that I'm still working on.

Surviving My Life: Sacilia Gerald is just trying to be an ordinary girl with a knack for writing amazing stories; but how can she do that when she has to juggle with schoolwork, after school activities, stupid boys, snooty girls, annoying friends, and a family who sometimes drives her crazy? She can’t. But when a life-altering event changes her life, she has to choose between two worlds: her normal life; or the life that was alternative for her. Being Sacilia isn’t easy especially when you know what happens in your own life, nearly die each year, and fall in love with the most unexpected person on the way. Based on one of my OC's

The Hunger Games: A New World: Everything is back to normal for a while; Katniss, her family, Peeta, and Haymitch are searching for a new life. One that could forget about the torments and hardships the Capitol had sent upon the districts. They find the opportunity when they are magically transported into original North America before the Dark Days by a newly bred Mockingjay. They find that things are much more different then they thought it was. Luckily, they find Sara Chester and Damon Parker, two ordinary teens. But what happens when the group wants to find a way to change the future so people don’t have to die in the Hunger Games later on, but there are people who disagree? You could never be too sure about time traveling. The Hunger Games rock!

The Lust Games: In the ruins of ancient Europe lies the nation of Lothos, a shining capitol surrounded by twenty outlying districts. The Country is kind and caring, but it has an outside enemy from Panem, called the Capitol. The Capitol is harsh and cruel and hates the Country for always having richer people there instead of humiliating ones like theirs. This year is no different. Each district from both nations force their districts to send one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live T.V. Thirteen-year-old Derika Angus regards it as an unfair destiny when she is chosen. But she has no idea how to survive, especially when she finds Katniss Everdeen as a threat from Panem, but luckily she has her friends to back her up and the possibility of hope. I just like the series so much that I decided to do it in my own version.

The Beginning of the End: Sakura Avalon, Li Showron, Meilin Rae and Madison Taylor get an unexpected invitation by their old friend, Eli Moon, regarding if they could visit while still continuing their search for the cards. They accept, and, when arriving, they start to find out what the meaning of “growing up” is all about and face the most difficult hardships with the cards and Eli’s interesting friends, which Sakura finds them to be fascinating while Li hates their guts and Madison might be feeling "something" towards one of them. But when something is controlling Li to cause him to kill, what must they do? CCS and Tsubasa Chronicles mixed together.

Just say “Yes”: Tomoyo Daidouji never said “yes” to any of the boys that propose to her. Why? She knows she doesn’t love them and she knows that they don’t truly love her. Yet, when she goes on a blind date she expects to find a shallow egotistical date just like all the others. Jaichei Tomshiro surprises her with many interesting actions and Tomoyo slowly starts to realize the reality of things she’s never felt before. Could she be falling in love? Based on Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura and my own Oc.

Saved by an angel: When Sandy Sedgely almost gets hit by a speeding truck, who better to save her than her long time crush Maxwell Stevens? But when his heroic attempt to save her ends in an almost tragic way, Sandy decides to pay a visit to him and the result is unexpected in the most unusual way. I like this one, it's my favorite story and it's finished!

Meeting Dr. Love: Pashmina Mafura never had any luck with boys. But she doesn’t want to fall in love, at least, that’s what she thinks. It's when Stan Sedgely comes and teaches her the most important lesson of all time—the most powerful thing in the world is love. Pashmina falls into the many problems of love and war and both together being taught by her "teacher", Stan, while at the same time falling in love with him. I don't know how I'm going to pull this story off...

The Elder Stones: In Litheon, there are different lands depicting on different things. One location is Oalkdren, nestled in the safe haven next to the Capital of Litheon: Draconia. For Aidan, there is a stirring power that does not seem to be that of Light. He and his friends are whisked away into an adventure for the Elder Stones; magical orbs of stones that can help save Litheon as they know it. Will they succeed? Or fall into the trap of their traitorous friends? My next big fic with my another of my oc character!

My Dislikes in some Relationships

Cardcaptors: None as of yet!


HowdyxPashminaxDexter: I really don't see it. Sorry for any fans out there who like these couples, but the fact that Dexter and Howdy are fighting over Pashmina makes me believe their only after her looks and the accomplishment of winning her heart to see which one has the higher power. Again, sorry for anyone out there who like this couple. I respect your choice.

OtherxPashmina: Unless there was a character that lives up to my standards...maybe.

BossxBijou: More explaination to come, but this coupling is just...weird to see.

My Favorites in some Relationships


Li/SyaoranxSakura: Well isn't it obvious?! They were made for each other. Sure, they weren't on each other's good side at the beginning, but they lightened up to one another. With the happy-go-lucky Sakura and the hard-headed Li.

Madison/TomoyoxEli/Eriol: Ok, screw what I said before. I watched Cardcaptors and Cardcaptor Sakura on YouTube again over and over since i was having a brain lapse, but these two are great! I believe that while both may be hiding behind masks to show their fake happiness, Madison's mask is more of a placid one whereas Eli's mask is just one with pure mystery. I can't believe I didn't like these two before! What is with me...?

MeilinxOc: Well let's see, who else will she be partnered up with? Eli? Eww!

