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Author has written 3 stories for Lost Boys, and Dark-Hunter series.

"C A P T A I N ! _I ' M_F E E L I N G _W O O Z Y _H E R E . . ."

My name is Kirsty, I live in Wiltshire, England! (Yes I know my username is spelt incorrectly).

My faverate books are:

Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. (The best books ever! The world she created is amazing! The charactors are the sexiest and funnyest. You'll want to be one of them and live with them. I recommend these books to anyone over 18)

The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine. (Although the plot gets a bit wierd in the middle of the series the charactors are great!)

The Immortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. (I'll ignore any plagerism claims because it's a good series)

Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. (Just funny)

Twilght series by SM. (I love it because it's what got me into books)

My faverate films are:

The lost boys (1987)

Everafter (I love a romance)


I also love anything sci-fi!

M y . S t o r y ' s . . .

O n: F a n f i c t i o n . n e t

- Drawn by the forest

WARNING IT CONTAINS SEX SCENES AND REFFERENCES! This story is inspired from Lori Handelands Blue Moon and Sherrilun Kenyons Dark hunter novels. Basically its a short story about a girl how meets a mysterious native american guy, he is a Werewolve, and they have sex... yep its just a big lemon, um I guess u could just call it litriture porn, so dont read it if ur against lemons or are a young one. But it has a nice story to it.

Here is a better discription of the story...

This is a short (well short for me) four part story about a girl Rowan who visits the forest every sunday and swims in the lake. Wrath is the new alpha male to his pack, having recently won after a fight with the oposition; Taos. They both need to secure a mate in order to keep there title as alpha. Wrath has been aware of the girls visits to the lake for over a year, enticed by her feminine and beautiful looks, Wrath takes it upon himself to finnaly show himself to her. To secure his position as alfa Wrath and Taos need to mark their mate, this is done during a mating. However Wrath has some competion when Taos finds out about Wraths secret... Rowan.

-Drawn by the beauty

This is the prequal to Drawn by the forest, it tells Wrath's story, showing a bit of his background, and explains his isues with Taos as well as detailing how he met Rowan and why he fell for her.

I plan on writing the finnal instalment called Drawn by the rain to conclude this mini series.

:o )

- Bad boy OWNS me! Sweet guy wants me!

This is based on the film The Lost Boys, you don't need to have seen the film to read this story. A girl called Star starts going out with the bad boy- Brandon, she then realises he is a vampire and she needs to stay with him as he has something she can't go without!(read the story to find out what!) Anyway... Brandon starts to be mean to her, treats her horridly. Star then meets Jayden... a human... the sweet one!

NOTE: This story is on hold! I will continue writing this story after I have finnished another story I am writing because I don't have time to do both at once. I appologise if this anoys anyone.

- BELLA RAPED BY MIKE NEWTON... Twilight saga!
I have deleated this story due to it's content as I feel it has served it's time here on Fanfiction and is no longer a subject matter I wish to write about.

M y . S t o r y ' s . . .

O n : F i c t i o n P r e s s . c o m

- The end. Cocked the pistol pulled the trigger all I saw was red.

This story is based on the song 'The end'by Blue October. It is basically the song turned into a story, were a man who has recently separated from his wife returns to his former home (now her home) and sneeks inside, he see's her with her new boyfriend and he can't take it anymore and he still sees her as his, goes after them with a gun.

- Halloween House Massacre

This is an extreamly short story, much like the film Scream. Sarah is your average girl, her mum is called away for the week on a buisness trip so naturally against her mums advice Sarah aranges to have a party. Sarah fancys Shane, the new guy at school; he drives a nice car and is georgous. At the party people begin to die one by one, but it isn't untill the fourth person dies that the rest of the party goers realise there is a murderer at loose.

This story is very cheesy, very corny and very gory!! Will there be a happy ending?... I think not!!

Heres the link to the story:

:o )

U p . C o m i n g . S t o r y s . . .

- Callow Hill (pronounced cal-low hill)

A story based on Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr, again its just insparation I got from the book so it has no refference to it. This will be about an older guy (about 23/25 ish) who meets a 16 yr old. and they fall in love. Yep its a simple story, but I hope it will be fun.

:o )

E x t r a . I n f o . . .

Im on Fictionpress my username is: captinifeelwozey

I just hope you like my story's :)

Feed back please :) whether its good or bad its welcome, just nothing to harsh please, it is unnecessary!

Thanks Kirsty xx

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