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Hi :D I'm Autumn, thus the name Ms Autumn
My Runescape name is Aklase (pronounced Ak-lase). I made that name up from scratch. Truefully, I recently quit Runescape but still love making Runescape stories.
My best friends on Runescape are Jawwie10 (Level 90) War45555 (Level 117) and Npm98 (Level 93)
My Youtube name: cphamsterautumngirl1 (CHECK IT OUT)
My DeviantArt: check it out for short stories, poems, and more.

In real life I'm:
Love Skillet
Likes to sing (though not any good)
I'm a lot like my character on my RS stories
Really quiet and shy, although CAN be loud and random
5'5, skinny, blonde :)
Love animals!!
Want to have a career with animals someday and/or become a published author
Nature girl

(Yes, that IS a picture of me as a pony.)

Favorite quotes from my stories:

"Uh...I don't know. I'm going to go catch us breakfast. Kay, thanks, bye!" - Npm to Aklase from "The Four: Alaska's Destiny Sequel"

"I'm surrounded by idiots..." - Jawwie to herself from "The Four: Alaska's Destiny Sequel"

"Would you like another statue to shatter, sire?" - Dark Wizard to his boss from /\

"Yeah! Go ahead, tough guy." - War and Alaska from "Alaska's Destiny"

"Oh my God, I gotta get new friends!" - Aklase to Morph, War, and Jawwie from "Dark Abyssal"

"What's so amusing? Get going!"
"Your face." - Bruce the Varrock guard and Shadow from "Thieving Slayer"

"Only for a few days. I don't want your judging human self sniffing around for long."
"Geez...someone needs a hug." - Midnight and Shadow from /\

Description of my main characters:

Morph: Black hair, muscles, brown eyes, always messing around. For a while him and Aklase liked each other, but before anything could happen he died in a rockfall saving her life. Aklase later realized that he was just a rebound from her last boyfriend after all. He called War his 'twin' because they were so much alike and so close like brothers.

War: Blonde hair, skinny, brown eyes, doesn't take things seriously, ex-girlfriend is Jawwie, broke up due to him cheating. The girl he cheated on her with or the story is unknown. His best friend is Npm and he is like an annoying big brother to Aklase/Alaska. He rushes into challenges blindly and is a huge comical relief. More experienced with Runescape than any of the others.

Jawwie: Black pixie hair always covered by a woodcutting cape hood, brown eyes, skinny, secretative, doesn't take crap from anyone. Best friend is Aklase, shows that she hates Npm but puts up with him for Aklase's sake, ex-boyfriend is War. She blames herself for a lot of things and is fiesty. She had a bad past and must hide her emotions and her face from everyone.
Father has been kidnapped when she was only a level 2.

Npm: Black ruffled hair, brown eyes, slight muscles. Girlfriend is Aklase only just recently got back together, acts like a little kid, protective when needed to be, would give his life for Aklase. Pretends to be happy but is really emo on the inside. He died saving Aklase's life by pushing her out of the way from a giant ice pillar. It is later found out that he was never actually part of The Four. He lives on in Aklase's heart as a guardian angel.

Aklase (My character): Red fiery long hair, beautiful blue eyes, always wears a black cavalier, sexy. Boyfriend was Npm, best friend is Jawwie, other indentity was Alaska. She wants to be a leader more then anything and will do stupid things when upset or angry. Mother and father were famous and died saving her. She has powerful mage blood in her. Died, but brought back to life due to her other identity.

Alaska: Brown hair, blue eyes like Aklase's but not as beautiful, born as a normal person but later finds out she really has Aklase's body and must find her soul to bring her back to life. Takes a liking to Npm, but nothing happens. Brings Aklase back to life and becomes a different person with a normal life, doesn't remember anything that happened with finding Aklase's soul. New identity is still unknown.

Shadow: Carmel hair with red streaks, pretty green eyes, very sexy. She is hot-headed, cocky, sure of herself, and a thief at a young age along with her brother. Best thief in Runescape. Her parents were murdered when she was young and she and her brother were blamed for it, thus having to become thieves in order to survive.

Midnight: She has tattoos, scars, hair color is unknown because she always wears a dark cloak and thus covers most of her face, black eyes with a tint of red in the center, a Soulless with no emotion. Her soul was taken away by Bellvor because she couldn't deal with the pain she was feeling by ruining her own life in search for her long lost sister's that went missing years ago. She hoped to only never feel pain again, but instead could never feel ANYTHING again. She has a dark spirit living inside her that becomes murderous, dangerous, and deadly when Midnight lets it take control when she gets angry or filled with rage. The only way she can control it is by a book that she meditates over every night.

