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Author has written 14 stories for Naruto, Air Gear, Muv-Luv/マブラヴ, Sekirei, Freezing/フリージング, and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D.


My Great Artist Fan/Supporters!: Samuraiguy2, xNamikazeKyuubix

UPDATE! My friend and reader of my story Uzumaki Clan's Rebirth, Samuraiguy2, has just finished some lineart of a family portrait for Naruto, Mei, and Roshi! I just wanted to spread the love, because this is one awesome piece of artwork! All credit goes to him and his hard work, so please, thank him just as I did!

--Family Portrait

UPDATE! I made a colored version, it ain't the best but I'm sure some will see its inner beauty. I only colored the sketch art, the actual picture is all Samuraiguy2's work!

--(Colored) Family Portrait

Another of my readers has an artistic talent it seems, he has created two more pieces of art for Uzumaki Clan Rebirth. Check out his Deviantart Profile!


Future Plans:

Some may be interested what goes on in the process of me writing stories, among other things I do. Right here I have a few stories I plan on writing or fleshing out whenever my current workload lightens or is completed. I won't go into detail so that my ideas aren't taken, as well as the fact that they are all in early planning stages, but these are the ones that have really stuck out to me as being interesting.

NaruxfemGaara: Naruto is taken at a young age to Sunagakure in a daring kidnapping plot orchestrated by the Yondaime Kazekage. He is trained to be the ultimate weapon and guardian of the village's jinchuuriki, Gaara of the Sand. They only have each other to rely on in a village full of hatred, so will they be able to find happiness?

-Inspired by my Fox and the Sand Maiden story, but taken in a very different direction. Most likely will have a similar name/title.

NaruxYūka: The Jōmae Village is tired of remaining in the shadows, its leader not content with taking the scraps left over of the five great villages. Using their innate espionage abilities, they take the most powerful tailed beast for their own in order to create the ultimate weapon to unleash on the world. Enter Naruto Uzumaki, shinobi of the Lock village.

-Took a great interest in this village and how so many stories focus on combat, but not so much on espionage and the classic envisioning of a ninja. Not sure on pairing yet, but most likely will see Naruto meet many women on his travels only to return to one. I also really wanted to have a story where Naruto was put up against all his former friends because of his allegiances as well as easily free him from any relation to the village so that there will be little sympathy between either party.

NaruxMei: Uzugakure never allied with Konoha and their distant Senju relatives, instead relying on the nearby and powerful Kiri. Minato and Kushina are both devout Kiri shinobi with their son being no different, raised under the Yondaime Mizukage's shadow. Naruto's renown is enough for one of the village's most powerful jounin, Mei Terumī, to take on his training. What challenges will he face as Naruto begins his shinobi career in the "Bloody Mist" village?

-Been playing around with more ways to get Naruto out of the village of Konoha in a believable manner. In this case, Minato and Kushina never were born in Konoha nor were the Uzumaki closely related to the village, relieving them of any possible ties they might have with the Land of Fire. I also really loved Uzumaki Clan's Rebirth, despite some of its flaws, and would love to revisit Naruto and Mei with a new and refreshing setting.

NaruxTōka: Set some time in the Pre-village and First Shinobi World War arc. Most likely a time travel in which Orochimaru was made Hokage and, after Naruto's birth and Kyuubi's sealing, began a side project of creating the ultimate jinchuuriki weapon with Hashirama's DNA. The goal was to give Konoha the ability to recapture the tailed beasts of the world and effectively control war, but things took a turn for the worse when an assassination attempt had unintended effects.

All I have to say is wow Kishimoto, your time line is messed up! With the few instances where actual numbers are involved when talking about years, it is very difficult to paint a picture of the time before the Second Shinobi World War. The main thing that threw me off was that somehow Hashirama was alive to see Tsunade grow up to be around three or four, which means he was alive for anywhere from 20-30 years after Konoha was founded which makes little sense considering the First Shinobi War was pretty soon after the villages themselves were founded.

Basically, my time line that I used, which will see the story take place over 20 years, is going to be slightly modified for less headache. Overall though, its shaping up to be a fun story. Pretty rare to see this particular era in fanfiction so I suppose that is why its popular.

NaruxKuro: Obito makes a different choice that night of Naruto's birth, he decides that his sensei has not properly felt the loss of someone close to him. Not only that, but he has a plan in which to capture not just Kyuubi but all the jinchuuriki at the same time. To do this, he kidnaps Naruto and begins to..experiment. In order for the boy to properly fit into the Moon Eye plan, he is left in the unassuming care of a particularly old Kage.

I am going insane now, but I can't stop until I put Naruto in every major village!

NaruxSamu: Kushina was successfully kidnapped by Kumo and brainwashed to be the perfect container for the Third Raikage, but she is somehow able to retain her sanity. To further enhance the village, she was selected to breed with a famed Jiton user to produce a child. Though everyone believed Kushina hated the village and the child, she secretly treasured it as her only freedom. Shortly after Naruto was born, Kushina committed suicide by transferring Kyuubi to him. The village was unaware of this and Kushina was thought to be a traitor to the end, her name being cursed.

