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Okay! This is an account shared with Chillis and WalkingMisery! (Chillis is in Bold letters and WalkingMisery in regular)

Chillis's real name is Claudia and WalkingMisery's is Kassandra or Katie whatever... Kassandra (me) is the one writing the profile, why? Because I want to and Claudia's too lazy! :P lol, soo true and false at the same time... n.n does that even make sense? Yes it does!! Keep telling urself that glare

Genders: We're both girls~!! Girl Power~!! As if our names didn't prove we are girls... you can never be to sure! And you shouldn't assume everyone has a positive IQ O.o good point

Right now, I (Claudia) know Spanish, English and I'm learning French. And Kassandra knows English and she is learning German (and she will never, EVER, learn Spanish... she swore and whatnot (That's my word! I know, I was quoting you)... if you don't believe me just look at either my or her profiles It's true

Things Claudia likes: Mexican rock (I can't imagine a greater hell Oh stuff it ), P&P, and other Mexican stuff. Jaja, Kassandra¬.¬ ... Well, I like Panda and Mana, along with other bands... I luv reading, and... um... yeah... I won't list any books, because the list is freakingly long... really long... Oh, and I love most types of food of course you do duh!

Things Kassandra likes: TV, anime, manga, stupid stuff, food, Jude Law (ROFL! Don't ask! I have a thing for Brits we noticed¬.¬ oh shut it! oh, I won't.), Ashton Kutcher, Merlin (the TV show), AND! Kiba! You know! From Naruto! He is epicness, plain and simple. -flips Claudia the finger- how many times do you need to tell me that?? As many times as I want to! XP

Pairings Claudia Likes: Not all of them... XD

Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach) You got it right~! WOOT! XDD

Elizabeth/Darcy (Pride and Prejudice ewww... for you XP) Darcy is soo... sigh XDD

Chibitalia/Holy Roman Empire (Axis Powers Hetalia, or APH)

N. Italy (Veneciano)/Germany (APH) Hells yeah! Too obvious... so obvious it's actually kinda sad.

France/England (APH) XP Not sure about this one, France is creepy I love France! XD but still... yeah, I luv him too but still a weirdo... and perv... BOTH England and France are pervs. England? o.O

S. Italy (Romano)/Spain (APH) Squee! Spain's awesome! X3 I know~! But I prefer Romano XD of course! Yep~!

Russia/China (APH) Alex came up with this one... I don't get it, but you can picture that. Alex? What? Is he gay? I always suspected, but still... He is NOT gay... I think... XD XD

and other tons that I don't feel like typing right now, if you really want to know just visit my other profile and PM's me n.n I don't see that happening Shut up!!

and others I'm sure, I'll let her fill in the rest. yup and nop.

Pairings Kassandra Loves: I just noticed you put "loves" instead of "likes" Do you are trying to imply something? Yes! I'm more passionate about stuff!! Ok then...

Ling/Edward (Fullmetal Alchemist), ~ I love it~ :P

L/Light (Death Note), I prefer a one-sided romance. L being the one in love.

Light/Matsuda (Death Note), yepper~ I went there :P

Matt/Mello (Death Note), too awesome! X3

Henry/Jasper (Unnatural History), it's cute~! :3

Aang/Katara (Avatar (not the stupid movie, the cartoon)), eh it's cute. Aang's really adorable when he's nervous or blushing.

Sokka/Toph (Avatar), ahhh! I really wished he ended up with her! Gah! DX

Zuko/Sokka (Avatar), do you really think I wouldn't have yaoi? XD

Sirius/Remus (Harry Potter), what can I say? It's cute

Ron/Harry (Harry Potter), I know they're both kinda ugly... but... it's kinda cute in a way.

Ron/Hermione (Harry Potter), I always thought they made a cute couple.

Arthur/Merlin (Merlin), so awesome! Though, Merlin's kinda ugly. XD

Sebastian/Ciel (Black Butler), OMFG!! Epic!! And the anime fuels a fangirl's imagination!! X3

Lau/Ciel (Black Butler),... no idea why...