MeilinxLi/Syaoran: No idea. Perhaps it's because they're both hard-headed? That, or the fact that maybe Meilin needs someone who can comfort her. She clings to Li like a child holding a toy or a pet in order to comfort them from something terrible that they had faced long ago and had remembered. I don't know that's just me.


HamtaroxBijou: Well, obviously. This is a very popular coupling. Although they aren't officialy a couple in the anime, but in the game they are a match. Hamtaro being clueless and completely happy-go-lucky and Bijou being French and caring. However, in my stories I won't make Hamtaro completely clueless seeing as if I did in my stories especially, some older readers out there might think he's stupid. Which we all know he isn't. He's like a little kid...or Hamster. ;)

MaxwellxSandy: Again a very popular coupling. I absolutely LOVE this pairing. The bookworm and the gymnast. Two opposites yet perfectly compatible with one another. Just like Ying and Yang. Day and Night. With Sandy's energetic mood and the calm and collected Maxwell. But, Maxwell isn't a complete nerd to social life and sports. I'll make sure to make him do a sport or something...and besides, they're an official pairing in the anime!

StanxPashmina: Have any of you thought about the reason behind Stan's flirting? (I totally agree with the person who made this logic up) Maybe it's just something that he covers up in order to hide something of his. So by flirting--especially with Pashmina--he entertains himself by the reactions he gets from the girls. But the true nature behind his flirting will forever remain a mystery. Or will it?

PandaxPashmina: Again, have no idea why I didn't like this couple in the first place, but after reading a bunch of fics on this site, I approve! Even though he doesn't make her open up more, but instead makes her more secluse from the rest of the group, it adds to both their shyness! I apologize extremely for any arguing among you who like this couple. I'm a diphead...

StanxOC: After reading other author's fics, I'm ok with it. As long as the couple's not protrayed in a stupid and ridiculous fic.

OxnardxPepper: Now this is an official couple as well. Aside from his sunflower seeds and his best friend Hamtaro, it is evident that Pepper is obviously very important in Oxnard's life. Why else would he ask her to marry him at the end of the Japanese series? He would go all out for her if it meant to him seeing her smiling face in times of dissapointment. So cute!

CappyxPenelope: Ah, young love. I believe that whereas Cappy and Penelope are portrayed as shy characters, they can also be very hyper and joyous, thus making the Hamtaro Family complete with their personalities. They take comfort with each other and feel close. This makes them the cutest couple!

Other - Relationships - Friendships


MadisonxSakura: Ok. So the fact that Sakura may be completely dense most of the time, makes Madison the perfect choice as her friend! Since Madison's smart and all while trying to guide Sakura towards the right path.

MadisonxJason: My own OC Jason and Madison. Now, I've been having the question for a long time to see who would Madison be coupled with? There wasn't any other boy that I could see in both Japanese and English version that she could match up. So after much consideration I finally made up Jason. While Eli's mask is too mysterious for any one to figure out, Jason's mask hides his agonizing torment he's facing while keeping a normal facade in front of everyone.


JinglexPashmina: I don't know, somehow this couple looks cute to me. Jingle is a very confusing character to understand what with all his rhyming and poems and such. Pashmina could like him since in one of the Hamtaro episodes she blushed after receiving a flower from Jingle (The Legend of the Courageous Hamtaro, I think). It could happen!

PashminaxPenelope: Well in the series you could definately see the sisterly connection they have. Even if they're not really related, I could see them being sisters with the way that they protect and follow each other around just as sisters should. Believe me, I have a little princess as a little sister, and I love her with all my might!

StanxCappy: Ok. You're all probably wondering what in the world I'm thinking about. You can't really see it because the creators didn't make it happen, but if you think about it then you'd see that Stan and Cappy could have a brotherhood type friendship just like Pashmina and Penelope. As a little brother and big brother, the little brother tries to imitate his older brother trying to be like him. Well, that's my vision on CappyxStan.

HowdyxDexter: I am NOT, in anyway a yaoi (GuyxGuy) and yuri (GirlxGirl) fan. I do, however, respect same sex relationships that other people have. So please don't yell at me for those of you who are like that! This pairing has a somewhat strong friendship, since they both face each other in opposite shops with their owners, but while they think they're fighting over Pashmina just for their looks, they don't realize that they're only fighting for the title to see whose the clear victor. (Yes, I know I wrote that from above.)

BossxBijou: I totally respect you fans out there that like this couple. But I just think, together with others who agree with me, that this is more of a brother and sister type bond they share. While Boss thinks that he's majorly crushing on Bijou because he likes her, he realizes later on that his infatuation with her is just a brotherly feeling of love he gets when he sees her smiling face. He's embarrassed to face her because he doesn't want to dissapoint her just like an older brother and younger sister.

One: I'll be having a little introduction before the beginning of my stories. That way readers out there won't be confused at the very beginning. Besides, it adds to more surprise! I think...

NOTE: I DO accept criticism, but I don't think I can handle the flames just yet. So please, respect me and don't write any flames to me...yet.


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Friends are people that will last forever throughout eternity with you. Friends are people who care for you and would go through all the trouble to make you smile. Friends are people who are friends with everybody, including the people that hate them. Friends never let others down. That is what true Friendship is. - Tennisgurl14 and Friends

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