Femme de Sorciere
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Author has written 2 stories for X-Men: Evolution, and As the World Turns.

Name: Femme de Sorciere - which roughly translates to Witch Woman. Which is what I am...mwahahah. Okay, not a witch, per say, but I am Wiccan.

Fandoms: X-Men (All of them...except the cartoon Pryde Of The X-Men)

Dont have a lot to say at the moment. I'm sure I'll think of things.

...While in a perfect world, everyone would review, I know that I rarely if ever do. Its not that the stories aren't amazing it's just that I dont have anything to say, really. So if you read, but dont review, I am not gonna btch about how I have X many subscribers but only Y many reviews blah blah blah. If you review I will love you for all eternity, if you dont, I wont know who you are and therefor cannot love you. But I don't curse your name either so...yeah.


I own NOTHING. - Its such a hassle to put that in all the chapters, so here it is. I am a poor, poor girl.

Possible Future Stories

Enemies For Hire- Completely AU, but takes place before the Acolytes are introduced to the X-Men.
Rogue, Wanda, Tabby, Laura - a sub sect of the Assassins Guild, an elite team of killers, who temporarily join the X-men, under Logans recommendation. ROMY, Logan/Rogue friendship, Wanda/St. John
Status: Un-started, well planned. Length: Long, 20-30 chapters

Earthly Enemy- AU, Takes place after the end of the series.
Rogue never joins the X-men, and ends up deathly ill while with The Brotherhood. She comes to the X-Men with the sole mission of getting them to kill her. ROMY, Rogue/Mystique/Destiny/Kurt family
Status: Un-started, completely planned. Length: Short 3-5 chapters

Bargaining Chip- Cannon. Takes place after the end of the series.
In order to save someone she loves, Rogue practically sells her soul to Le Diablo Blanc ROMY, Kitty/Rogue friendship, Logan/Rogue friendship
Status: Un-started, half planned. Length: Unknown, 10-15?

24 Hours -
Cannon, Takes place after the end of the series.
A count down of 24 hours, the last one Rogue has left after being infected with a toxic gas. ROMY, Rogue/Logan-Kitty-Xavier-Ororro-Brotherhood-Wanda friendships, Rogue/Kurt-Mystique family.
Status: Un-started, completely planned. Length: Short, 1-5 chapters

One - (name to change) AU, from Going Rogue on.
Rogues journey if Destiny had had her vision just one hour earlier. Rogue/Brotherhood friendship, Rogue/Kitty friendship, Rogue/X-Men enemy, ROMY Rogue/Wanda friendship, Rogue/ Logan Friendship, Rogue/Mystique family
Status: Un-started, mostly planned. Length: Very long, undetermined chapters

Sharing Space- Cannon (mostly). Takes place after the end of the series.
Marie (this would be the mostly thing) has more issues with the people in her head, and after an attack becomes almost like a different person. ROMY, Logan-Kitty-Wanda friendships, eventual animosity between Rogue and Prof. X.
Status: Started, Two chapters completed, completely planned. Length: Very long, at least 30 chapters

Nefarious Ambitions - AU
Like Cruel Intentions, but for the over educated types, Bella and Remy as Sebastian and Katherine. Rogue as Annabelle or whatever the hell her name was. If he can seduce the untouchable, she will break off their engagement and take the heat of their families.
Status: Un-started, unplanned beyond main idea. Length: Unknown, unknown

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