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Hello everyone!! We are still Kikyo and Sango, but my little sister Kikyo changes her name and now it's Misaki and Sango's profile.

We are two sister, our schoolfriend call us Sango and Kikyo, because we are like them.

The older sister is Sango, she is determined but sometimes is shy. She also have a cat, she call it Kirara.

I, the younger sister, am Misaki. I have a beautiful horse, named Entei, but it is black.

My sister say: -You are so shy, sister. I don't know why our friends call you Kikyo, she is strong and cold. You are like Inuyasha, because he is stubborn like you. I know, who you are. Kikyo's daughter. - She invents this characters, she says:- Kikyo's daughter is a shy half demon.- I tell her:- Kikyo doesn't have a daughter, if she has with Inuyasha she will be a human.- She continue:- I know but if Kikyo has a relationship with a full fledged-demon Zenko(celestial Kitsune, they are for half, demon and the other half, divine), he is the Lord of the Northern Land and also friend with Inuyasha's father, after sealed Inuyasha to the Goshinboku. I think she reborn by the Shikon no Tama. She tried to return at her village but the Shikon no Tama prevents her for do that. She have been attacked from a demon, but the Lord of the Northern Land saves her. After that they met again and again until they fall in love. and bla bla bla... A female born from their mating ceremony. He gives to her a demonic sword named Sakura. The sword is more powerful than Tessaiga and at the same level of Bakusaiga.

Video games I(Misaki) love

Assassin's Creed I/II and Final Fantasy X, Kingdom hearts I/II and all the Devil may cry (Dante)

I would like to see a DantexOc story.

Anime I Watch

Inuyasha, Teen Titans, One Piece, Naruto

Favorite Girl Characters

Kikyo, Sango, Raven, Hinata

Favorite Boys

Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Robin, Zoro, Itachi, Nero and Dante

Girls I hate

Kagome, Starfire, Vivi, Ino, Sakura, Karin, Lady

Favorite animal characters

Entei, Kirara.

Thanks, for visiting our profile. Byes!!

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