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Author has written 13 stories for Twilight, Mortal Instruments, and Clash of the Titans, 2010.

So, I'm jewelsbyers and I live in Australia. I'm studying an Arts degree part time and get paid to do the housework by my parents. Somewhere inbetween time, I find the time to write fan-fiction. How do I do it? Beats me! But, somehow, I do.

If you want to read about my fan-fiction, see cover art and a few other goodies, then go to my fan-fiction blog here:

For those intrested in finding out a little bit more about me you can check out my personal blog here:

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Stories I Am Currently Writing/Have Written

The Humans (T)

Chapter Two is now published.

This is a series of one-shots, all told from Riley's POV, as he gather's the humans that later become Victoria's army.

Of the Angel, Of the Night (M)

Chapter Two is now published.

This is a Mortal Instruments fic. Set post City of Glass, Jace and Clary have married and run the institute in New York. Their twin children, Mike and Ruby, are a pair of delinquents, but close as anything. One night, in a bar, Ruby meets a vampire named Kristy, who lives in the Dumort and was driven out of her former nest because of the secrets of her past. Slowly, a friendship develops between the unlikely pair and, when they discover a plot that could send the Shadow world crumbling down around them, they know they have only one choice: to stop it. But at what cost?

I'd Lie (T)

Published and complete.

This is an Alternate Universe Human story. I acctually managed to (finally) write a fluffy James and Victoria story! Hooray! It's not all fluff, mind you; there's one sexual reference, an almost-tradgety and marijuana abuse by one character. The chapters of this story are based on Taylor Swift's I'd Lie and, when my sister was playing it on repeat about twenty-zillion times, the inspiration for this story hit me. It's all told from Victoria's POV except for chapter seven, which is told from Laurent's POV. As mentioned, AU-Human and NO vampires!

Never play pool with James and Victoria (T)

Published and complete. (One Shot)

Alright, so, I've been reading fluffy James and Victoria fics and decided to try and write one of my own. When I started writing this, and it was fluffy originally, I realised that there was no way James and Victoria would be able to have a civilized game of pool without trying every trick in the book to win, so it turned sexy. Then it turned too sexy and I had to tone it down and had to remember that the story was being told from Laurent's POV and Laurent (or my Laurent at least) is rather conservative and wouldn't be listing the details of his coven mates sordid sex lives even in his head. So, this story is a little bit sexy and a little bit fluffy, it's sex-fluff! Sorry, that's weird, but anyway, I hope you enjoy it. It is acctually titled Why you should never play pool with James and Victoria but the character count for the title wouldn't let me put that in. The title makes sense once you read the story.

The Orange Blanket (M)

Published and complete.

As I am a New Zealander living in Australia, I have celebrated ANZAC Day every year. During this year's celebrations, I had the inspiration to write this fic. The whole idea is that love can survive everything, even death (yes, I know it's corny, but still). This is a sad fluffy James and Victoria story in which Edward (yes, who'd have thought I'd put Edward in a story) plays a major role. It starts in a trench in France and ends in a bedroom in England. Be warned, nowhere either in this summary, or in the story, do I promise a happy ending. WARNINGS: This story is acctually fairly tame, as far as my writing goes, but, as this is set during World War One, there are mentions of war violence and there is smoking by two overage characters. There is also a character who becomes grief stricken, so if you don't like that kind of stuff, tread carefully.

What Happened to Baby Charlotte? (T)

Published and complete. (Outtake)

Have you ever wondered who Líle was before Victoria found her? This one shot gives a brief overview of what her three weeks with her biological parents were like before Victoria came and spirited her away in the night. Be warned, Jonathan and Helen Bosch were not nice people and I don't even know why they had a baby, but they did. You'll be glad they only had their daughter for three weeks once you read this fic.

Held (M)

On semi-permant hiatus

I co-authored this story with the amazingly talented Liyorah. James is a vampire and, as much as he likes the hunt, he feels it is always over too quickly, so he decides to kidnap a human to keep as a pet for a bit of 'long term entertainment'. However, he gets more than he bargained for when he abducts the fiery, redheaded Victoria Sutherland. Will he break her, so is there something else hidng under the surface?

