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Ok, writing this in bold because we want to say: LINKIN PARK IS THE GREATEST BAND IN THE WORLD! Whoa hoo!

Elemental Helper is actually a two person profile, I'm the Elemental part, and my twin sister is the Helper part. I tend to be more happy than her, she writes really good depressing things. I keep her from destroying the whole world in our stories...ANYWAY! There are a few things you should know, like, how LOST is the greatest TV show in the world shortly followed by HEROES. Yeah, we like all the discountinued/ended shows that most people don't understand. In our writing, there are many confusing things and twists that you should look out for, just saying.

'I don't believe in a lot of things...but I do believe in duct tape.'
~LOST (Miles)

'Ok, technically I'm a serial killer!'
~HEROES (Sylar)

'I'm not a psychopath, I'm a high-functioning sociopath; do your research!'
~Sherlock Holmes (Masterpiece Mystery version)

Just a few of the greatest quotes on earth, will be posting a few more.

A Few of our Friends and Our Moments:

(Our friend Darren is huddled over a cut in half ping bong ball, mixing powders and hair together in it.)
Elemental: Darren...what are you doing?
Lily: He's trying to make ANOTHER bomb, remember the last one? He was so disapointed when it didn't work.
Helper: Then we should make it work. :)
Lily and Elemental: ...
(After running home to get a lighter, we all went outside to test Darren's bomb. Upon lighting it, there was a brief pause before the whole thing went off.)
Darren: HO! HO! HO! *Jumps up and down in his happiness* YES!!!!!
Lily: *Whispering* Nice work putting a firecracker in there.

Buck: That is the biggest little ant I've ever seen! I mean, look at it! IT'S GIANT! But at the same time it's tiny...like, on the ant scale that's HUGE, but for me, that's puny...I'm going to have to step on it now.

Kayla: Hey, where's Maggie? She's been missing, for like, a week...
Lily: Kayla...Maggie died
Kayla: WHAT?!
Elemental: Yeah, car accident, her mother barely escaped...Maggie, on the other hand...
Lily: They had gone to the beach and her mother looked out the window and saw a flying pink dolphin, she got distracted.
Buck: You missed the viewing and the funeral, it was very sad.
Elemental: Not that there was much of a body in the casket.
Kayla: REALLY?!
Lily: *Laughing* No, in all reality she's in Qubec living with the escimos.
Buck: She's post pictures on facebook, went to an ice castle.
Elemental: And went with the escimos to preform a tribal ritual.
Buck: Where she captures a wild boar and cuts off his head
Lily: Then sprinkles the blood in the snow and ice.
Kayla: No way! How didn't I know this?!
Lily: Haha, we're lying!
Kayla: WHAT?! Where is she then?
Elemental: In England for the royal wedding, she won tickets to see it...on the radio...
Kayla: REALLY?!
Buck: Yeap, on 98 rock they were giving them away, and her mom called in.
Elemental: So, she's in England now, ready to watch the wedding, her mom had to stay home to take care of the dogs, but her father and brother are with her.
Lily: *Whispers to Elemental* Her brother was disinherited...
Elemental: I mean, with her dad and one of her dogs...
Kayla: Man...I can't believe I didn't know that.
Elemental: Me either...me either...
(In all reality, Maggie was at the beach, but, in the end, everyone in school believed she really had won tickets to England on a radio contest)

Lily: I'm going to cut you with this knife!!! *Holds up spoon* ...
Darrel: Hm...that's going to work well.

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