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Is it a plane? Is it a bird? Is it a weird person that thought this would be funny!?

Yes it is! Well and it is SUE-PER Z!

I do not save cats from trees but I do save people from a deadly disease called boredom!! I write stories and allow bored people to read them so they can have a chance to be cured!! I too once had boredom, it is a sad time and I hope my stories do not put anyone in a more bored state...if they do then man I am really sorry!

Now I will tell you a little about me!

I would really love to become a writer one day, well I guess everyone on this website would love to be a writer and I don't blame them. I love to read and I obviously love to write!! I don't write to get attention I just love doing it and everytime I get an alert or review or see that anyone has read my stories it makes me happy because I know that someone appreciates what I do!

Also, if anyone ever has a question for me about my stories or anything really you can just ask because I defintely will not shun anyone because that does not look good on a computer screen, haha!

Things I love:

Music: The Wanted (Love this band)!

Books: Anything and Everything (I will laugh if this is actually a title of a book).

T.V. Shows: Too much to remember

Food: Everything! Especially cheese and coffee...but not together...well maybe, never tried it before though...hmm?

Writing: Fantasy/Romance

Laughing: Until I cry...if I die laughing then I lived a good life.

Friends: They know who they are I don't need to name them.

Fanfiction: I love that there are so many creative people on here and the people who comment on my stories or alert or fav!

Family: You gottte love em!

Shopping: I'm a girl, give me a break.

Telling Jokes: If you know me then you know I love to crack jokes.

People: I love making new friends.

Now I will tell you about the things I hate. (This will take awhile so please do have a seat).

I hate when I go to a store and it says it's closed but I still try to open the door but (SHOCKER) it still doesn't open!

I hate when I say I'm going to do something today and you know what I do? Nothing!!

I hate when I have an idea for a story and I'm writing it and thinking I'm so cool until I reread it then delete everything because it sucked.

I hate being called short, but sadly I am short so I have to deal with it.

I hate when it's my birthday and everyone is singing and I look like an idiot as I sit there smiling okwardly.

I hate that I hate so many things.

I hate when my parents tell me to do the dishes...take out the garbage...and do my homework...all at the same time!

I hate when I'm singing to my favorite song and I notice that I've been singing all the wrong lyrics.

I hate when I'm doing math homework and I finally think I understand it until I take a test and notice that, yeah, I didn't understand anything.

I hate that when I'm busy everyone is free but when I'm dead bored everyone just became busy.

I hate that the iphone can now talk to you but it can't do your homework.

I hate that I can't think of anything else to hate.

If anyone has anything else just tell me because I know there is more!

Anyway hope you enjoy my stories!

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