The structure of this story is very different to anything I've ever published before. There will be two stories called Held, the one posted on my profile will be Held from James' POV and the one of Liyorah's profile will be Held from Victoria's POV. At the start of each story we will post a link to the other's story so that a reader can read both sides of an event that takes place and get into each of the characters heads.

Sweet December: A James and Victoria One-Shot (T)

Published and complete. (One Shot)

This story is the product of three things, 1) my undying love for the wild boys of Short Stack 2) wanting to write a sex scene between my favourite nomad couple and 3) the random decision to sit down and write a James and Victoria pre-Twilight sex scene while listening to Short Stack's Sweet December. I'm acctually quite proud of it :) and I hope that you all like it too. It's told from James' POV when he sees Victoria standing under a street lamp in some 'far flung country town' and feels incredibly drawn towards her. For those who are a little iffy about sex scenes it's not graphic or lemony (I don't write lemons) and the actual love making isn't described at all. Basically, Victoria and James just undress in front of each other and I think there's about three lines of dialog in the whole story, it's just James' thoughts as he sees, undresses and realizes that he loves the woman standing under the street lamp set to a Short Stack song.

Exodus:21:24-25 (T)

Published and complete. (One Shot)

For those of you who aren't familiar with the bible that means chapter 21, versus 24-25 in the book of Exodus. This story is told from Victoria's POV (I love Victoria) as she stands at the window at the prom and watches Edward and Bella. She thinks about James and her life with him and what she will do to avenge him. The stuff in italics is flashbacks, some from when Victoria was a human before James changed her and some of it when she was a young vampire. The title makes sense when you read the bible reference or the story.

God's Gift (M)

Published and complete.

The only thing I ever wanted was a child. A little baby to love and cuddle and call my own. I fell pregnant during my human years, when I was a slave in England, but my master found it necessary to force me to miscarry my precious child. He said that pregnant slave women were expensive and useless in bed. When he disappeared I thought that God had finally answered my prayers. But I soon learned that the devil works in this world as well as the lord and my master came back to turn me into a monster who could never carry life. But now, after nearly nine hundred years, God has again answered my prayers and, this time, I will not take his precious gift so forgranted. My transformation into a demon woman was my punishment for relishing in the destruction of another being - even one as evil and as cruel as my master - but the sweet baby god has placed into my arms is my reward for bearing my punishment so well and never turning from god. In this garden of thistles and thorns she is my lily, my pure, innocent flower. My Líle. - Victoria

So, that's the detailed summary of God's Gift which is an AU fic about Victoria. This is my first time writing AU where the characters aren't human so I would love some praise or constructive criticism. God's Gift is rated M due to some instances of rape, kidnapping, violence and underlying religious themes that may be offensive to some readers. The Victoria in this story is a vampire but the little girl she is raising, Líle (pronounced Lily-a) is a human toddler. The story is told entirely from Victoria's POV and the majority of this story is set in Breaking Dawn when the Cullens are getting all their friends to witness for Renesmee. Because James, Victoria and Laurent are not a coven in my story (but Victoria and James do know each other form a past encounter) the interruption to the baseball game and the subsequent hunt in Twilight, the scene between Bella and Laurent in the meadow in New Moon and Victoria's newborn army in Eclipse did not happen. This story disregards all of that so you can make it up for yourselves who the antagonists were in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. James and Laurent are a 'coven' but only travel together for convenience. Victoria travels on her own with Líle and is an old friend of Carlisle's.

Witnessed (T)

Published and complete. (One Shot)

This is a one shot based on the 'James, let's not play with our food' extended scene in the Twilight movie. I always wondered what would happen if Gerald (that's Waylon's friend who he calls out to in the beginning of the scene when he first hears the nomads moving around) came just as the nomads had finished off Waylon and James and Victoria were stealing his clothes. The story first tells on the incident from Gerald's POV and then from Victoria's POV. I considered doing James' POV but, even though James is my favorite character, he has a very laid back attitude in general. Victoria is more skittish and I always imagined her as a little playful, which is why I used her POV. The story is rated T because two people die and there are a few sexual references throughout. Nothing graphic and no actual sex.

Other Characters


Cover Art

God's Gift

Sweet December: A James and Victoria One-Shot



Never play pool with James and Victoria

I'd Lie

The Orange Blanket

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