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Quick bits of info. I'm a recent graduate of UW-Madison. I'm a big Total Drama fan, and have really enjoyed writing the my fic thus far. I'd like to give a shout out to Kobold Necromancer for his awesome fics that have helped inspire me to write this one. While I plan on reusing one of the pairings he did because it's been one I've wanted to see since season one, I think some of my pairings will be quite surprising, so please read and see. However, I did change up my original plan a little bit and substitute a few relationships for friendships as I think sometimes fics go a little bit too overboard with matching almost every character by the end.

I'm afraid my update schedule is rather variable, but rest assured my fic is not dead. Although I do enjoy writing it, the lack of feedback I usually get is a little disheartening. That said, even if their are large gaps, know an update is coming!

Other interests of mine include Fire Emblem, Tae Kwon Do, and Case Closed (the manga not the anime).

Jake and Miranda are two characters from an OC fic I had planned that never got off the ground. Although they weren't necessarily my two favorite characters that I created, they were some of the originals and thus got to appear as interns in Total Drama Redux. While I try to make sure they don't get too much screen time, one of them especially will eventually be very important in someone's elimination.

Please take the time to review my fic and vote in my poll if I have one. I love to hear feedback about what I'm doing well or could improve or just which character people want to see win or go home!

My feelings about the character's I've eliminated:

1. Harold - Well, someone had to go first, and on the Screaming Falcons, it could only have been Courtney or Harold due to their feud. Both of them had a lot of drama they could have brought to the fic, but in the end, I decided the team was more likely to support Courtney than him, so I had to vote him out.

2. Tyler - To be honest, when I first planned my fic, I didn't really have any idea of how to expand on Tyler as I only had TDI and TDA for reference. After TDWT, I came up with lots of ideas for the guy, but the challenge was far enough along that his fate was sealed. He's a character I hope gets more screen time on a future season of the show and someone I'd have given a much larger role in a sequel. In fact, when I originally planned a season 2 adding in Sierra and Alejandro, he was going to be in the final 2. Sadly, that's one fic that will never make it beyond the planning stage.

3. Beth - This one was a hard one to write as Beth is one of my favorite characters since I love to cheer for the underdog. However, with the alliances against her, she didn't have much of a chance of surviving elimination, especially after her mistake. She's the one character whose elimination changed from the original plan (other than the chain reaction of elimination changes set off by moving hers). Originally, she was going to be the last elimination before the merge, but I decided to keep the original third elimination in longer to avoid having to rush some plot. Of course, that meant Beth and DJ's relationship had to unfold a little faster, but I felt it was worth the tradeoff.

4. DJ - DJ is another one of my favorite characters, but he still needed to be eliminated at this point. I felt he had a good run on the show and got to leave with dignity which hasn't really happened for him since the first season; his whole team still really liked him, and no one except Owen was even that annoyed with him. Plus, I wanted to continue the trend of him getting eliminated on a horror challenge.

5. Bridgette - I was really torn on eliminating Bridgette here, but when I originally planned the fic, I knew either she or Geoff would be leaving as Gwen and Trent made up. Of course, at the time I was expecting her to make it really far in World Tour and maybe even win, so I thought I was ok with letting Geoff have a turn to shine which he hasn't really gotten since first season or in many fics. Still, although she had a less than glorious ending, she was a major character in the story, and her influence on a lot of other relationships will have a huge role in the story. I also was going for a bit of a shock elimination with her as I wanted her to seem too central to the plot on her team to be the one eliminated as usually the early eliminations are all pretty removed from the main plotline other than being victims of the main villain. Of course, she might not be the only character with a surprising elimination like this!

6. Owen - When I originally planned the story, Owen was my least favorite character. However, I still wanted to keep him in longer than being one of the first 2 or 3 eliminations because, especially in the post-TDI/mid-TDA fic time frame, almost everyone was getting rid of him really early. However, since I broke him up with Izzy early on, I wasn't sure what to do with him for plot. The Guy's Alliance and Bridgette's elimination was his high point, so after that happened, his plot was really depleted. Other than deepening his friendship with Noah, I felt his plot would have been repetitive, so I had him eliminated sixth.

I would love to give all of them some more screen time down the road, however, so if they're your favorite characters, keep an eye out for them at some point!

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