Blake: Ex-girlfriend is Shadow. Black hair, only cares about money, leader of the thieving gang in Varrock. Abused Shadow and used her. New girlfriend is Mallory, though his thoughts still lie with Shadow.

Ronaldo: Brother to Shadow. Black/brown slightly curled hair, one level older than her. Betrayed Shadow after she was exiled from the gang. Later on regrets his decision and decides to take most of the gang and go searching for her. Where he is now is still unknown.

Cloud: Spikey blonde hair, bright blue eyes, nice guy with a hidden agenda. Player, leader of the thieving gang of Falador, takes a liking to Shadow who denighs her own feelings. After his recovery after Shadow nearly killed him, his mind is only on Shadow and he wrestles with his own feelings. His past is still a mystery.

Rose: Has spikey black hair tied back into a ponytail, light green eyes resembling a lizard, and an attitude to match. Claims Cloud as her own, but their relationship is on and off. Met Cloud on a drunken night where they had a one night stand and he then offered her to join his thieving gang. The reason why she acts so tough and cold hearted is because her father trained her hard when she was very young and beat her whenever she wasn't good enough. She mentions once that he was the reason she became a thief. She has a very faint scar on her cheek from one of his beatings.

Melody: Also known as 'Mel'. She is a half-fairy meaning she looks like a human, but has fairy like qualities including slow to anger and a joyful personality. She has long wavey blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a glowing look. She is usually seen wearing very bright colored dresses. Her father was a human and her mother was a fairy. They met in secret although fairies and humans are forbidden from being together. When her mother became pregnant with her the fairies realized what was going on and, after her mother had her baby, her father was locked in jail and her mother was sent to death. Melody grew up in Zanaris, but was too big and human-like to fit in with the other fairies, so when she was old enough she was sent away. She joined Cloud's gang later on, having no other choice. Cloud is like a big brother to her.

Flame: Has huge spikey orange-red hair that sticks straight up and brown eyes. He is comical and at times is a major flirt to any girl that comes by, although he shows pretty obviously that he has feelings for Melody and it is later revealed that she returns those feelings even though neither of them realize this. He and Cloud were the one's that first started their gang.

Marcus: Has brown hair, brown eyes and muscular. He tends to annoy just about everyone. And he knew it. He enjoys bothering people. A lot of the times in the plans he would either mess with people's heads, or mess with them while fighting, he tends to get into people's heads and piss them off. Was a part of Blake's gang, but went with Ronaldo to search for Shadow. His past is unknown.

Amphetro: Has long blonde-brown hair, light pink cheeks, and light green-blue eyes. She's always seen in skirts to show off her legs and she wears skinny tops to show off her curves. Although she has the apparence of a friendly girl, she can be fiesty and determined to any one that crosses her path. She and Mallory are always getting into spats. Her boyfriend is Narmo. Her past is unknown. Once a part of Blake's gang but went with Ronaldo.

Narmo: Has black hair, dark blue eyes, isn't muscular but is strong, is a runner. His girlfriend is Amphetro. He is seen as the only one she doesn't ever attack or yell at and he is usually the one to calm her down after she gets into a fight. They tend to be seen doing EVERYTHING together. His past is unknown. Once a part of Blake's gang, but went with Ronaldo.

Mallory: Long dark blonde hair, green eyes, and a light tan. She is always seen in tight shirts with long sleeves and heavy makeup. She is a jerk and has been called a whore and a gold digger. She is/was always in fighting matches with Amphetro and Shadow. She only cares about getting what she wants and she believes she's good at it. Currently, she joined Blake's gang 2 years ago. Her past is unknown.

Hearing love songs and pretending he is singing it to you
Seeing couples walking together and pretending he is walking next to you
Watching a 'chickflick' and pretending he's holding your hand
Crying and pretending he's holding you tight until you feel better
Waking up from a nightmare and pretending he's there to calm you down
Seeing him in the halls and wishing he'd give you more than a friendly smile...
Not being able to tell him how you feel because you're too afraid of rejection
That guy that you're so in love with but too afraid to talk to could be your soulmate
Are you really going to just let him walk away?

Where have all the nice guys gone?
What happened to the guy making the first move?
What happened to holding the door open for her?
What happened to giving her his jacket if she's cold?
What happened to offering to pay for everything and not taking 'no' for an answer?
What happened to holding hands?
What happened to walking her home and being satisified with a kiss on the cheek?
What happened to calling her 'beautiful' while looking in her eyes?
What happened to holding her tight if she's crying?
What happened to running after her if she's angry?
What happened to protecting her with your life?
What happened to waiting to kiss her until she's ready?
What happened to making love to her AFTER the wedding?
Where have all the nice guys gone?

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