Germany/N.Italy (Hetalia), so cute~ Germany's so in love with Feliciano~ X3 Veneciano... Veneciano Vargas. His brother is Romano Vargas Well everything I've seen says "Feliciano" btw! Germany likes bondage! So weird and creepy. And North Italy was the one that admitted it~ XD And his x-mas gift?? It was porn!! O.o lol!

S.Italy/Spain (Hetalia), hells to the yeah~ Spain's fricken A!! Still prefering Romano XD XP But! I agree with you. of course

Greece/Japan (Hetalia), too obvious. Yup.

Sweden/Finland (Hetalia), well... Tino is his wife.

Russia/China (Hetalia), well~ Russia does stalk China! XD Tell ya~ I already knew! XP

America/England (Hetalia), you know their doing it! XD True... nods ~ XD

Ichigo/Rukia (Bleach), if Ichigo ends up with anyone! It should be Rukia, Orihime can jump off a cliff. I agree! XDD

Ichigo/Ishida (Bleach),... whyyyyy?? T.T because I'm cool like that! XP yeeeaahh, ur any better Toushe. What the hell does that mean? Are you insulting me? No... and I meant "good point"oh... well... I don't feel stupid... Hey! I just realized! Did you mean touché? o.O I did, I didn't feel like changing it... XD Oh!! I met this italian girl in facebook... and nobody cares about that.. T.T I know I don't

Grimmjow/Ulquiorra (Bleach) oh, same here~! It is awesome... I know must you always copy me? Nop, If I "copied" you I would be reading D-Gray Man and other weird stuff... If my memory serves! I was reading Naruto before you. And! DGM! Is a hell of alot better than Vampire Knight! VK is like a bearable version of Twilight. First~! I started watching Naruto 'cuz you insisted! I stopped watching it, too boring for me... XD Second~! I'm not reading VK anymore, I can't bear incest. And it's kinda like Twilight in a twisted way. That's why I'm now with Axis Powers Hetalia. I did not insist! I just talked about it alot. Pff! You just can't handle the awesomeness of Naruto~ and suuuuuure you don't like incest, right. I got ya~ See! Copier! I just said it was like Twilight! Kaboot! XP

Keigo/Mizuiro (Bleach), come on! Did anyone even read that comic about them?! It was at the end of one of the books... uhhh... the one with Aizen on it! :D

Kanda/Allen (D.Gray-Man), totally epic~!!

Lavi/Allen (D.Gray-Man), what can I say? It's cute...

Naruto/Gaara (Naruto), this... pairing... is... awesome... Gaara totally loves Naruto~ if ur wondering why Claudia didn't respond! It's because she's not far enough into the series~ She'll agree soon... very soon... when I have the time to actually see the series...

Naruto/Sasuke (Naruto), Sasuke's obviously in love with Naruto. A bit too obvious Obviously Duh!

Naruto/Hinata (Naruto), it's soooooo cute! X3 yep, kinda... XD

Naruto/Sai (Naruto, obviously), I love it! I mean~ Sai trying to get Naruto to go out with him! Think of all the stupid things he'd say! XD

Kiba/Shino (Naruto), idk it just seems natural...

Sasori/Deidara (Naruto), it's too HOT! And come on! It's very possible! I mean, it's obvious Sasori likes Deidara if he's not dead by now! The guy may be hot, but he's annoying! XD

That's about it... But! There is one more pairing I like in Harry Potter, but... My friend, Claudia, has yet to know the severity of my depravity. XD

I think, I'm not sure yet, you can notice the difference between my style of writing and Kassandra's... if you can bear that, good for you! n.n If not... good for you too! XP XP

Coincidence reviews
There's no such thing as coincidence. Grimmjow/Ulquiorra and others
Bleach - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 4 - Words: 6,655 - Reviews: 22 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 4/29/2010 - Published: 12/30/2009 - Grimmjow J., Ulquiorra