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Hey, my name is Sean (no kidding)
a/s/l: 15/m/?
intrests: stories, I love writing. It's like my escape from everthing, and it's a way to let loose all the problems you have bottle up inside.

favorite things: cinnamon buns from Aunt Bob's! My god! - movies, I friggin love movies, can't watch enough of them!

favorite movie: Life As A House by far! It's awsome and if you haven't seen it yet then get out and go see it! - The Mothman Prophesies - Fight Club - Snatch - The Others - Perfect Blue (anime) -Starwars epII - -Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Unbreakable - The Godfather - Scarface - AI - End Of Days - Sleepy Hollow - Vanilla Sky

Favorite clothes: Dark stuff, like black and grey sleevless shirts and baggy pants + tight T-shirts and heavy boots (I look like a goth but I don't think like one)