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Hi Everyone! Just thought I would include here some of the banners and pics that go along with my fan fiction, 'Indian Summer' since I can't include them where the story itself.

Now, I am having trouble getting most of my links to work, so I made a web page that has all my banners and pictures on it. Here is the address for it if you want to see the pics better:

(Some of the links below will take you to a directory of pictures I have, you still need to find the one you are looking for and click it to see. SOrry about that.)

Indian Summer

Here is the main banner for the story:

Indian Summer Banner

Part One: Forks

Banner Part One

Part Two: The Amazon

Banner Part Two: The Amazon

Here is the waterfall in Brazil that I pictured when Emmett and Rosalie went tumbling out of the cave:

Emmett and Rosalie take a long dive

Also want to see some Piranhas in action?

Munching Piranhas

Also a few more banners some of my readers made for me that can go nicely for Part II:

Indian Summer Banner: Leah and Nahuel

Part Three: The Supernatural Adventure Begins

Indian Summer Carlisle Banner

Here is my picture for the four 'perfected being' siblings

Samon, Chandra, Dagda and Llasa

Part Four: The Edward & Bella Story

Here is the main banner for Part IV:

Indian Summer: The Edward & Bella Story

Also in Part IV, I mention other authors whose stories I have used to help me 'speak' for Edward. As I post those chapters, I will leave links here to their works:

Chapter 28: The Meadow

'The Meadow--Edward's POV' Written by nonymouse123 (handle here on Fanfiction.net)

On TTS Site: Amber's 'The Meadow--Edward's POV (PG to be safe)

On FFFW Site: Amber's Profile Page

Chapter 30: Plan B

Sophie Beament (Vampire Girl aKa Soph and Sophieeeee) Dark Moon--Edward's New Moon

Here on FanFiction.net: Dark Moon--Edward's New Moon

On TTS Site: Dark Moon--Edward's New Moon

On FFFW Site: Dark Moon--Edward's New Moon

(Sophie's story is also used for the next three chapters as well.)

Erica K. Bailey : ‘New Moon Edward Decides To Leave

Erica K. Bailey's profile page here at FanFiction.net

On TTS Site: New Moon--Edward Decides to Leave

Chapter 32: 'The Gates of Hell' Team Pictures:

For some reason, the links won't work, so here is the addresses to the pictures:

Team Edward Picture:

Agents of Light Picture:

The Volturi Picture:

Forces of Darkness Picture:

Perfected Beings Siblings Picture:

Chapter 33: 'Power Shift'

Again I worked with the words of Erica Bailey to get a good handle on Edward's thoughts. This time it was with her fan fiction:

And Erica's Profile page here at FanFiction.net: Erica Bailey

On TTS: Eclipse Edward's POV

On FFFW: Eclipse-Edward's POV

Chapter 34: 'The Birth of Hope'

Here is the banner for this chapter: The Birth of Hope

Also an updated banner for The Edward & Bella Story

In This chapter, I worked used the sentiments I'd read once in a piece written by Charitie some time ago. Her work has since been deleted and she has disappeared. So I tried to re-create the feelings she'd expressed for Edward as he heard his baby, still in the womb. I dedicate that scene to her.

In Part III (at the end) and throughout Part IV, I worked with a story called, 'My Renesmee/The Choice'. It is a beautiful fan fiction that weaves a letter Edward wrote to his daughter Renesmee, through the love story of Renesmee and Jacob. The author of this fan fiction goes by 'Dazzled by Jake', here, FFFW, and on TTS. Here is the links to her story:

Here on FanFiction.net: Profile Page My Renesmee/The Choice

On FFFW: Profile Page My Renesmee/The Choice

On TTS: Profile Page My Rensemee/The Choice

I also mentioned a fan fiction by Pauline on The Twilight Saga's website called, 'A Father's Love'

PART V: Return to Forks

Some Banners for Part V:

Part V Banner 1

Chapter 38: Unexpected

Here are some videos from the Olympic Game Farm in Sequim:

Olympic Game Farm Video One

Olympic Game Farm Video Two

Olympic Game Farm Video Three

Chapter 39: Look Who Came TO Dinner

Link for Lynn's The Volturi Saga on TTS Website

Chapter 45: The Favor

Pretzel Man (Pose Emmett got stuck in. Renesmee had seen this man doing thins while in the Amazon.)

Chapter 48: The Amazon Zoo

Site: Tami Flournoy At this site you can click on any picture to see it better. Including Pretzel man, The Desert Dome that is what I had in mind for Emmett's Amazon Zoo. And an assortment of habitats I made. Fish Display, Frogs of the Amazon, Mammals Display, Cats of the Amazon, and Birds of the Amazon.

Video: Wildlife of the Amazon (1:14) Video: Squirrel Monkeys (0:30) Video: Howler Monkey (1:34)

Video: Exotic Birds of the Amazon (1:45) Video: Harpy Eagle (1:01) Video: Jaguar -vs-Caimen Crocodile (1:17)

Video: Anaconda -vs- Caimen Crocodile (1:37) Video: Jaguar -vs- Pig (1:12) Video: Poison Dart Frogs (1:01)

Video: Vampire Bats (1:46) Video: Goliath Tarantula -vs- Snake (2:37)

Video: Giant Centipede -vs- Goliath Tarantula (1:50)Video: Aquatic Life of the Amazon (2:18)

Video: Pink Dolphins of the Amazon (5:12) Video: Jaguar -vs-Anaconda (3:13) Video: Crocodile -vs- Anaconda (1:57)

Chapter 50: Imprint

Site: Tami Flournoy At this site you can click on any picture to see it. I have added Emmett's new 'pet' as well as the hunting rifles used during the 'hunting' expedition.

Video: Charlie’s .700 Nitro Express Bolt Action Hunting Rifle (.24)

Video: Edward’s T-Rex Rifles Recoil (2:37)

Chapter 53: Double Wedding

Site: Tami Flournoy Here I have added some pictures of Leah and Sue in their wedding dresses. You can click on them to see them. Forgive my terrible photoshop skills.

Site Sue and Leah's wedding dresses were found

Chapter 54: Good-Byes

Video: Big Foot Hoax (0:33)

Chapter 55: Surprise

Site: Tami Flournoy Here I have added pics of what Bella's truck decked out as a rat rod looks like as well as the Scythe concept car I had Jacob and Rosalie build. There are also a few of the Cullens crazy adventure celebrating Alice's 'surprise'!

Epilogue One: The Battle For Akakor

Fan Fiction by Alex on TTS: Returning Moon, a Story of the Children of the Moon

Also on my picture site I have a photo you can click on to see the vision Leah and Nahuel had of their future family: Tami Flournoy

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