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I dont really know what to write on my profile atm.. But briefly, I love tv shows/novels/movies etc.. I get addicted to anything that catches my interest.. majority of the time, my interest fades and i move on to something else, though i still like that thing..


BTW, I am 21 years old, female, live in London :)

PS: Dont look at my profile (the lack of Favourite Stories/Authors) and I think I dont like any.. Its because majority of the time when I read fics I read from my phone, and the logging in process there is long.. And that is the reason why I have next to none list.. But in fact I read a lot and love 90% of the stories here and there's so many authors I love..

My Favourite Pairings:

Vampire Diaries: Bonnie/Damon, Stefan/Elena, Caroline/Matt, (Bonnie/Stefan - only if Delena is going to happen-)

One Tree Hill: Brooke/Lucas, Nate/Haley, Brooke/Julian

Twilight: Team Edward, though I like Jake too :)

Nikita: Michael/Alex

Kissed by an Angel: Tristan and Lacey.. They were a good couple. I was dissapointed with the ending though.. If Ivy was going to be with Will, why not make Lacey happy and make her with Tristan, rather than sending him away. Forever.

I dont know I cant think of much yet..

The Pairings I Hate Most:

Damon/Elena - Come on like seriously? Damon is Stefan's brother, and Damon slept with Elena's birth mother..

Peyton/Lucas - I've always hated Peyton, no passion, no attraction with this pairing

I hate Peyton, no explanation needed, I dont like Elena in the books, but I dont mind her in the tv show, still I dont like Elena/Damon pairing

If you belive your own Damon Salvatore is out there somewhere, copy this into your profile

If you think Damon Salvatore is hot...copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you are absolutly in love with Stephenie Meyer's fictional character Edward from twilight, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you have ever gotten so completely sidetracked in a conversation that you don't remember why you were talking in the first place, copy and paste this in your profile

If you've ever pulled on a door that said push or vise versa, copy and paste this into you profile.

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~Twilight Oath~
I promise to remember Bella
Each time I carelessly fall down
And I promise to remember Edward
Whenever I'm out of town
I promise to obey traffic laws
For Charlies sake of course
And I promise to remember Jacob
When my heart fills with remorse
I promise to remeber Carlisle
When ever I am in the Emergency Room
And I promise to remeber Emmett
Every time there's a huge boom
I promise to to remeber Rose
Whenever I see something that holds pure beauty
And I promise to remeber Alice
When I'm at a mall and a cute outfit spots me
I promise to remeber Nessie
When I see that beautiful bronze hair
And I promise to remember Esme
When someone tells me they care
I promise to remeber Jasper
Whenever my stomach isn't curled
And I promise to remeber the Volturi
When someone speaks of dominating the world
Yes I promise to love Twilight
Wherever I may go
So that all may see my obsession
Because I know what the Twilighters know

~Vampire Diaries Oath~

I promise to remember Bonnie when I think of Witches
I promise to remember Damon when I see a leather jacket
I promise to remember Stefan when someone shows they truly care
I promise to remember Elena when I see a girl who looks like an angel, whose pretty and fair.
I promise to remember Meredith when someone is calm in the crowd
I promise to remember Caroline when I lose a dear friend of mine, especially one who is proud.
I promise to remember Matt when I see someone who doesn’t give up
I promise to remember Katherine, Shinichi, Misao and the Malach when I meet someone who is pure evil and sadistic, and radiating bad luck.
I promise to remember the Dark Dimension when I hear of nightmare filled places
Yes, I promise to remember the Vampire Diaries
Whatever book I may read, or place I may see
So all know of my love for Bamon..
And all know that Vampire Diaries is the best for me!


A human guy can only push you out of the way of a speeding car.
EDWARD can push the speeding car out of your way.
A human guy can only get you roses or chocolates.
EDWARD can buy you a half a million dollar Ferrari without you even asking for it.
A human guy can't protect you from a blood-thirsty vampire.
EDWARD can rip that vampire into pieces with his bare hands and teeth and burn the remains.
A human guy can only make you blush.
EDWARD can make your heart accelerate, make you start hyperventilating and eventually pass out.
A human guy would cry if he lost his girl.
EDWARD would KILL HIMSELF if he lost his only love.

What a Boyfriend SHOULD do:

When she walks away from you mad, follow her
When she stare's at your mouth, Kiss her
When she pushes you or hit's you, Grab her and dont let go
When she start's cussing at you, Kiss her and tell her you love her
When she's quiet, Ask her what's wrong
When she ignore's you, Give her your attention
When she pull's away, Pull her back
When you see her at her worst, Tell her she's beautiful
When you see her start crying, Just hold her and dont say a word
When you see her walking, Sneak up and hug her waist from behind
When she's scared, Protect her
When she lay's her head on your shoulder, Tilt her head up and kiss her
When she steal's your favorite hat, Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night
When she tease's you, Tease her back and make her laugh
When she doesnt answer for a long time, reassure her that everything is okay
When she look's at you with doubt, Back yourself up
When she say's that she like's you, she really does more than you could understand
When she grab's at your hands, Hold her's and play with her fingers
When she bump's into you, bump into her back and make her laugh
When she tell's you a secret, keep it safe and untold
When she looks at you in your eyes, don't look away until she does
When she misses you, she's hurting inside
When you break her heart, the pain never really goes away
When she says its over, she still wants you to be hers
When she repost this bulletin, she wants you to read it
Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything.
When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go
When she says she's ok dont believe it, talk with her- because 10 yrs later she'll remember you
Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her
Call her before you sleep and after you wake up
Treat her like she's all that matters to you.
Tease her and let her tease you back
Stay up all night with her when she's sick
Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even if you think its stupid
Give her the world
Let her wear your clothes
When she's bored and sad, hang out with her
Let her know she's important
Kiss her in the pouring rain
When she runs up at you crying, the first thing you say is;
"Who's butt am I kicking babe?"

A normal guy would say: “I love you Baby!”
Edward Cullen would say: “You are my life now.”

Normal Guy would say: “I think I am falling for you.”
Edward Cullen would say: “The Lion fell in Love with the Lamb”

Normal Guy would say: “You hair looks like a haystack; go brush it!”
Edward Cullen would say: “Your hair looks like a haystack but I like it.”

A normal guy would pick a random song from a random artist and dedicate it to you.
Edward Cullen would sing you a song he wrote for you while playing the piano.

If you die, a normal guy would find another.
If you die, Edward would kill himself cause life without you isn’t worth living.

As you leave the house, a normal guy would say: “Bye, see ya!”
As you leave the house Edward Cullen would say: “Come back to me, love.”

As you come back to the house, a normal guy would be watching TV and wouldn’t even notice.
As you come back to the house, Edward Cullen would be welcoming you by playing the piano with a song just for you.

A normal guy would wait for you to make him breakfast.
Edward Cullen would make you breakfast everyday.

While you are both out for dinner, a normal guy wouldn’t keep his eyes off the sexy waitress.
Edward Cullen wouldn’t even notice the waitress was a female.

A normal guy, while driving, would keep one hand on the wheel and one hand on the radio.
Edward Cullen, while driving, would keep one hand on the wheel and the other attached to yours.

While far apart in different places, a normal guy would say: “I miss you.”
While far apart in different places, Edward Cullen would say: “It’s like you’ve taken half myself with you”

A normal guy wouldn’t care or notice if you had nightmares.
Edward Cullen would sing until your nightmares went away.
“Do you want me to sing to you? I’ll sing all night if it will keep the bad dreams away.”

A normal guy buys you flowers and chocolates.
Edward Cullen buys you a car.

That's it I suppose..

Love, Pink/Pam

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