Naruto was raised to be a perfect Kumo shinobi, but Kyuubi told him dark truths of his mother's life and death. He was to inherit her will of hatred to Kumo, to destroy it from within with all his strength. To be her instrument of destruction, that was her final wish. With this in mind, Naruto played along with the Yondaime and his fellows but secretly he plotted to destroy them, to avenge his mother. He would make them remember the name, Uzumaki Naruto.

Feeling a dark vibe from this one. Naruto seems to strike me as a Kumo version of Gaara if my thoughts are going correctly. Not sure if its set in stone, but I might consider it in the future.

NaruxTayu: A Star Wars crossover that takes place in the events leading up to, as well as in the middle of the Great Galactic War. Naruto was born as the son of two well known Jedi, and has great potential in wielding the force. The council realizes that his emotions are over sensitive because of the close ties he has with his parents and fear he will become corrupted, so they send him away in order to test Naruto's resolve.

Many things happen to him on these travels that lead Naruto to ask: when will he finally get to make his own choice? Must it always be light or dark, jedi or sith..or is there something simpler, something that he can believe in?

Most likely will not be written for quite some time, unless it gets some attention. Have a few ideas floating around, but I am nowhere near the level of a lore fanatic as I am with Naruto in Star Wars, so if I ever do write it I will need to study up.

Please do not ask to take on one of these ideas. As I have said, these are ones I plan to write eventually. Other than that, feel free to give suggestions or ask me about them and their progress. I always like to hear reader opinion on characters and plot.

I take no credit for the following links, the credit goes to their respective authors on deviantart.com or elsewhere. These are merely to help you visualize characters from my fanfics that I personally enjoy to do from the images. I also encourage any artist that wishes to draw a scene or character from my story to do so, all I ask is that you alert me to your finished work so I may see it and post a link for my readers to view it. Thanks in advance, I appreciate it!

Rise of Darkness

--FemKakashi (Long Hair)

--FemKakashi (Bun)

--FemKakashi (ANBU 1)

--FemKakashi (ANBU 2)

--Naruto Jounin Sage

Birth of an Assassin

--Red; the greatest color




--Karin (Young; Part I)

--Female Gaara (Part I)

--Female Gaara (Kazekage Robe)

--Female Gaara (Shippuden/Standard Wear)

--Female Gaara (Alternate Shippuden)

--Ai Shimizu

--Ai Shimizu (Battle Ready)

--Random Japanese-Style Assassins

--Female Assassin Outfits (Left is Namikaze-styled clothing)

--Female Assassin alternate style

All credit for these Assassin Pictures goes to the Assassin's Creed Wiki as well as again Ubisoft, I do not claim rights to anything:

--Mizu Assassin

--Suna Assassin

--Kumo Assassin

--Iwa Assassin

Blonde Uchiha

--Sasuki (Shippuden)

--Sasuki (Shippuden 2)

--Sasuki (Preferred Hair Style; Ponytail)


--Mikoto (Sharingan)


--Naruto Mangekyou (Razor) Received permission to reference these a long time ago, but they haven't relevant until Part II.

--Mikoto Mangekyou (Triple Swirl) Received permission to reference these a long time ago, but they haven't relevant until Part II.

Uzumaki Clan's Rebirth

--Mei Terumi

--Kumo Kinkaku Squad Mask

--Uzu Girl Genin Uniform

Mercenary for Hire:

World Map


NFRA Exoskeleton Special Forces

Heavy Mech

NFRA Trooper

Longhaul Dropship

Heavy Duty Lander

Democracy of Eurasia:

Democracy of Eurasia Peacekeeper

European Legionnaire

Legionnaire 2

Legionnaire 3

Ravager Transport Helicopter

Legionnaire Fast Reaction Force Transport

Reaver Tank

Shark Attack Chopper

South Pacific Union:

South Pacific Union Militia


Misfits dropship

Misfits Mech

Asian Union:

AU Security Forces

AU Hover Dropship

AU Dragonfly Gunship

AU Tanks (Wilderness Pattern)

Fighter Aircraft


Special Forces (female)


VTOL Transport

Army Personnel

Exo-armor closeup


All Terrain Vehicle

The Underground:

The Russian Underground

Underground Uniform Variants

Attack/Transport helicopter variants

Kumo Defense Inc:

Kumo Defense Inc. Mercenary

Kumo Defense Mercenaries in Action

Kumo Gunship/Rapid Transport

Kumo (CAS) Gunship

FX2000 (Non-lethal shock rounds w/ Rounded Barrel)

Naruto's PMC/Other:

Unknown PMC

Naruto's Modern Home

Naruto's Rifle

Tatyana's AK

Hidden Leaves Rifle

Haku's Dragunov

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