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Ello, Ello, ello!

Made a knew account. I'm hoping to get stuff done on this one.

I'm currently making a Percy Jackson Fanfic, I've got ideas and a cool plot is rolling in, xD

I'm currently reading Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Catching Fire, American Gods, and 1984.

Five books at once, I know, I'm positively crazy!

I'll add some more stuff on here later, right now I have to focus on writing, keep writing and reading fellow FanFictioners!

You know how people give you a little synopsis of their life and expect you to read their stories anyway? Well, I thought I'd spice things up a bit. So here is a little about me, in the form of a poem...

My name starts with a vowel,

To write is my joy and hobby.

I don't want to throw in the towel,

Because that would be just snobby.

I live in the football state,

At times I'm really bored.

My favorite number's eight,

And I actually own a sword!

I'm a female and a sophomore,

I own four cats and love to read.

My PC Apps class is such a bore,

I like that guy from the Office, Creed.

I've got brown hair,

also I bear blue eyes.

I inadvertently stare,

And I adore the fireflies!

I love listening to the Beatles,

I eat gummy bears and jelly beans.

I really abhor those awful needles,

And I've got my swine flu vaccine.

(Even though I don't need it, my mother made me)

I seem to wear nothing but jeans,

I think Twilight pretty much sucks.

Unfortunately, I must be in my teens,

And I'm most definitely not a horcrux!

I'm scared of crowded places,

I prefer peppermint ice cream.

My favored cards are the aces,

And I very much like to dream.

I have friends and buddies galore,

I simply glorify Chipotle's burritos.

My very favorite Norse god is Thor,

Chinese food is okay, I suppose.

Even though this might be about me,

I have entertained you with my skills.

So, please listen when I start to plea,

When you read my stories, it gives me the thrills!

Does that make you want to read my story now? xD

Okay, look. I had promised myself to actually post my stories or chapters on time, or within a good time span, but a lot of things happened that really threw off my state of mind.

And also, I looked over my draft, and I have to completely rearrange it so I won't slip into clichés and what not. I'm sorry for the wait, but I'm promising you readers, that I'm not giving up on this story. My school is piling on the homework, literally. I haven't seen my friends in ages, I can't find time to eat because of the work! Insane, yes I know. And on the 15 of March, I have to take my graduation tests, all week.

I'm not asking you guys to forgive me, I don't want this to be an excuse. This just explains why I haven't updated anything at all, except for my one shot, which I personally don't think is that great, but, whatever. I'm also very persnickety when it comes to my writing, I have to constantly recheck for grammar, punctuation, or just having to rewrite everything again. Which I'll have to do, someday.

Edit- 4/4/10

Okay, I'm almost done with revising the second chapter, I know, I procrastinate so much! I probably be sending it out sometime soon, do not worry, I never call it quits!

Keep writing and reading fellow FanFictioners!


Okay, school, five minute documentary about something I never knew existed till she told me it did. And we could do it in a week, about a six day week to be exact.

Boyfriend break up.

Writing another story.

Studying for finals.

Family issues.

Yeah, that's about it, not asking for sympathy/empathy, just a bit o' little understanding (which I can still totally agree if you don't wish to give it, patience is more like it.)

But still, I'm at entire fault, a writer should do better, the clichéd deal and such.

I'll try...

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