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The Doctor is IN. Due to technical difficulties with my laptop and being more broke than Greece, I have been unavailable for updates. Since I'm back, I'm reposting On Leather Wings with a newish plot in cooperation with Vulaan Kulaas and putting the rest of my stuff on hold until it's knocked because I've been trying to get it done since 2009 and I am going to finish it, goddammit.

Updates incoming.

Story Info

Pokémon: I will never do a fanfic about the anime or manga. Unless I'm doing a crossover I will always do my damnedest to work with original characters. I do, however, enjoy throwing in random little tidbits from both the anime and the manga, just because. Characters from the actual series will play a rather minor role, unless I decide I can weave a better story with them than the people that created them.

Warcraft: Every single story I do will be about one of my roleplaying characters. I have a lot. My main focus, however, will be on past events, which as of now in the series is the Warcraft 3 era. That being said, lore wise that's over a decade of WoW history I have to go through, so there should be enough content to keep the interesting staying interesting. Like in World of Warcraft, though, my characters will be having some interaction with major and minor lore people, from faction leaders to little-known quest givers. Also, all glory to the Banshee Queen.

Resident Evil: Even though it's on hold for now, I do love me some zombies, and I do love the idea of zombie pokémon, so that crossover will eventually continue throughout most of the Resident Evil series (RE0, REmake, RE2, RE3, RE4, RE5, and RE6 as soon as I play it).

I am not currently accepting OCs for anything I'm writing. Apologies.

My Main Characters

(updated as my stories progress)

On Leather Wings

Updated every week until completion starting January 2014.

Mark: A young trainer from Pallet Town, Mark received his first pokémon from Prof. Oak and took off to see the world. He's a proficient battler and plans on taking the Pokémon League Challenge to test and better himself and his pokémon.

Rachel: Another trainer from Pallet Town, she's been Mark's closest friend since diapers and his biggest rival in pokémon training and battling. She wants to become the top trainer in the world and constantly challenges other trainers to keep her skills sharp.


(posted with permission from users)

Somnium: A wandering Darkrai who got mixed up with Team Rocket. More info will be posted as the story progresses.

Xavier: Team Rocket Executive. More info will be posted as the story progresses.

Azura: Aggron owned by Xavier. More info will be posted as the story progresses.

Warcraft Series

On hold while I work on OLW.

Malles Mikkal: Malles was just a lower class peasant kid in Lordaeron before the Scourge attacked his family's home in Hearthglen. Now his main goal is to make sure he and his sister live to see tomorrow and survive in his ravaged kingdom.

Jensine Mikkal: Malles' younger sister. Despite her harsh surroundings she is constantly smiling and making jokes at her brother's expense. She loves Malles more than anything in the world and follows his lead with little question.

Metroid Prime Series

On hold while I work on OLW

Samus Aran (duh): A bounty hunter working under contract for the Galactic Federation. She is currently investigating Space Pirate activity on Tallon IV, following up on a mission against a Space Pirate base on Zebes.

Pokémon Evil

On hold while I work on OLW.

Rebecca Chambers: During a routine investigation, she is separated from her STARS team and finds herself trapped in a forest full of zombies and bloodthirsty pokémon. With her vulpix companion, she must free herself and link back up with her team.

Billy Coehn: A former Marine Corps officer, Billy was convicted of murder and sentenced to court martial and eventually execution. But during transit to a different base he escapes and hides in a nearby forest. Billy soon encounters Rebecca and make an alliance with her to survive his predicament.

Previews for Upcoming Stories


Just Desserts: A demon in the Tirisfal Glades begins targeting Crimson Legion paladins and slaughtering them one by one. Jensine Mikkal sets out to kill it, and makes a chilling discovery.

The Four Brothers: Raaru Grizzlyclaw, a Grimtotem bear druid, could only watch when the Nightmare possessed and warped his fellow druids. Now he and two unlikely allies must take the Wailing Caverns back. Meanwhile, Jensine Mikkal must adapt to her most recent change in life.

Tricks of the Trade: Our favorite mercenaries acquire a doozy of a job: clearing the quillboar out of the Razorfen. Part 6 of a series.

Dead All Along: Our friends are commissioned by the Banshee Queen herself to destroy the Scarlet Crusade. But the mission goes disastrously wrong when one of their members fails to perform.


Echoes: Samus is ordered to search and provide assistance for Galactic Federation Squad Bravo. She finds them, a forgotten alien race, and a foe even worse than Ridley. A novelization of the Nintendo game Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Corruption: Samus thought it was finished on Aether. She was wrong. A novelization of the Nintendo game Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

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