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Author has written 9 stories for Warriors, and Pokémon.

I'm not really active on here anymore, but if you need me for some reason, try my FictionPress account ( I'm always open to PMs and the like. I have a few stories on there, so if you've enjoyed my writing (or even if you've hated it), feel free to check them out. :)

FFN is the only place I have posted my fics. If you see any of my stories on any other site, even if the username is mine, they are stolen, and I would be grateful if you would report them. If you're ever uncertain (such as if the poster has my username), feel free to PM this account or my FictionPress.

I am female.

Unless explicitly stated in-story, I do not take anything written after the first series (excluding Firestar's Quest) as being canon.

Because most of my stories have nods to others, I would recommend reading them from oldest to newest (the Ravenpaw one-shot doesn't count). This is especially true if you want to know my personal rules for the Dark Forest/StarClan, since there are certain rules established in older stories, like Journey to Redemption, that come back in later ones. :)

I've created a blog for both this account and fictionpress. It can be found at The blog holds my responses to reviews and some other knickknacks here and there, so it's worth the look, if you want to read some rambling nonsense.

Shattered has a TvTropes page. Many thanks to "Lightflame" for editing it, but if any of my other readers want to add tropes and such, that's cool too.

A fan of mine has started a wiki for my fics; it can be found at She needs a lot of help, so feel free to pop on over there and lend a hand!

I'm finished with these (they're listed in written/recommending reading order, except for The Adder, which isn't connected to anything):

The Adder - Most people probably don't even remember when Ravenpaw caught an adder, after Tigerclaw sent him to Snakerocks. Even his friends, Firepaw and Graypaw, have probably forgotten. But Ravenpaw hasn't. For Ravenpaw, one adder helped him make a choice, between good and evil. One-shot.

Tigerstar's Redemption - Tigerclaw was once trusted enough by StarClan to be given nine lives.What if they trusted him enough to give him another chance? Another life? Tigerstar has been reborn as a kit without any memories of his past, except for the nightmares which haunt him. But, when his past lives reveal a scheme that not even StarClan knows of, which will he choose? Redemption, or his old ways? Ambition, or loyalty to his Clan? Nine lives...or love?

Journey to Redemption - Tigerstar discovers a small kit in the Dark Forest. At first he doesn't care, but when the mystery of her origin depends, Tigerstar decides to try and bring the kit to StarClan. The two of them embark on a journey that may or may not change the Dark Forest (and the way cats see it) forever. Prequel to Tigerstar's Redemption.

Snatched: The Story of Snowkit- When Snowkit was stolen away by a hawk, everyone assumed he was dead. But what if he lived after all? What if StarClan decided that ThunderClan, who would never have let him be a warrior, was not his true home? What if he had an ever greater destiny than any cat in ThunderClan would have ever believed?

S H A T T E R E D: - When Silverstreak's father is killed and her Clan is crushed by the fierce cats living in the mountains, she is forced to flee with her two close friends. Silverstreak is determined to rebuild her lost Clan somewhere else, and she and her friends embark on a quest to a new home. At the same time, numerous other cats find fate pulling them in the same direction...what shape with their own paths take? Where do their destinies lie?

Shattered's cover was created by drakynwyrm on deviantART, as a commission from a fan.

C H I L L E D - Sootkit's mother has always liked to say that her daughter has had one paw in StarClan, ever since she nearly died as a kit. And, it's true, more than her mother knows; Sootkit's dreams are filled with a dark scene from AshClan's recent past, and lately the dreams have been changing, bringing forward a mysterious tom with icy blue eyes. At the same time, a sickness is slowly creeping over the Clan, infecting warriors, with seemingly no way to stop it. Now, Sootpaw must help her Clan find the cure, before it's too late...while at home, her brother attempts to stop history from repeating itself.

These are on indefinite hiatus (as I am not really active on FNN anymore):

Flying High: A Warrior's Parody - Kitekit is born into CenterClan, the center of the universe. With StarClan watching over her, she is part of a prophecy (of course), a prophecy that not only threatens the Clans' entire way of life, but perhaps even StarClan itself. Luckily with the aid of her suicidal brother, motion-sick friend, cowardly mentor, repulsive father and her delicious mother, Kitekit has the chance to save the entire forest...or not. Lampshade-hanging and fun-poking galore!

100 One-Shot Challenge - A challenge I created myself, writing 100 one-shots with 100 themes! Join if you like.

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